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If you could only own one gaming system what would it be?
» All of them
What is your all time favourite game?
» GTA: Vice City, Mario Bros DX, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, SSX3, Goldeneye 007, Mario Golf, Burnout 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, Grand Theft Auto IV
What is your favourite gaming genre?
» Racing, Action, Sports
What consoles do you own?
» Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3,Playstation 2, Xbox, GBASP, GBC, N-Gage, Gamecube, SNES, NES, DS Lite, PSP, Saturn, Dreamcast
What is your favourite forum on PALGN?
» Admin Forums, Admin Talk
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daishogun wrote
Actually it probably won't matter anymore, because it was based on purely the front page content, and I've only just realised what happened to that icon_sad.gif
I would still continue with it, could contain links to archives?
Re: PALGN really slow? (2 years ago)
Nah sorry it was me I just deleted my own post. I just said its a shame what has become of palgn but I didn't want to seem like I'm just coming in criticising.
Re: AFL Challenge Review (4 years ago)
Consider this a cameo review icon_wink.gif. I just felt the game was so awful i just had to get my opinion out.
AFL Challenge Review (4 years ago)
AFL Challenge Review by Luke
PSP Review: 'Challenge' is right.
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theory wrote
Luke, what career path are you heading down?
I'm a primary school teacher, Grade 1/2's icon_smile.gif
I'll be leaving PALGN (4 years ago)
I just thought i'd post a topic to let the community know that i'll be leaving PALGN and stepping down as General Manager effective immediately. Unfortunately (?) with my full time career progressing really well i just don't have the time to devote to the site anymore.

I want to wish everyone on the team the best of luck and thankyou to the wonderful community for their incredible support of the site over the past few years!
E3 2009: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Preview by Luke
Wii Feature: We take a quick first look at Mario's new new adventure.
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E3 2009: Xbox Originals finished by Luke
360 News: One more game left.
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E3 2009: Lost Planet 2 for PS3 by Luke
PS3 News: Capcom finally confirms the news.
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E3 2009: Super Mario Galaxy 2 shots revealed by Luke
Wii Media: It's me, Mario.
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E3 2009: Gran Turismo lines up at the starting grid by Luke
PSP Media: Polyphony shows us its bodywork.
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E3 2009: ModNation Racers races into view by Luke
PS3 Media: With the first images released for the game.
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E3 2009: Jak & Daxter PSP shots by Luke
PSP Media: Jak is back.
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Pre-E3 2009: New PSP games revealed by Luke
PSP News: New Metal Gear?
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Need for Speed: Shift shots blur into action by Luke
PALGN Media: PGR's successor?
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El Taco wrote
Can we please have more Spoon auctions? THey were most fun back in the days..
With everyone now gathering so many $poons i'm not too sure $poon auctions are 'fair' for everyone, but we'll put some thought into it.
thanks for your applications guys and your interest, Sin will be covering the event for us icon_smile.gif
On Friday in Ballarat there is the Ballarat GIG, it's a local event and PALGN would love for someone from our community to go up and cover the event. We'll provide the accomodation & you'll have a chance to have your work published.

You will be expected to provide 1000 words on the event and take pictures, we'll shout you a game of your choice and your work will eternally be on PALGN.

If keen, please simply reply here. It's in Melbourne. Any questions? PM me?
Design a Raskull (4 years ago)
Design a Raskull by Luke
360 News: And win prizes, which everyone loves.
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They are out now and they are great but a little bigger.
SingStar Pop Edition Review by Luke
PS3 Review: Worth popping into your PlayStation 3?
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admeister wrote
I disagree that there isn't much incentive to play the game multiple times. The game is clearly designed to be played through more than once, the achievements (and unlockables) show this clearly.
Could you disagree perhaps because your review is different?
SingStar: Queen Review (4 years ago)
SingStar: Queen Review by Luke
PS3 Review: Should you go (radio) ga ga over this release?
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Motorstorm Arctic Edge Preview by Luke
PALGN Preview: We take a look at the third MotorStorm installment.
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EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis shots by Luke
Wii Media: Looking ace?
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Re: ProMode #1 (5 years ago)
This is a fantastic piece Denny, I look forward to reading more. icon_smile.gif
This hasn't been forgotten, but there just hasn't been a lot of orders. Though a quick check has shown me there is about $30 US in there, so next time I see something, i'll pick it up for a comp.
Will Wright and EA part ways by Luke
PALGN News: Was the wright decision made?
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Re: Your newest purchase (5 years ago)
Itachi, i'm really jealous, i really want Sarah Connor on Blu-ray but the cost is ultimately holding me back icon_sad.gif
If anyone is waiting for their prizes PM me please with your address and your answer and the competition you won, all prizes should have been sent out by now but i'll double check