06 Oct, 2005

Tiger Wood's PGA Tour Review

PSP Review | A good example of how to double dip.
When it comes to golf games, it is fairly well accepted that if you want a cartoon golf title you go for Everybody's Golf and if you want a realistic golf simulator then you pick up Tiger Wood's PGA Tour. Whilst PAL gamers have just been treated to the Everybody's Golf series, the Tiger Woods titles have been around for an incredible time.

Tiger Wood's PGA Tour was released alongside the PSP in March as a launch title, when the PSP was launched in Australia on September 1st, the game launched alongside it; which isn't a bad thing. However, what is a bit questionable is that Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 will be available a mere five weeks after this title. EA didn't release any of their other sports titles such as FIFA and NBA, but for some reason it was warranted that Tiger Wood's PGA Tour was worth releasing, so is it really that good?

The game itself is very realistic, if you're after a comic relief title, then it is best to look elsewhere. Tiger includes twelve officially licensed courses and the authentic likeness of the man himself. If you're not happy with the golf pros then you can create-a-player and the game includes a very comprehensive create-a-player mode, with players able to customise just about everything you could think of.

Woods is on top, who would have thought?

Woods is on top, who would have thought?
The main mode in the game is the Legend mode, this is where players go through a set series of challenges and matches. As you win the matches you earn money, which can then be utilised to give your golfer better equipment and better clothes, this will help to improve performance. This is definitely the mode that will get the most gameplay as it takes a while too complete; we also appreciate that EA didn't put in a half based mode that doesn't feel fully scoped out.

There are a few other modes which serve as a mini distraction from the legends mode as well such as the quick play option and head to head mode. None of these last very long, but they are an appreciated inclusion.

Those who like their multiplayer will be pleased to know the game includes a wifi mode with a few PSP exclusive multiplayer modes. EA have also included a party play option, which is where numerous players can take turns to play on the one system. This is an option they also included in Underground Rivals as well. The party play option works surprisingly well for those who have friends who just cannot afford to pay the price of the handheld, but want to play multiplayer.

Launching into a game isn't as smooth and intuitive as we'd hoped, it can take in excess of forty seconds to get into just the main menu, and then launching into a game can take another thirty seconds, but that's just if you keep pressing X to launch into the game. If you actually want to customise your settings it isn't exagerating to say it could take five minutes to get into a round of golf.

You would be forgiven for thinking Tiger is the only one in this game.

You would be forgiven for thinking Tiger is the only one in this game.
The Tiger Wood's franchise has been acclaimed for it's controls, unlike it's unofficial comic cousin Everybody's Golf. The game requires players to manually swing the golf club back and push it forward to indicate the shot and shot power. EA have tried hard to make this possible on the PSP without any cutbacks, but unfortunately they have failed. Control in the PSP version is done by using the analog nub to move the club back, and then pushing the nub forward. This just doesn't work as well as in the console versions, and at times your ball can go in some obscure directions that you swear was not your original intention with the shot.

While the graphics may have seemed great six months ago they are now only borderline acceptable. The character models are a little blocky, and the courses overal lack the detail and polish we've come to expect from EA titles.

There isn't too much sound prevalent through the game except the traditional golf sounds of a ball gliding through the air and when it hits a tree. The menu music is okay though, and EA have done their best by including some decent soundtracks for the time spent wasted in the menus.

The game has enough content to last a decent amount of time (or at least until next week). The wi-fi mode is good fun and the party play option is there for those who have less fortunate friends. The legends mode has enough content as players can keep upgrading their golfer.

Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 is in sight

Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 is in sight
Whilst Tiger Wood's PGA Tour is a fairly decent golf game it is simply not worth purchasing at this point in time, the differences between this game and Tiger Wood's PGA Tour 2006 aren't just cosmetic. The sequel contains more modes, faster loading and tweaked controls, so if you simply must have a golf game then we recommend Tiger 2006.

For EA to release this game so near to the release of the sequel is a blatant marketing ploy to get money out of unsuspecting gamers, whilst the game itself is not a bad golf simulation, it's just a little watered down - more time could have been put into the controls or the loading.
The Score
Whilst this game would have been fairly recommendable six months ago, purchasing it now would be a death knell as the sequel is out next week and features more of everything. 6
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