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GT2 wrote
But that's the clever thing to do. Clever and EA don't go.
Not exactly. The Sims has been reincarnated into the various expansions around due to the fact that people do buy them, and do love them; it would be moderately smart to present the expansions as Sonicweird supposed if the series, on a whole, was not that popular. The fact stands, however, that they are very popular to both the casual and full-time gamer. People are willing to pay £30 for a measly expansion; and the majority of people who are prepared to shell out such large quantities of wealth (over exaggeration) are those whom do not browse the internet daily, those that believe their computer will crash if they obtain anything from the net, and those whom have no idea how broadband is diverse from narrowband. Therefore it would be very unwise to present the expansions as downloadable add-ons - they simply would not attract as much capital in comparison to how they are presented now.

Electronic Arts and Maxis obviously are not stupid, and have clearly squeezed the whole franchise for all its worth – pushing the brand name and the original engine in the most capital-fulfilling manner, probably, possible. The Sims is the greatest selling game in the world, and Electronic Arts is the biggest publisher in the world, I believe both equally deserve a little bit of credit for getting where they are.

The Sims isn’t aimed at individuals whom enjoy massively innovative and well-presented games - just like Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t aimed at the media-knowledgeable movie-fan who prefers films like The Godfather. : o)
So what exactly was the problem with the review? A few typos is what I’m hoping but people seem to be complaining about a lot more than that…
Amazing GameCube deal, seconds away! by Sacha
PALGN News: Another deal which will almost certainly boost the GameCube’s sales.
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Artificial Stupidity wrote
[ Off-Topic: CKY rockzorz!! ]

Our brain can not comprehend the true essence of 'Eternity'. We live in a three-dimensional time-space universe - four-dimensional if we take Time as a dimension. For what, in the end, IS Time? It begins and ends for all of us.

We can not debate about life after death due to the fact that we do not know anything about existence beyond our own material form. We can not debate about time as we have no idea what time, in general, is. We are limited to our fleshy cage and predictable mind.
I don’t know about the rest of us, but I can certainly understand the ‘essence’ of eternity. It’s effortless; eternity is a period of time from a point in time, till the point in time in which the universe stops expanding and hence time does not exist. That is eternity.
If our brains could not understand eternity then there would be no word for eternity.

We can debate and ponder life after death. But we can’t identify for certain that there is life after death. In fact, there is NOT life after death. For people to believe otherwise if quite ridiculous. It’s plainly obvious that human-beings can not comprehend that after death there is nothing; you don’t see black, you don’t see white, you don’t see, or think, or hear, feel, smell or know anything. Everything is gone.
Humans can not visualise nothing, which is why we immediately direct death to life rather than death to death.

Immortality does not denote that you will never age. It signifies the fact that you never die. Immortal; mortal meaning human (hence to have pain, death, a sole, an age) immortal meaning non-human (hence have no pain, no death, no sole, and never to age). Therefore being immortal is quite unproblematic due to our present understanding. It would simply mean our cells would never decay.
Gran Turismo 4 to have realistic vehicle damage. by Sacha
PS2 News: Gran Turismo 4 is set to be even more pragmatic than previously thought.
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Project Gotham Racing Review by Sacha
Xbox Review: PALGN.com is recapping an old classic from Microsoft and Bizarre-Creations to correspond with the release of Project Gotham’s sequel.
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Another GameCube price hurtle. by Sacha
GCN News: Will Nintendo follow Sega?
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Hello (1 decade ago)
Hello everyone. Erm… I don’t know precisely how to utter hello in the most effective way, and also explain why I haven’t been around, but here I go!
Haarball and I used to work at a site, the URL I will not pronounce here, and have stayed in pretty much close contact since the days where I left, then corresponding to my leave quite a few other staff members left as well. Of course Haarball being a smart-arse; got an admin job, while I sat around and played on my PC.

A few weeks back we stumbled across each other on MSN, and hey presto, I managed to send him a sample piece, and obtained a staff position at this very site!
Of course everything wasn’t as silky as creamy milk, I ended up not being able to access the site, and my ISP got a monkey up their arses and – for some reason – discontinued my venture to the net for almost a month!

Never-fear my valiant gamers! I have now acquired the addictive internet again! This is just a formal hello; you’ll probably be seeing quite a lot of me in the near future.