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Halo 2 Review (9 years ago)
Halo 2 Review by Christophe
Xbox Review: One of 2004's biggest titles has arrived. And how.
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Vidgamer wrote
If i remember correctly though the only game to recieve 9 or above this year from us other than GTA was Burnout 3.
Pikmin 2 got a 9 as well. icon_wink.gif

- Fido
GTA: San Andreas becomes latest victim of piracy by Christophe
PS2 News: European version of forthcoming Rockstar opus leaks onto internet.
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January 2005 unveiling for Xbox 2? by Christophe
360 News: Announcement of Microsoft's follow-up console looking increasingly likely after Bill Gates is confirmed as keynote speaker.
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Pikmin 2 Review (9 years ago)
Pikmin 2 Review by Christophe
GCN Review: PALGN dons it's garden gloves and heads out for a spot of treasure hunting.
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TGS 2004: More Wanda and the Colossus screens emerge. by Christophe
PS2 News: And a new movie as well, all of which PALGN has. We're too good to you.
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Gran Turismo 4 loses online play by Christophe
PS2 News: Polyphony Digital's racer still on course for worldwide December release, but at cost of online play.
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Nintendo announce shipment targets for DS by Christophe
DS News: They want to shift four million of the blighters apparently.
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^^^ Although no announcement has been made to date regarding versions other than the PS2 one, I wouldn't be overly surprised if an Xbox one eventually made it out. Rockstar likes them notes.

- Fido
PSP hardware is complete, Sony outline handheld plans by Christophe
PSP News: Sony discuss movies, release dates and software schedules as PSP launch moves closer.
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Quinsisdos wrote
It is interesting to note that you cannot have NTSC and NTSC-J data on the same GC memory card.
I have tonnes of memory cards with NTSC and PAL saves sitting next to each other quite contentedly and refusing to fall out.

- Fido
^^ Nah, I disagree. I think it definitely set itself up. Infact, I remember thinking the ending was a tad 'cheap' and felt they'd ended it like they did to set up a sequel. I can't say much more, as I don't want to ruin it.

- Fido
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory delayed until 2005 by Christophe
PALGN News: Sam Fisher's third game due to miss the Christmas rush as Ubisoft seeks to 'maximise the marketing impact'.
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Re: GT-R 400 Review (9 years ago)
The motorbike sections in Headhunter have a superior racing engine, too.
Wow, that's truly appalling then. icon_kero.gif

- Fido
More Wanda and the Colossus screens and gameplay details released by Christophe
PS2 News: Curious as to what the spiritual successor to Ico will entail? Wanda no longer. New screenshots inside.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 4 receives first PAL date by Christophe
PALGN News: Konami's superior football sim under a month away for Europeans.
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Best SP yet.
I disagree personally - in my (admittedly biased, as I have one) eyes, the Japanese Famicom Limited Edition GBA SP surpasses all other Gameboys for sheer beauty. icon_smile.gif


- Fido
Gameboy Advance SP price slashed in UK as two new Limited Edition GBAs appear by Christophe
GBA News: Nintendo slash the price of the SP, and announce good news for handheld Mario and Zelda fans.
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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within: Q&A session by Christophe
PALGN News: Bertrand Helias, producer of the Prince's next game, discusses blending gameplay styles, slicing curtains and Hong Kong movies.
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Bungie launch Halo 2 competition by Christophe
Xbox News: Win a holiday, visit Bungie and play Halo 2 a month early.
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Bungie quashes Halo 2 rumours by Christophe
Xbox News: It's not coming to Gamecube apparently...
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Sega Rally 2005 heading for PlayStation 2 by Christophe
PS2 News: Latest entry in classic series looks set for Sony's platform.
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As a body builder I respect him.
That's, um, kinda why he shouldn't be in politics. As Jonathan Ross remarked recently, I wouldn't let a bodybuilder park my car, never mind run California.

- Fido
I'm seeing it as 9.95, but then the article says $149.95. Strange. icon_kero.gif

- Fido
Latest UK Charts (9 years ago)
Latest UK Charts by Christophe
PALGN News: Burnout 3 powers to the top.
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New Tomb Raider to be unveiled this autumn by Christophe
PS2 News: New look Lara to appear soon, with release pencilled in for 'before next June'.
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New screens, modes and countryside tomfoolery revealed for GTA: San Andreas by Christophe
PS2 News: An avalanche of new screens and details on 2004's biggest game. And PALGN means 'avalanche'.
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thats crap. It was origanally coming september 9th you f--k idiot. Try to act all smart and s--t when you just have to read xbox magazine
^^ This was posted three months ago you pleb. Learn to read before insulting others.

- Fido
Pfft, you love 'em. icon_razz.gif

- Fido
New Ace Combat 5 screens take off by Christophe
PS2 News: 22 new shots, and Namco's flight sim is looking anything but plane.
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