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Name: Kimberley Ellis
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If you could only own one gaming system what would it be?
» PC
What is your all time favourite game?
» Call of Duty, Max Payne, Red Alert, Mass Effect, Day of Defeat: Source... I'll be here all day if I keep going through my list.
What is your favourite gaming genre?
» Action/Adventure
What consoles do you own?
» Atari 2600, Sega Mega Drive, NES, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, GBA, DS and PSP
What is your favourite forum on PALGN?
» 46
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Interests: Mustangs, books, basketball and videogames.
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inFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review by Kimberley
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Battlefield 3 DLC to debut next month by Kimberley
PALGN News: This is one return you won't want to miss.
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Devil May Cry HD Collection trailer by Kimberley
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PALGN Media: Critically-acclaimed shooter series gets ready for another mission.
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The Weekend Steam - 05/11/11 by Kimberley
PC News: Get your dictatorship on at a low, low price.
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Re: NBA 2K12 Review (2 years ago)
Indeed, the lack of an NBA season is making me a sad panda. Fingers crossed though, that the World All-Star Classic exhibition tour goes off without a hitch. I'd sell my soul to see some of the game's biggest names on our doorstep. icon_lol_old.gif
NBA 2K12 Review (2 years ago)
NBA 2K12 Review by Kimberley
360 Review: It's got game.
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The Weekend Steam - 29/10/11 by Kimberley
PC News: Bargains that go bump in the night...
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The Weekend Steam - 23/10/11 by Kimberley
PC News: You'll save so much that it actually feels like thievery.
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PC News: This girl sure does get around...
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Here come the Men in Black by Kimberley
PALGN News: Face off against the worst scum in the universe.
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Yeesh, that's what happens when I watch trailers in the wee hours of the morning...

Syndicate gameplay video (2 years ago)
Syndicate gameplay video by Kimberley
PALGN Media: See 11 minutes of the game in action.
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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - NYCC 2011 Trailer by Kimberley
PALGN Media: A dirty tease...
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Batman: Arkham City launch trailer by Kimberley
PALGN Media: The gang's all here.
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The Weekend Steam - 09/10/11 by Kimberley
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Age of Empires Online Review by Kimberley
PC Review: Walking like an Egyptian isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
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The Weekend Steam - 24/9/11 by Kimberley
PC News: Company of Hedgehog.
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NCIS video game announced by Kimberley
PALGN News: Another television crime drama gets the adaptation treatment.
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Forza 4 DLC season pass announced by Kimberley
360 News: Come on and ride in my muscle car.
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Ninja Theory shelves Enslaved 2 by Kimberley
360 News: Bummer.
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