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topaz wrote
RE: the subtitle

I'm so sick of people dismissing FFX-2 as "playing dress ups". If they had bothered to play the game they'd know that it's an updated and unique version of the Job System, and a very good one at that. Get over it.

/* End rant */
I enjoyed X-2 quite a bit too. It was a bit odd but the combat worked well.
Re: Neverdead Review (2 years ago)
PALGN wrote
While you will never see the game over screen by dying from conventional damage, and you're affected by losses of limbs.
I don't understand what this line means. Also there are quite a few little mistakes in the review. I'm not trying to nit pick, it just made it a little hard to read.

PALGN wrote
As it happens, she's to key to Bryce's pursuit for revenge.
I preordered this. I love MGS 3 so much how could I not.
Yeah and all the humble indie bundle games activate on steam.
I love huge RPG's like Skyrim and Fable III was quite a let down so I am eager to see how this turns out.

While I wait it's back off to Skyrim!
I heard that the game is really damn good. I Was just playing through sonic generations today and that's pretty great too. What's up with old franchises that went to shit becoming great again this year?
Every time they demoed this game at events it looked horrible. Telltale should just stick with what they're good at because no one else is really making point and click adventures which they are great at. Tales of Monkey Island was amazing.
Really enjoying this game. Legitimately funny and the gunplay is well done. Best open world driving/shooting game I've played in years.
It maybe pretty much the same game they've released as the past two now, but at least its a good one with an interesting story.

I know I will buy it but with Skyrim (which consumes all my time) and everything else I've bought but haven't barely touched yet, I'll probably get through that first. Then Saints Row is meant to be pretty good too. God damn it!!
I'm guessing it's eternal darkness. I doubt they would have the rights to do legacy of kain again and Too Human wouldn't exactly be returning to its roots.
despite being incredibly tired out by open world games I will always welcome a new GTA game.
PALGN wrote
Sonic Generations is, quite simply, the greatest Sonic game ever produced.
You just sold me on this game just through your pure enthusiasm for the game. I was a huge sonic fan when I was a kid but haven't touched a sonic game since sonic heroes. Looking forward to giving it a go.
LeonJ wrote
I don't really follow racing games but it seems Forza has surpassed GT now? Or are they completely different types of games?
GT's too painful to play. Once your on the track the racing is as good (possibly better than forza) but getting on the track is so tedious, scrounging through the used car dealership for some random eligible car.

In forza you pick the class of car you want to drive and it will give you races for that car. So much easier just to get in there and race.

I'm sure maybe for the very hardcore GT is still the best, but for everyone else the Forza games are the best racing games of all time.
Re: Dark Souls Review (2 years ago)
There is something extremely engaging and addictive about demon's souls and dark souls that no other game is like.

I wonder what will be the peoples RPG of the year this or Skyrim.
Yea I guess this is pretty cool. I never actually played the first 2. DMC 2 is meant to be pretty bad though right?
Man I forgot how tough some of those colossus get. Oh but so satisfying when you get that winning stab.
Whether or not the game is art, it's one beautiful experience. The soundtrack alone makes this game worth playing.
My copy should come in the mail today hopefully. Can't wait to play it. Be curious to see if it is worth playing in 3D. Generally the 3d sony games look really good in 3d and every else looks kinda bad. Pretty much the games that don't half the resolution hold up in 3D.

Edit: Can't say I enjoy it in 3d that much. Those colussus battles get so intense at times it does my head in, in 3D.
So many X's in todays news articals. What does it mean?
M&M clash of heroes is meant to be great. Might have to pick it up.
Gears for $69.00 at kmart is a pretty good deal.
I think I'll wait for the redesign with better battery life and the second analogue built in, before I get a 3DS. There should be more choice of games by that point to.
I think people disliked it so much they changed it back again. Not sure though.
Timed missions where you can fail doesn't sound like much fun to me. One of the things I enjoyed about borderlands was exploring and looking for hidden stuff.

Still, I can't wait for this.
I quite enjoyed bound in blood, despite it having a few issues, the story and gameplay was pretty solid. The thing that made it stand out was that it was a western so I'm baffled that they removed that like the review mentioned.
I bought it (vampire), even though already having the disc version, but it comes on like five discs. Although I needed to patch it and play with settings to get it working on 64 bit windows 7, it's still such a deep and amazing game to this day.
Looks identical to the last one hmmm... I've bought every game in the series since the dreamcast one but this is pushing it. Have to see something fresh from the series. Some interesting single player component like in the first 2 games perhaps.
Witcher 2 is amazing and very different from the first game. But pc will be the ideal platform, it's probably the best looking game out there at the moment. Probably cause I wasn't that wowed by the visuals in Crysis 2 I guess. Dense forests always look nice.
No sony will not.
I've already pre-ordered Dirt 3 off steam. Codemasters make damn good racing games.