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GOG.com have Beyond Good & Evil and the Rayman games discounted this weekend.

They also listed Little Big Adventure 2 this week.

BG&E and LBA2 are both very good games.
theory wrote
Seems the only other thing Spicy Horse have done is American McGee's Grimm? Did anyone play that?
I only played the first couple of chapters.
As I recall the game play was a combination of katamari damarcy (increasing Grimm'ness rather than size) and de blob (painting Grimm'ness on the terrain) but not as fun a either.
The story lines were "naughty" fairytale... think farting dwarves or fat fairys etc.

In short not as much fun as I hoped.
However it may have picked up in quality, its been going for 23 episodes now.
/\ Any publishers considering this should read this list.
The moral is that it needs to be genuinely witty or it will look very lame.
Blizzard Store have discounted wow down to $5/$5/$10 each for the starter and expansions.

With the current exchange rate it works out at AU$20.50 for the set.
Fancy Pants Adventures is the bomb! I hope the original dev is still in control.
Re: Abe Oddysee (3 years ago)
IceboX wrote
I finished it... now I hope they'll release the Exoddus and hopefully the XBOX ones (Munch and Stranger's Wrath) as well.

Can I anyone confirm if they're coming?

Or I'll just use a USA PSN account... regarding this can anyone pls explain how it works?
They are porting the xbox games over to PC for release on Steam. No info on ports of the xbox games to PS3. I'm excited by the windows port, I would like to play stranger's wrath but my xbox pads are in poor condition.

To use a yankee PSN account generate new profile with a phony address and buy credit from ebay resellers. The pros will have a list of codes from PSN cards they have already bought and will email a valid code ASAP. I've only done it once but I had the goods in less than an hour.

When choosing you false address just look up a street/suburb/postcode combo of some random business but note that the tax rates vary by state. Grim-One posted the following link that you can use as a guide.


edit: found blog indicating work on PSN ports of latter games
^ arrived today @ 23.49 shipped! I wont get a chance to play til tomorrow but it look good.
Thanks Guys, there are a lot of good pointers here. They’ll keep me busy for a while:

Final Fantasy XIII No, I’ve started most of the FF games but haven’t seen any of them through to the end. If I was going to play a turn based RPG I would rather start Baten Kaitos or Dragon Quest VIII again

Faxanadu and Wizards & Warriors 3 These look like great games both representing the RPG heavy and action heavy sides of the genre. I think I’ll start with Faxanadu first then take on Wizards and Warriors series. I'm really impressed by the scene approching the tree at the start of Faxanadu, very impressive for the era.

Castlevania The only non-portable Castlevanias I’ve tried when current were the N64 and the Xbox versions. The N64 one had one scene I loved (the hedge maze) while the xbox one didn’t appeal at all. When I tried the GBA/DS games I found them to have very deep gameplay and what appeared to be an advanced storyline ie. I felt I has come in late and missed the backstory. Having read up on the series I think I will try Castlevania II (though maybe not finish if the translation is a dodgy as I hear) then try Symphony of the Night for a semi-modern take on it all. I really looking for thing I can play on a TV so I’m not that interested in the hand held sequels at the moment. Can anybody comment on the quality of the 360 port of SotN

Goemon I played the first N64 Geomon through to the end and had a good time with it. Everyone who walked through the room thought the graphics, gameplay and story were a load of wank but I had fun and I stand by it. Actually I bought it for mu little bothers birthday (he didn’t like it) and then when we were trading in a couple of games to make up the difference when purchasing Donkey Kong 64 the guys at EB offered us $2 for it. This was enough to push us over the line so we took the deal rather than return home empty handed but I’ve avoided that EB since on principle. Gameplay wise the snes Geomon looks more like a brawler/RPG but I’ll put it on the todo list after Super Adventure Island 2 and see how it goes.

Actraiser 3? I can only find 1 & 2 though I'll try them out, how deep is the city simulation?

Battle of Olympus The setting sound like a nice spin on the usual fantasy.

Crystalis, Landstalker I've never liked isometric console games, the controls feel klunky. I know that the compromise in control is often made up for in world complexity but the trade off has always felt poor to me. (LBA and LBA 2 for pc are a different story, pure gold).

Thor do you mean The Story of Thor/Beyond Oasis if so that ones already on my list of 2D birds eye ARPGs or "2D Zelda clones" but that’s another topic entirely.

Aztaka This game looks great but unfortunately my PC is so old it creaks at the seams. If I could run this one I would be all over it but I’m sticking to consoles for now.

Threads of Fate seems like a lot of fun, I’ve played for about 45 minutes so far and the boy’s shape shifting seems to show a lot of promise. The story looks like fun, but is the girl’s magic as diverse and the shape shifting?

Grandia The only one I’ve played is Grandia 2 and it ranks as one of my favourite RPGs ever. I really like the way you manovere your combatants on the battle field prior to their attack. Games with similar mechanics that come to mind are Holy Magic Century and Eternal Sonata and they are all good fun. The Grandia 2 dialogue was pretty funny too. I took a screen cap for if I ever won a round in the now forgotten Guess the Game thread. As I never actually won might as well post it now.

