Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3)
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With Grand Theft Auto IV, the infamous badboy of the video game world celebrates its tenth anniversary and 11th overall incarnation. The controversy has already begun as the king of free-roaming action games makes its way to the PlayStation 3.In this chapter, the player takes the role of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant who comes to Liberty City (a thinly veiled New York City) in pursuit of the American Dream. He finds his shifty cousin Roman in trouble with money lenders, and desperately in need of support.GTA4 includes a selection of multiplayer options, including a co-operative mode, and features original music composed by none other than Philip Glass.
Exploits and connectivity issues targeted.
That's a lot of copies in about six weeks.
So, what's missing from our version?
The talent behind Niko and Roman aren't making bucket-loads of cash.
Does anyone other than the PR wagon actually care?
Inevitable sequel to be even better than GTA IV.
A win for Microsoft.
Should fix all those lockup and multiplayer issues.
Tell your friends to Nikoff, GTA is here.
Our staff and readers deliver their verdict.
Let us know.
What you'll get on the CD.
And gold.
An Xbox 360 bundle also on the way?
Coming to a virtual comedy club near you.
A run down of the mature rated content in GTA IV.
Retailer suggests so.
But still doesn't confirm which changes made.
Rockstar yet to disclose what's missing from the Aussie version.
And then removed by the BBFC.
The Internet is an ever-impatient beast.
Kind of like the Buena Vista Social Club. But not.
Watch it now.
Free points enough to sway multi-format owners to the Xbox 360?
16 player support? Hell yeah!
Hands-on impressions, detail on the controls.
We're taking the week off.
Is it April yet?
Rockstar confirms the good news for us.
Rockstar gives us a look at the latest build. We say wow.
Rumour targets October for release window.
Worldwide release on April 29.
Game passes classification, we cheer.
RRP for the game officially confirmed.
Christmas period not crucial to the game's success.
Market man Michael Pachter has his say.
Articles on other systems
The complete criminal.
Rockstar might be returning to familiar ground.
Title update suggests so.
This is one dance we're keen to cut in on.
Episode two: The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Coincidently timed with the release of The Lost and Damned.
Take another look at the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV DLC.
New images emerge for Grand Theft Auto IV DLC.
Get lost.
Niko won't be the star.
PC gamers have to hang on a little longer.
Australia to follow?
The result of crimes inspired by the game.
Coming a little later than we expected.
Are we really that surprised?
Game also poised to dominate online.
For those who just like to fool around.
Some lucky Aussies get their hands on the title early.
Time to cancel those pre-orders.
Taking to the streets with some online multiplayer.
Cops 'n' Crooks and Hangman's Noose.
French retail listings are a questionable thing.
GTA IV is big enough on its own, according to Sony man.
New video and imagery to boot.
Delivered fresh by Rockstar.
You know you want to look.
Site update provides new trinkets, date for next trailer.
That's what Rockstar is aiming for, apparently.
More development time needed, says Take-Two.
Xbox 360 version contains the "complete experience".
Wanting whingers for in-game radio show.
Get it here.
Enough to give every Australian a few dollars.
Take Two confirms.
Looking for that special someone.
An enticing price?
Four new images of IV.
Would you like a duffel bag with that sir?
Hardware differences not not helping.
Planes chopped though.
Heck, we're excited.
Putting New York officials out of sorts.
We take a close look at the trailer, first screenshots released.
Download it here now.
Continues to make fuss over unreleased and unseen games.
First trailer to be revealed in under a months time.
Game itself still on for October.
Writes letter to Bill Gates.
Hint from Sony honcho seems to suggest so.
Loss of exclusivity won't harm us - Sony exec.
The Renderware replacement?
Old faces line up to take part in San Andreas follow-up.
Says Peter Moore's tattoo.
Australian Release:
  29/04/2008 (Confirmed)
  $119.95 AU
  Rockstar Games
Year Made: