Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360)
We have a feeling this planet has been well and truly found.
Take to the Battleground.
They're not free though.
Available for 400 points.
Not out until March though.
Is it you?
Over 2 million copies shipped worldwide between them.
Extremely conditioned. Extremely intense.
One day left to enter.
Snow-tastic new screenies slide in.
300,000 hours spent in combat.
Capcom responds to complaints very quickly.
It's time to get lost.
Getting lost in the action.
The multiplayer won't lose you.
Capcom learns from Dead Rising.
It's time to get lost.
Kind of like a television show, except web based of course.
As if the week wasn't sweet enough.
Out in just a few weeks.
We get lost and snowed-under in the E3 demo.
Capcom's upcoming shooter is looking purdy.
Articles on other systems
Capcom lost their dev kit.
We check out the PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet.
Where did they find her?
Xbox 360 map packs to be made available free too.
Snow good.
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European Release:
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