Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360)

Crackdown 2 is the sequel to the award-winning 2007 blockbuster. Ten years have passed since the genetically enhanced Agents first eliminated the gangs in Pacific City. Now, this new Xbox 360 exclusive puts you back into an Agent's shoes to clean up and eliminate all threats to the City. Crackdown is already known for its unique use of cell-shaded graphics and vertigo-inducing verticality; now it will redefine multiplayer gaming with up to 16-player PVP, delivering the most intense action in a huge world

  • Over-the-Top Gameplay Action: Agents can leap across rooftops, throw vehicles like toys, and blow up entire streets! Take on the entire city, and have a blast doing it.
  • Multi-player: Players can transition from playing on their own, to playing cooperatively with up to 3 more friends in true jump-in/jump-out action, to playing against others with up to 16 online competitors.
  • Freeform Objectives: Players can take on any objective in any order, at any time, this is their city. They decide how to play!
  • Memorable Moments: In Crackdown 2, players can combine skills, gadgets and new features for mind blowing, over-the-top "holy cow" moments with friends. Pile up a stack of dump trucks, drive a car up the Agency Tower, create a mountain of explosives and watch it blow up... the only limit is your imagination!
Orbs! Where!?!?
More crazy action coming to Xbox 360 this winter.
Zombies + Explosions = Love
Don't miss this cracking first look.
4-player co-op and 16-player competitive.
Australian Release:
  08/07/2010 (Confirmed)
Year Made: