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Re: MK9 PS3 online? (2 years ago)
I have this game. I am also on TPG. But I have not yet activated the online code yet. So I really can't say anything further.

So... no help here for you.
Stoneroth wrote
phenomenon9999 wrote
Stoneroth wrote
Pilot wrote
Might have a crack at some online matches a bit later, but pretty sure I won't bother much with this once Blazblue gets here in a couple of weeks.
I'm up for some matches, I'm not really any good and I'm sure I'll forget all my combos/moves once I get in a versus match. icon_smile.gif
Are you on now? Can one find ye in the lobby?
Not on PSN now, but feel free to add me. I'm 'Stoneroth'.

Are you any good? If so, don't expect anything.
I normally don't like adding people. I just come for occasional challenges when I rarely feel like it.

I don't think I am that good. I can pull of basic combos and use every character on a fundamental level. (All basics specials and moves etc). But not good enough to go into excessive details like hitboxes, timing etc like others in PALGN.
Stoneroth wrote
Pilot wrote
Might have a crack at some online matches a bit later, but pretty sure I won't bother much with this once Blazblue gets here in a couple of weeks.
I'm up for some matches, I'm not really any good and I'm sure I'll forget all my combos/moves once I get in a versus match. icon_smile.gif
Are you on now? Can one find ye in the lobby?
If your still looking for physical copies in Sydney, there are still a few PS3 versions in JB Hi Fi next to Myers (Mid City Store).

Didn't check if there is any on the 360 since I dont have one.
Re: BlazBlue (2 years ago)
I have it pre-orderd.

Like the sucker above... Im into these Limited Edition things.

Like Street Fighter 4... this will be my 3rd version of the same game.
Trophy hunting is tedious and tough.

The missions are difficult for any character.
Online.. like most games that isn't Street Fighter 4, is dead.

I am enjoying it fine though.
Re: BlazBlue (2 years ago)
EB GAMES has a decent collectors edition available for pre-order due Feburary.

PS3 version has come in for me.

Gamelane - US copy with 4 disc OST.

Took two days to get delivered. (Maybe because it was some what local to me in Sydney).

Will play it later as I have Eddy Izzard comedy show tonight!
Fengato wrote
When talking to EB they said it was a special order - I asked if I could put in one such special order. Nope - special pre-order only. icon_lol.gif
I spoke to EB staff today. They said it was on special order. I asked if I could order... Now they said it is discontinued.

Better to import it then. No point waiting for JB with their "maybe" attitude.
Re: BlazBlue (2 years ago)
Im annoyed they no longer have it on the EB website. None of the mainAussie retailers sell this online...
Lucky people playing this.

My PS3 version has crashed many times and Im at the beginning.

It crashes at the loading screen or some autosave parts.

Im actually only just escaped the initial beginning and about the head out into Skyrim... CRASH.
Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2 years ago)
The recycling is amazing in the game. Which makes the game a littler more disappointing.

The endings are identical to the previous version. They only have a few modded stages of existing ones. No real new features of content. Same music as before.
Jarrod wrote
phenomenon9999 wrote
How do you switch shoulder view?

The previous games you press L3. But in this one, nothing happens...
It's off by default. Go into options and Game (I think it is), and turn on shoulder switching or whatever it is called.
Geez Serious?

On that note... PLATNIUM. Done.

Bonuses and cheats were skimped. Not happy about the overall package in game. 8/10 total for me.

How do you switch shoulder view?

The previous games you press L3. But in this one, nothing happens...
I just finished the game.

It was a little flat. Banter wasn't as good as previous ones. Character's interaction were a little disappointing and the some big parts didn't feel as big as they should. The game is solid but just didn't give that kick arse feeling that Uncharted 2 did.

All I remember is Drakes limited vocab of: Crap and Shit. Not much else.

Aside from that... where is the movie menu? I loved in previous games where you can just select the movies/cutscenes for later viewing.

I thought this was a GOTY contender? I dunno now. Batman and Portal are higher up on my list for GOTY 2011.
So sick of Rasengan. Too many clones and people use it in the previous game.
Re: PS2 Steering Wheel (2 years ago)
Andy7000 wrote
TheAnswer wrote
I can't load it up at work, but try yellowpages.com.au and search pawnshops in or near randwick and I'm sure there'll be some. I know there's a couple in Haymarket in the City on George St or slum it out west one day and get cheaper stuff icon_lol.gif
No problem. I don't mind going to George St or Haymarket. I always goes to city at least once a week icon_smile.gif
Your unlucky that they closed the trading section.
I have a PS2 USB driving wheel. Logitech Force Feedback (GT3 Official wheel) which I wanted to offload and move because Im losing space. Your very local to me too which would of made it simple.

But yeah, unlucky for you! Good luck in finding a good one.
Re: PSN down? (2 years ago)
John Marston wrote
phenomenon9999 wrote
I can't get the games.

I hope the traffic will die soon as I can't get pass the error screens and I don;t want to continually keep retrying!
I would do it this way

On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB
Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed
Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content”

and if it fails push o and try again i did i about 4-5 times and then i wsa in icon_biggrin.gif
I know that but i keep getting the error message. I'll just wait a few days then Ill try again.

