Luke Mitchell
17 Nov, 2007

eGames 07: God of War: Chains of Olympus Preview

PSP Feature | The PSP gets its War on.
Since God of War came out on the PlayStation 2 some time ago, it's become one of the most critically and commercially successful games to appear on the system. Along with its awesome sequel God of War 2, the franchise has made leaps and bounds for video games, offering top-quality presentation next to addictive and simple-yet-deep gameplay.

The franchise aims to continue the success with God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP. From what we played today, it seems as if the success of the franchise should definitely continue in handheld form. It's fun to play, it pushes the system to the limits graphically and is just as addictive as it was before. Of course, you probably knew that already.

Mmm... Bloody...

Mmm... Bloody...
The art style of the game will be instantly familiar to anybody who has played either of the previous games. It's incredibly detailed, with lots of interesting things to look at in the background. Even looking over the city from a higher point is impressive, and the animations are incredibly fluid in every movement you can see. The kills are violent and beautiful, the flow of your attacks are a marvel to watch, and the enemies attack and defend viciously and with realism. The sound was equally impressive, with the effects and soundtrack keeping up the standard set previously. Again, these are all things that we're used to from the franchise, but it's good to see that the transition to hand-held has been positive in terms of presentation.

We were very interested to see how the gameplay we know and love would feel on the PSP, and the news is good. It feels great. Everything feels very intuitive just like it did on the Dual Shock, with attack and defense animations being pulled off with ease. Similarly to the PS2 versions, attacks in God of War are very simple. X is for jumping, square for a weak attack, triangle for a strong one and circle is for grabs (and is the action button for opening doors/chests etc). The game also features a variety of 'mini-games' that we're used to in the form of having to press a certain button at a certain time during boss-battles and other important events.

The environments are easy on the eyes.

The environments are easy on the eyes.
Like we said, it's very similar to the PS2 God of War. All they needed to do to get this right is to successfully translate it properly onto the PSP. It doesn't have any major gameplay additions as far as we can see, but God of War: Chains of Olympus is still incredibly entertaining and intuitive, and the presentation is absolutely gorgeous in basically every aspect. Not many people would debate just how good of a game God of War is, so if you had any fun with the PS2 versions, this should be an absolute no-brainer. In fact, I think we need to go and spend some more time with it... right now.

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1 Comment
6 years ago
This game has the potential to become a

Fricken A title boosting PSP sales. Damn, if the PSP only had a touchscreen and established telecommunicating features, Iphone would have had less of a "raison d'ĂȘtre" (right to exist) right now... But that that missing features should get covered with the obvious release of the PSP2 somewhere in between 2008 & 2009! Bring it on, Sony. Cause i donn't wanna end up playing some cheapass, already "been there, done it" (probably Nintendo Mario iteration #73432) game on the "cult classic" iPhone...
If Sony only had the genious of Apple's marketing techniques...they would have been No.1 right now in the console war....even without any games ;D (which they have though, R&C, Uncharted and way more great exclusives yet to come...i am fully expecting the next game of Factor5 to be great, not "Lair" great, i mean, totally great, at least a proper Turrican PSN offshoot (they already admitted their exitment for making a Turrican game for the PS3, wether it be a bull-blown PS3 title or "only" a PSN candidate. Not sure if they still have the Rouge Squardon game publishing/using rights, so lets see if they will make use of the Star Wars universe once more as game setting as they already did quite successfully back in the days of the GC when they showed what they are capable of, technically speaking. Well, LAIR is also an impressive attest to their programming skills but unfortunately the game has to suffer from its unfriendly control shemes...
They wanted to make a title that points out the usefulness of the SIXAXIS tilt controls but they had to fail cause there are just gamers and reviewers around that just don't wanna get used/accostumed to it. Quite ignorant in my eyes. I mean, give the game a chance, and maybe some ours later of playing it you maybe will get the feeling & handling of the tilt controls....whatever. At least F5 can't make quite much mistakes with a Turrican game, cause they would have only to concentrate on the jump and shoot buttons icon_razz.gif

Back to topic: Now that Cory Barlog (hmm, his name somehow reminds me of a orc or what they are from the LotR universe) has apparently left the GoW dev team i just just hope that the dev process on GoW3 wont supper on that (although i always felt that GoW2 has lost its special personal charme since GoW1 under the charge of Jaffe, cause in Gow1 every room had kinda more "personality" to me than GoW2 where Cory has decided to go the "full epic" way in terms of presentation, area/room size and stuff. It lacked a bit the charme of the rooms from GoW1...So i really hope GoW3 becomes a mix of Gow1 & 2, with a balanced offering of epicness and charme/personality. I am outta here now cause i dont wanna risk to get slaped by the site admin for my critical opinions.....aarrrg, we are living in a world of admin oppression, haha *leaves the room in fear of incoming admin*
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