Denny Markovic
24 Apr, 2010

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Review

PSP Review | Getting her fat on the go.
When you have a game named something like Fat Princess, you’re definitely going to get some form of attention, whether it be from us gamers, or from crazy feminist groups that see the game as highly offensive. Whatever the case, we can’t deny that Fat Princess on the PlayStation Network was a riotous amount of fun. Featuring a very team-based multiplayer component, fairly extensive class setups, and the ability to make a princess fat by feeding her cake, you were in for an addictive and humorous time. This has now been ported to Sony’s PSP, titled Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, and dare we say that it’s actually improved on the original formula that made Fat Princess so fun to begin with.

While the original game didn’t exactly have a story, but rather a single-player component that was more a training ground, Supervillain Studios have actually implemented a simple but amusing plot for the PSP version which is actually double the length of the originals single-player component, so progressing through the campaign portion actually feels somewhat worthwhile now. The kingdom’s princess stumbles upon cake in a forest, and in her infinite wisdom, decides to eat it. The cake proves incredibly tasty, so she keeps eating more and more until she gets kidnapped by a bunch of forest folk, which begins the conquest to return your overweight princess back to the castle. The cake also curses her, causing her to be hungry for all eternity, so you basically go around trying to figure out what will break the curse, and also constantly rescue her from the opposing kingdom who is in the exact same situation. It makes little sense logically, but who cares? It’s good fun and makes for an amusing romp through the single-player portion, which definitely prepares you for multiplayer and the game’s new modes.

Baked beans...fire mage. Doesn't mix.

Baked beans...fire mage. Doesn't mix.
The core gameplay remains largely unchanged: players pick up ‘hats’ which turn them into certain classes with various abilities, and use those abilities to rescue the princess from the clutches of opposing forces, all the while defending the one you’ve captured. Several tactics can be put into play to make life easier for you and harder for the enemy; feeding the captive princess cake results in a heavier princess, making rescue missions a lot harder and possibly requiring more players to carry. There’s also using the worker class to build ladders, catapults and trampolines to gain access to shortcuts and such, so you can rescue and escape easier across the map. The core mode is still there and is ported beautifully on the PSP, as it plays just as fluidly as its bigger brother, just with a lot less HD. It still looks and moves very well nonetheless, retaining that classic storybook feel and classy humour that we’ve come to love; not to mention the always amusing voice acting, which is both over the top and wholly appropriate.

The highlight of Fistful of Cake comes in the form of its new game modes though, in particular Grim Reaper; a mode that introduces a new hat. Players start off all on the same team and race for the grim reaper hat which spawns randomly, which turns the quickest player into an extremely powerful class with a giant scythe that can destroy people very quickly and easily. The grim reaper needs to kill as many as he can before being killed, and once he dies, the hat respawns again for people to run for. It’s essentially a king of the hill kind of game, where the person with the most kills as the grim reaper wins. It usually ends fairly quickly, but it’s exceptionally fun and thrilling and warrants many replays. With the PSP now only supporting a maximum of 8 human players as well, Grim Reaper will likely be very popular with its quick and fast paced feel, and won’t feel cluttered. The other new modes are just as good and diverse as well, so there’s a whole lot of content and value packed into Fistful of Cake that will please fans and newcomers alike.

And IIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuu....

And IIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuu....
Supervillain Studios have done a superb job in porting over and crafting Fistful of Cake for the PSP. There are genuine improvements abound in every area, and there’s a tonne of new content in the game to warrant a possible secondary purchase for die-hard fans. The single-player component is both fun and accessible, and multiplayer is a crack addiction waiting to happen - assuming you can grab the necessary amount of players for it. Though teamwork might get a bit difficult with the lack of voice chat and such, the game still proves a whole lot of fun regardless. Fistful of Cake is definitely worth looking into, whether it be for the multiplayer side of things, or just quick pick up and play scenarios when on the go.
The Score
Fistful of Cake is exactly the same as its bigger sister on the PlayStation 3, only even fatter with loads of great new content and game modes. 8
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