We all have a month to get it anyways so there is no rush for me.
Re: PSN down? (2 years ago)
I can't get the games.

I hope the traffic will die soon as I can't get pass the error screens and I don;t want to continually keep retrying!
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (3 years ago)
Fraggo_W.A. wrote
NBA Jam on ps3 $15-17 posted from Zavvi...

I can't creat an account. I can't find Australia on the list. I think I might have to miss out on this... Man. I really wanted this... at this type of cheap price.
Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (3 years ago)
The online isn't as super active like the Street Fighter 4 community.

Makes trophy whoring tough and tedious!

I think I had enough of it now. 73% percent trophies for the game is sufficient to me.
Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (3 years ago)
A l e x wrote
Any tips for someone new to this series, played a few mp matches after i did some arcade and practice for a few hours and got smashed, whats the best way to get better?

Will go back to arcade and finish that off a few times but anyone got some good tips that could help me out.
A tip easier than ZeroX's one:

Just be cheap!

Play on SIMPLE mode. And spam "Triangle".
Use projectile character only for massive cheapness.
Mixup Deadpool's projectiles making them guess.
Use Taskmaster's arrow projetiles for speed.
Use Magneto's shooty thing for speed and coverage!

Sure it is annoying and cheap... but most "better" players will have a way to overcome this. Everyone else else will be so pissed off and gamer rage.
Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (3 years ago)
Ive just played for about an hour.

I dont really enjoy it. Maybe it is because I dont know how to play? But it doesnt feel that exciting this time round compared to Street Fighter or BlazeBlue.

I am actually a little dissapointed too.

Anyways... I preordered from GAME online and it said it comes with a comic book. Where is it? Or did I not get it?
Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (3 years ago)
ZeroX03 wrote
Just a heads up guys, this game is amazing, the possibilities are endless, never been so into a fighter like this since Tekken 6. Excellent stuff.
Remind me to smash you once this games comes out! icon_biggrin.gif
I don't believe that list for a second as it can be applied to current gaming standards as well depending on how one sees it. So... I don't agree with any of it.

5. Patience is a virtue
Games do come quicker now and it has nothing to do with waiting. We have greater options theses days so people who are waiting are doing it by choice. The power of importing, digital distribution and generalized marketing windows have made games more accessible rather than the olden days. Can people wait for games? Yes and no, it is how they decide to deal with it.

4. I was a gaming God because I was forced to be.

Old games were shorter than they are now. With no save spot, it was not necessary as games could be finished in one sitting. Many of them were cheap and crappy to begin with so they were tough from the get go. Also, you can speed run old games as well as new games. I think there was a Mario 3 speed run which completed the game in under 5 minutes? MGS4 still takes 2 1/2 hours if you try to speed run it.

I want to rant about all the points but Im not going to try as people wont read it anyways.

It is all how people interpret things. But those points are rubbish. People live in the past and wont move forward... should just stick to playing old games. It isn't like they go away anyways. Nintendo recycle everything every generation. PC has emulation and classics on sale legit too. All system has some retro compilation so theses olden day games never go away anyways. But playing a vast majority of them now... it is honestly rubbish. I reckon people have some major emotional attachment to the old games are because it was a big part of their life at the time.

For example... I had a Master System 2 as my first console. My next console was the PS2. I missed the jump from 2D to 3D phase. But after playing FFX, I went back to see the older FFVII and it was rubbish. But many people were there during the transition and everything was impacted them pretty hard on it. For me... I found the jump to 3d nothing special and "meh" in the end.
Marka wrote
So I picked up at a copy of SFIV for PC toady for $15. Big mistake. F you games for windows live.
Game for Windows LIVE isnt too bad. I dont see the real problem with it.
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (3 years ago)
THEMAN wrote
can't believe EA is giving away Mirror's edge free. Go to itunes to grab this or the HD/Ipad version. Insane!

I bought it for $1.20 during thanks giving but this is a $10 game. And its pretty good.
Yay. Got this. Hope it is free and not a demo!!
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (3 years ago)
THEMAN wrote
^ Did you not see the $4 price tag? Free items are tagged "FREE"

anyhow, that's the price of a hamburger! Lesson learnt. icon_razz.gif
True... but I really thought it would of had an option where it would say something like "Are you sure you want to buy?". But it doesn't, it just downloads....

Argh. Doesnt matter, My Broken Sword is downloaded now.

I think Ill return to the Steam sales and console bargains lookouts now. If iPhone stuff comes up now... I can take a slight interest in it too.
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (3 years ago)
THEMAN wrote


this is also free. Greabbed it last night




^ that page will find you all apps going free. Sometimes you get a great game/2 free
I just getting this now.

I stupidly got Diner Dash and it charged me 4 bucks on my CC. So angry for Apple taking my money. (Ive now taking my payment details off)
Re: Gaming Bargains V2 (3 years ago)
el_supraman wrote
Mass effect 2 5 pounds!

Diner Dash (iphone) free too if anyone cares as well
How do you get this for free? Do you just select the paid version and download it? (I'm new to the iPhone. I just got one.)