11 Jul, 2005

WipEout Pure Preview

PSP Preview | Wipeout's back and this time it's pure.
Wipeout was a brilliant title for the Playstation, years later a title was released for the Playstation 2 that just didn't capture the excitement of Wipeout that we once had. Obviously not content with killing the title off, Studio London are developing the PSP title Wipeout Pure.

Wipeout Pure returns to the series' roots and will feature twelve new race tracks, four updated versions of classic Wipeout tracks, twenty songs and an extensive range of game modes (Tournament, Zone Mode and Multiplayer).

In one of the best features of the PSP, the official Wipeout website will feature downloadable music tracks, ten new ships, ten new skins and sixteen new circuits. The downloads are split into four seperate packs, with the Omega pack being exclusive to PAL territories, so sometimes it's worth waiting.

We told you the graphics were incredible

We told you the graphics were incredible
However, without the downloads Wipeout Pure is still a brilliant futuristic racer. Multiplayer support is an added bonus and utlilises the PSP's wireless features which should provide for some entertaining battles. Up to eight players can play in the tournament at once.

Studio London have also added some small game play inclusions which benefit the game more than one would expect. Auto pilot and shield function different, and players have the ability to grab and fire new weapons.

The graphics in Wipeout Pure are what really blow us away. We've never seen such incredible details in a handheld title, and the game looks even better than Wipeout Fusion. It is without a doubt that Wipeout Fusion is the best looking PSP title available.

You think this is good? Wait until you see it in motion.

You think this is good? Wait until you see it in motion.
As mentioned earlier, there are twenty songs which initially feature in the game, they have all been created exclusively for the PSP and are:

  • Rennie Pilgrem & Roxiller – Bug
  • Ming + FS – Hellion
  • Paul Hartnoll – Boot Up
  • DrumAttic Twins – TWISTER
  • Plump DJs – Black Jack 3
  • Photek – C Note
  • Aphex Twin – Naks Acid
  • Friendly – We Got Juice
  • Elite Force – Cross The Line
  • Themroc – Mean Red
  • Cosmos – Kinection
  • LFO – Flu-Shot
  • T Power – The System
  • Jay Tripwire – Room 2
  • Stanton Warriors – Night Mover
  • Tiesto – Goldrush
  • Cold Storage – Onyx
  • Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown – Crafty Youth
  • Fred Nasty – Grand Theft
  • Royksopp - Curves

We've included some of the screenshots from the game in the media panel, screenshots really don't do the game justice though and in motion the game is extremely fast.

It is clear that Studio London have put an incredible amount of effort into Wipeout Pure and in less than two months PAL gamers will be able to experience it, and boy its worth the wait.
This seems like the Wipeout game that will return many people to the franchise, including some new fans.

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