Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (Xbox 360)
Also on PlayStation 3

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is set in a ravaged Europe of the middle ages. The planet has been devastated by a powerful magic. The souls of the dead are trapped on our earthly plane unable to find peace, and inhuman creatures of nightmare now roam the Earth, wreaking havoc. Having witnessed his wife Marie murdered at their hands, Gabriel pledges revenge against those responsible: the mysterious Lords of Shadow.

Gabriel will stop at nothing to see his beloved returned to him but someone has other plans for Gabriel and the mask holds the key. For good or for ill, Gabriel will meet his destiny: what is the secret of the masks and how are the Belmonts involved?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a visual masterpiece, and the new gamescom trailer details more of the gameplay elements that have established the game as a worthy return for the Castlevania series. The additional uses for the Combat Cross are alluded to, while more of the enormous adversaries and the action set pieces fans can look forward to are premiered for the first time.

Gabriel to the rescue!
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Lords of reboot.
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Lord of Tokyo.
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Australian Release:
  14/10/2010 (Confirmed)
  Action Adventure
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