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It's probably an install disc like Forza 3.
No, look at how the Beatles was handled. Every single little bit of detail had to be perfect, how to the animations, faces, WIND, everything.

In this it's like "Yeah whatever, Cobain doing flava flav and going "YEEEEEAH BOOOOY!"? Sure do it".

How many other playable characters had that? None that I can think of.
Sin Ogaris wrote
So.. Activision aren't allowed to have dead muso's in their game?

Why is no one kicking up a stink about Johnny Cash then? Seriously, it's a ******* video game, Cobain is dead, and has been for several years, people need to harden the **** up and get the Hell over it.
It's not just a video game. It's something Cobain was heavily against, he'd never want to be put in something like this but then to have his character sing and dance all these other songs is an insult to him and his fans.

I'm not a big fan of his but if I was heavily against something and then someone started using my imagine in it, I'd be furious.

It's like if The Beatles: Rockband 2 had them singing Avril Lavigne songs or something. It's a dick move by Activision.
So does this mean we can call it PC exclusive too?
It's $15 a month. Even if you have a casual job, that's like 1 hours work or less. It goes towards the servers and patch content. It's not like they are ripping you off.
Hasn't it been free for years? icon_neutral.gif

I was sure both RA and C&C orginal were both freeware now.
Re: Two-Headed Baby Born (5 years ago)
Gregsy wrote
I don't think he was a conjoined twin. Conjoined twins usually have two/a pair of a lot of things each... two personalities. This baby was born with everything a normal baby boy would have, just an extra head.

Actually they have 2 spines but 1 of everything else.
Re: Fable 2 shots (5 years ago)
The problem with Lionhead games is they can't pick wether to be serious and dark or stupid and comical. There games always end up a mixture of the 2 which breaks any strong atmosphere.
Re: NO MORE LASERS!!! (5 years ago)
Sambo110 wrote
My mum said she read that Microsoft was going completely touch. She also read that they aren't making anymore Windows, and are making something else. But who knows.
They will ALWAYS make windows. It makes them billions.
Eyce wrote
djrussell wrote
Microsft.. what a bunch of assholes. Signing a deal to have Sony sued after their own infringement. Un... believable.

It's Immersion's fault, not Microsoft...
I'm come to realize on the internet if theres a problem and MS is involved it's always their fault.

"What? Crysis won't work because I'm using an integrated graphics card? Whatever! It's because of Microsofts crappy XP! They just want more money from me! They suck!"
At least we won't have to have an EB deal like "Trade in your 60GB PS3 and 12 games and get the new PS3 160GB for $399".
Eyce wrote
Can I just add that Team Fortress 2's Arena mode is quite possibly the most Un-TF2 game mode they could have chosen?

To me it doesn't even feel like TF2 when you're playing it, and it worries me that I only got the game on Tuesday and I can tell it feels "off".
I hate Arena. One of the reasons I enjoy TF2 is the fast paced combat. You die and respawn within a few seconds but arenas ruined that.

Dying and having to wait until the end of the round sucks but waiting until the end of the round THEN the whole next round is awful.

I still like that cart bomb mode the best, that's really fun(I forget its proper name). I hope they keep making new maps for it.
Re: PSP 3000 announced (5 years ago)
TheAnswer wrote
Before people start negging me, no I'm not a Sony fanboy or anti Nintendo, but it seems Sony are following Nintendos lead in the handheld market and issuing new models of their PSP like Nintendo does with their DS Lites. Unlike Nintendo though which lately seems to just add colours to the range available, Sony are adding extra features to each revision. It is annoying though that this update is around a year after the PSP Slim but I'm sure back in the GBA days the GBA Micro came out around the same time frame after the GBA SP.
It's a minor update though. Unlike the DS. The original design was horrible and I'd be pretty annoyed if I bought that then Nintendo announced the DS lite.

With this though I wouldn't care if I had a PSP slim or 3000.
Don't people hate the design of it though? If you make a new d-pad at least change the design...
"A Hack and Slash computer game that simulates strong violence could soon be released in Australia"

Wow, only 15 years late on that.
Re: Mega Man 9 images (5 years ago)
Sin Ogaris wrote
I'm confused, why is Mega Man 9 8-bit? Mega Man 8 was released on the Playstation, so why is this a step backwards graphically? It's not like it's a reprisal of the classic difficulty because let's face it, Mega Man titles have always been tougher than most. I just don't get it.
They are making it like a classic NES game. They even made the horrible box art like the old ones. The game's also going to have the limitations of the NES versions and things like screen flickering(it can be turned off though). It's going to be hard as hell as well.

Their pretty much making a NES game down to the last detail.
I never got an extra 500! Lame.
It sucks they don't have proper damage models though. I was hoping to have a huge crash where it can break in half or chunks get tore off. There just for the speed, not the crashing.
And I bet EB will keep selling it for the next year.
So I've gotten right back into Oddworld. I played the first game without any problem other than it crashing if I Alt+Tab.

I installed Abe's Exoddus. It runs ok but uses 99% of the CPU while doing it. icon_confused.gif
It pretty much puts everything else to a halt. I'm guessing it isn't good for it to use so much CPU either.

Is there any way to fix this? I have a single core AMD 3700+, GF 7800GT 256mb, 1.5GB RAM and use XP SP2.
This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfl-marPekc

It's so cute I just can't help smiling.
It looks great but it doesn't seem like Star Trek.

It kinda reminds me more of Halo. icon_confused.gif
No banned means you can't import either. Its stupid, I know.
I was just wondering this because I was speaking to someone about Fallout 3 and how its illegal to import banned games. I said people have imported GTA4 without any worry and he said thats because the uncut version isn't banned here because it was never rated.

So, is it legal to import the uncut version of GTA4? icon_confused.gif
I can't think going from hundreds of zombies on screen to dozens is an "enhanced port ".

Now if they held it back and used the 1:1 controls...then that would be awesome.
If this turns out to be "Pikmin Party Games" or something like that I'll hate Nintendo forever.
That looks shocking. Like some crappy oversized lightsaber toy.
Re: Max Payne: The Movie (5 years ago)
Sin Ogaris wrote
It was going so well there too, so very well.

It looks like Max Payne and the actors fit pretty well. That's better than almost all game movies already. Whats wrong with it?
A game based of a reality show? Ugh...

The game will remain faithful to the roots of the reality TV show of the same name
I have a feeling they'll remove the swearing too. Which will make it completely unfaithful to the series.
Benza wrote
JP2daMC wrote
I think for the most part our censorship laws are pretty consistent,
No More Heros
Blood censored out for Australian release.

Ninja Gaiden 2
Uncensored in Australia

I'd hardly call that consistent.
Shellshock 2. Banned for blood, decapitaion and dismemberment.

Gears of War. Passed with blood, decapitaion and dismemberment.

The OFLC are arseholes. I'll be playing this game one way or another regardless of what they say. I'd prefer importing it though, I guess play-asia or somewhere like that.