10 Aug, 2005

V8 Supercar Race Driver 2 Preview

PSP Preview | V8 looking rather GR8.
A few years ago, Codemasters pulled off something of a marketing masterstroke that would guarantee commercial success in Australia by rebranding their famous TOCA series with the V8 Supercar Race Driver tag. This ensured the game was a roaring success, and it wasn't long before we saw a sequel. That sequel was released last year as V8 Supercar Race Driver 2 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

One year later, the PSP version is due to surface just in time for the launch of the PSP, and whilst not much has changed in eighteen months, we're still heavily anticipating the handheld port of what was one of the best racing games of 2004.

Looks good doesn't I?

Looks good doesn't I?
V8 will be a port of the PlayStation 2 version released in October last year. Everything from the PS2 version (including the bonus tracks and cars from the Xbox version) will make the cut, and the PSP version will also enjoy wireless multiplayer support. If you can find another person with a PSP (possibly at the Grand Prix?) then you can race without cables.

For those who didn't get an opportunity to play V8 Supercar 2, allow us to update you: having gotten rid of the 'Ryan McKane' storyline from the first title, Supercar 2 presented the player with a revamped Career mode. The Career mode adopts a first person perspective, giving you a Scottish manager named Rick. Rick tells you what races you need to beat and what championships you need to race in to become a champion.

The actual V8 Supercars don't appear as much in the Career mode as one would expect. They are in just one championship which is a bit of a shame, but cars and tracks will be unlockable through the Career mode.

The game also features a comprehensive damage model that Codies have nicknamed terminal damage. So if the car you're driving in becomes too damaged, then the race will stop, meaning wall-bouncing tactics are out of the question. Nonetheless, damaging your car so heavily is not as easy as it sounds, and the damage model still remains one of the best and most comprehensive seen in a racing game to date.

Smack that car up

Smack that car up
Aside from the Career mode, we're offered the usual Time trial and single player options, with the single player not only featuring cars from the V8 tournaments but also from other series, meaning that completing every race can present a considerable challenge.

V8 Supercar 2 is due out for the PSP's launch in just over three weeks. PALGN will be reviewing the title as soon as possible, so stay tuned.
Although only a port, the quality of the Xbox and PS2 originals last year means that we're eagerly anticipating this game.

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