24 Oct, 2005

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 Review

PSP Review | Tiger's back for the second time in a month.
The original Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2005 game was a launch title for the PSP, when it launched last month. It hasn't taken EA long, but Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 has been released by EA. Traditional EA yearly (or monthly in this case) updates are relatively the same game, but with better graphics, a few new features and an updated roster of players, so is this game an update or have we finally got that elusive hole in one?

Whilst the original Tiger game felt like it had been rushed to the market to make it to the launch of the PSP, this game feels a lot more complete, even from the beginning of the game.

Looking smart there Tiger

Looking smart there Tiger
EA have made a lot of small changes to the game in terms of features and gameplay enhancements. Putting is now a lot more difficult, but it has been changed in a way that makes the system feel fair, rather than "changed for the sake of changing". The loading in Tiger 2005 was abysmal, and EA have improved the loading beyond belief. No longer will you be waiting around for thirty to forty seconds for each menu to load. The swing when you're teeing off is also a lot easier to gauge, and lets you to control your swing a bit better.

The game also includes a vast range of news courses, both fictional and authentic, which all look just as good as the previous courses. The single player modes have also been spruced up a little, and makes the game feel a lot more complete. The main feature of the game is the rivals mode, which is like a culmination of the legend tour and legend challenges from the last title. In this mode you'll face off in numerous events against pros until you get to take on Woods himself. The challenges are fairly varied, so they don't become repetitive.

EA have also included a mini game, which is called putting frenzy. In putting frenzy your giving a certain amount of time to put the most balls, the locations randomly change and it becomes intense, it also features a lot in the rivals mode, so it appears EA really wanted to expose this feature.

How scenic!

How scenic!
Gameplay wise the game hasn't evolved too much from it's predecessor, the new method of putting makes the game a little more challenging and the fast loading times make a quick game of golf a reality. We only encountered a little slowdown in the game in very rare occasions, so overall the game feels very polished.

Graphically the game hasn't changed too much, the animations and course design are a little more detailed, the gameface option (which offers hundreds of modes of character design) is very detailed, and actually makes it possible to create a near replica of yourself. One thing that stood out to us clearer than anything else was the water, which doesn't appear to move and looks like one still image. The water appears in the background of just about every course, so it really stuck out to us, and now we've pointed it out it is likely to be recognised by everybody now, aside from this though the course design is fairly consistant.

Music basically only appears in the menu, and whilst playing golf there is a fairly decent commentary track; it doesn't become too repetitive, so that's a refreshing change. Overall though, the soundtrack is fairly consistant and consists of mostly enjoyable songs.

The man!

The man!
Overall, and in comparison to the console versions, the game is still a little stripped down. There is multiplayer wi-fi support for those who want to take advantage of the PSP's wireless capabilities, as well as a fairly lengthy single player mode. The "putting challenge" mini game just isn't as exciting as we believe EA thought it was, and isn't likely to last more than the ten minutes of novelty that it provided to us.

Just like most EA sports titles, Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 makes its predecessor redundant, the loading times are improved upon, there are new courses and a few gameplay problems have been fixed. If you're a fan of the Tiger Woods titles then there is a lot to like with this game, especially because it feels a lot more portable than last year's rendition.

However, being the second Tiger title in a month, it is understandable that gamers may feel a little short-changed. EA had fully knowledge that this superior title would be available, and they decided to release the original Tiger game, which is surprising that they didn't release any other sport titles for the launch. This shows the popularity of the franchise, and if EA keep producing quality titles like this one, then we can only see the popularity increasing.

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Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 is much improved upon its predecessor, this is the ultimate version of the game to own.
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8 years ago
good review. i played outlaw golf yesterday at my mates house and is this game better than outlaw golf. because outlaw golf is pretty fun
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