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Donkey Kong Country Returns has some great co-op gameplay.
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (3 years ago)
Thats from GAME
Congrats mate!
Re: Not another one! (4 years ago)
Congrats mate!
Re: One Zero Zero Zero (4 years ago)
Re: Mario Party (4 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that's Mario party 4 on gamecube. I think this might be the wrong section of the forum though.
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (4 years ago)
CDWOW have 12% off everything for today only. Linky: http://www.cdwow.com.au/
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (4 years ago)
Does anyone know where would the cheapest place to get an Xbox 360 Arcade console from?
3. Can I make it so it always presents the two OS choices on startup, rather than requiring the alt-option key to be held?
Yeah there is a easy way to do this, its called rEFIt. I use it and its great.
Its easy to install and use.

Pic: (This person has Linux installed as well) This is pretty much what it looks like when you boot up your Mac.

Its open source, not from Apple. So its totally up you if want to use it.

Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (4 years ago)
Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic is USD$2.50 on steam

Ends Soon.
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (4 years ago)
Thanks 1mpr3gn4t0r
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (4 years ago)
Have you bought from mymemory.co.uk before haydosrulz? Just wondering what they were like. Thanks
Yes! Thankyou Crank, very much appreciated. This thread can now be locked.
Hi, I just need some help on the word of definition Im trying to remember. PALGN did a podcast discussing it. Its when you make a game within a game, eg. the rocket baseball in Halo 3. I just need to find out the name of the word. Thankyou.
Re: Good Co-Op Games? (4 years ago)
They might be older but the Timesplitters series, well 2 & 3 are great for co-op.
Launching on 2 April for $299.99

From GoNintendo:

"Australia, 19 February, 2009 – Nintendo Australia announces that Nintendo DSi™ - an upgrade to the Nintendo DS® hand held console - will hit shelves in Australia and New Zealand, and you can get your hands on one on 2 April 2009. Nintendo DSi has something for everyone, containing more functions to bring you more fun! Keep a photo diary via your Nintendo DSi Camera; store and play music with Nintendo DSi Sound; or why not browse the web on your Nintendo DSi via the Nintendo DSi Shop! New features include larger LCD screens, SD memory card slot, improved speakers and a slimmer unit.

Take photos with your Nintendo DSi Camera and manipulate and play with the images - real-time interactive imaging software makes the photo taking experience different from that offered by any other portable device. With 11 different types of lenses to choose from, edit, morph and distort your photos. You can even use the merge lens to blend two faces together! Watch slideshows of your photos, store your photos on your Nintendo DSi and exchange photos with other Nintendo DSi users. Store and play music with Nintendo DSi Sound. You can also play with any music that you have on an SD memory card – make your favourite songs play faster! Learning a foreign language? Slow down the playback of someone speaking in that language so it’s easier for you to learn! You can also record sounds using the microphone, and edit them to create new sounds.

Get your Nintendo DSi online via the Nintendo DSi Browser which will be available as a free download at launch. You can then purchase Nintendo DSi software via the Nintendo DSi Shop. By purchasing a Nintendo Points Card – formerly a Wii Points Card - you can then use your points to download software – Nintendo DSiWare - in the Nintendo DSi Shop. Nintendo DSiWare will be available in four different price categories: free, 200 points, 500 points, and 800 or more points. Nintendo DSiWare will not only be games you can download, but also practical applications. Nintendo will launch a variety of applications, giving you the option to download the applications that work for you. This will further personalise and enhance the functionality of your Nintendo DSi. The new features also include the dual LCD screens being 17 per cent larger than those on the Nintendo DS and PictoChat is now available in colour as you can choose between a black or rainbow pen! Nintendo DS software is compatible with Nintendo DSi, except for software that requires the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, as this has been removed resulting in a slimmer Nintendo DSi.

Available in matte black or matte white, inclusive of built in memory, Wi-Fi functionality, calendar with memo function and touch screen, Nintendo DSi is a more portable, personalised experience.

It’s your Nintendo DSi.

AU SRP $299.95 / NZ SRP $375.00 (NZ price is based on current exchange rate)
For more information on Nintendo DSi, please visit: http://gamesites.nintendo.com.au/DSi"

Link: http://gonintendo.com/?p=73140#more-73140
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Does this mean the podcast might be coming back soon?

(Sorry for posting in this thread? ^)
Playing Apollo Justice at the moment, pretty good, All the references and characters from the previous games are great!
Hopefully it'll have Sweet Child of Mine on it.
Great start to the season.
Re: Your newest purchase (5 years ago)
Just bought Rise of Nations: Gold edition. Just did a bit of the tutorial Im hoping it gets better, a little lackluster atm.
Re: Finally Reached 1k! (5 years ago)
Congratulations! Yeah Im part of the "Taking long time to get large post count" club too. But you've inspired me to get there!
I always liked the Digimon Movie Soundtrack.
Re: Your newest purchase (5 years ago)
Mr Brightside DLC- 200 Wii Points
Some stuff of the Trading Forum.
Im quite new to the sound system scene and I'll be moving into a boarding college next year with my own room, it'll be small but I want a decent sound system to suit it.

Im looking at home theater system but I dont want to spend more than $300 on one.

I just want a decent system which will be able to pump out good quality sound, mostly for music and movies.

Im pretty picky when it comes to sound quality though, I can tell what sounds good and crap.

Atm momment Im listening to music thorough my laptop speakers and yeah the quality is tolerable but I need something louder.

So if anyone could point me in the right direction in what to purchase that would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I think a Heroes game would have been better.
Argh, wheres Down Under by Men At Work!!?!

XBOX 360

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - $30 2/1/09
Re: Your newest purchase (5 years ago)
Paramore- The Final Riot! CD