Far Cry 2 (PC Gaming)

Far Cry 2, the next-generation first-person shooter from Ubisoft, will take you deep into the most beautiful but also most hostile environments in the world: Africa! More than just a visual and technological achievement, Far Cry 2, the true sequel to the award-winning PC game, will provide you with an unprecedented gaming experience.

Caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa, you are sent to take out "The Jackal", a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the warlords, jeopardizing thousands of lives. In order to fulfil your mission you will have to play the factions against each other, identify and exploit their weaknesses, and neutralise their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and, of course, brute force.

  • Open World - The extensive artistic research combined with the next-gen engine will allow you to explore over 50Km2 of seamlessly rendered African landscape.  No game has ever provided such freedom of movement!
  • Dunia Engine - The Dunia Engine was built specifically for Far Cry 2 by the award-winning Ubisoft Montreal development team. It delivers the most realistic destructible environments, amazing special effects such as dynamic fire propagation and storm effects, real-time night-and-day cycle, dynamic music system, non-scripted enemy A.I. and so much more…
  • Real-time Immersion - Real-time story telling, systemic auto-healing, minimal in-game interface are just few of the features that will make you feel the tension of being alone against barbarous warlords that threaten thousands of innocent lives.
  • Weapons of Choice - Choose from a wide range of weapons to make your way to your primary target. Meet the fight head-on with your machine-gun, go berserk with your machete or make stealth kills as a Sniper. If you feel that the atmosphere is not warm enough, light up your flamethrower and let your enemies and everything around them feel the heat.
  • Vehicles - Fly, Drive, Run, slide and hover over the huge open world with your glider, trucks, cars, boats and much more.
Please insert blood sample to continue…
Journey into the Heart of Darkness.
Will they leave you crying?
How is it looking?
That's about it really.
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A far cry from the original?
Australian Release:
  23/10/2008 (Confirmed)
  $89.95 AU
  UBI Soft
Year Made:
System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz, Pentium D 2.66 Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or better
Video Card: NVIDIA 6800 or ATI X1650 or better. Shader Model 3 required, 256MB graphic memory.


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Family, AMD64 X2 5200+, AMD Phenom or better.

Video Card: NVIDIA 8600 GTS or better, ATI X1900 or better, 512MB graphic memory.

A DVD Drive is also required which
is the case with most new games, and a list of supported video cards was released, which include:

NVIDIA 6800, NVIDIA 7000 series, 8000 series, 9000 series, 200 seri
es, 8800M and 8700M supported for laptops. ATI X1650-1950 series, HD2000 series, HD3000 series, HD4000 series.