River City Ransom This looks like a good little old school beat em up I’ll try it for a break in between a couple of the NES platformers

Super Paper Mario I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this one, what I found was that if I stop for more than a month I forget where everything is, its to complex to play over an extended period of time. I’ll go back when I have less on my plate I think.

Cave Story I read a little bit about this earlier but the sites I read didn’t mention a Wii port. I dismissed it as I don’t currently feel like gaming at the PC. The Wii port means I’ll definitely give it a go.

Trine The reviews seem good for this one but I try to wait for price drops or specials for my playstation network purchases so I may be waiting for the right opportunity on this one

E.V.O.: Search for Eden Classic game. Bold concept with good implementation I got my brother on to this one a few years back and he stayed glued to the game until he finished it.

Zelda 2 I’ve heard alot about the NES Zelda games but never played them myself. They’ve always been pushed back to near the end of my todo list before they arrive at the top. I really should give them priority as I’ve loved all of the more recent ones.

So I’ve got more options than I can currently explore, I’ll be busy for a while yet...

Edit: missed two icon_wink.gif
I've been replaying the Master System monster world games. Now that a translation of Monster World IV is available I figure I'll see where the series ended. I had previously thought that Wonder Boy in Monster World was just a port of Monster Land. Now I realise my error, I regret not having played it much earlier.

I find the platformer/action/rpg gameplay of these titles to be very enjoyable, but currently out of fashion. It seems that most 2d platformers made today are fall into the puzzle or shooter categories, platforming is a secondary part of gameplay.

I've been looking around for other games that mix the platformer/rpg genres and have found two more I was unaware of until now: Popful Mail (perfect combination of elements, though a bit hard) and Odin Sphere (maybe a little too combat heavy like Muramasa: The Demon Blade). I now have a version of Popful Mail on standby and have ordered Odin Sphere earlier tonight.

Anyway the point of this post to ask if anyone can suggest any other platformers with decent adventure or RPG elements. I'm not phased if the RPG is xp/level or weapon/equipment based, but I would prefer the combat to be primarily melee and the jump button to be used for platforming as well as combos icon_wink.gif
Toneiiblue wrote
Anyone know when the iPhone version is released? I'm very tempted to pick this version up but not if I can get a portable one in a manner of hours/days/weeks.

I was going to by the DS version while Big W have it cheap, but will wait now I know the Ipod port is due soon.
I don't know how well the psp controls work with Breakquest but the pc version is a true gem.

I made a purchase from the US store last week, but forgot to do my homework when it comes to sales tax. My addresss was in New York and I had to pay 8.5% tax on top. The total is still much less than the local price, but slightly higher than listed.
I downloaded Digger from the playstation store this week.

Digger is the first game that I remember playing competitively.

When my family got our first PC back in '85 my brother, father and myself all tried to outdo each other. It first we were sharing a game disk (and high score table) but our skill levels were different enough that I would be pushed of the bottom after my dad or bro had spent the night trying to bump the other from the top spot. With the dedication that only a child of five can have I honed my skills until I could beat them both. In the end we needed four disks (and score tables) one each and one for guests.

When the Digger Remastered project was released I was surprised and pleased that the game was being revised for modern systems but had a hard time convincing my mates it was worth learning.

So when I heard about the PS3 remake I set up my spoof US account (I lifted the postal address from a Sea Monkeys ad), ebayed the code from a PSN Card and downloaded the game on launch day.

When I sat down to play on Thursday night my first game saw me through to level fourteen and placed me second on the table. None of my other games that night met that score and when I went to bed I was down at third place. By Friday night I had been pushed down to eighteenth, but managed to claim the eighth spot before moving on.

Playing on a fresh high score table is encouraging. The only other game with global high score tables that I have cared where I place is Super Stardust HD, but the numbers on that one are so huge that its hard to not feel lost in the crowd when your place is given in tens of thousands. (I'm not very good is seems icon_wink.gif )

As for game quality: Its good! The revisions all make is feel like a modern game: slightly smaller levels; larger graphics; different monster AI and appearance (but similar enough to feel the same); Co-op and survival modes.

The only real gripe I have is that the classic mode is a bit iffy. They have included the classic sfx and kept two of the three music tracks but they changed music played during most of play. Additionally I noticed that if the PS3 is downloading in the background then the timing of classic mode gets screwy. It lags a bit then is skips a frame or two, all up if you want the classic gameplay with a local high score table follow the link above I find it has better throttling.

The game I played next was Trash Panic. This one came at the recommendation of a friend and I have to thank him for the tip.

I used to measure a man of weather he preferred Tetris or Columns (the correct answer was Columns). Then Puyo Puyo/Pop Fever (aka Kirby's Avalanche or Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine) came along and replaced Columns as my favorite "sorting/matching" puzzle game, with Tetris Attack (aka Panel de Pon or Puzzle League) coming second. All four of these puzzle games have versions with great competitive battle modes, truly hours of fun.

In contrast Trash Panic has flawed Vs mode with little to no staying power. The playing fields are just too small for a strategic game and the rules (one out=death) are too unforgiving for a comeback.

That said it has a very enjoyable one player mode that has me thinking about the pieces as objects (weak points/composition) rather than shapes/colours. As a unique experience I have had more than my five dollars worth and will enjoy showing it to others, but I doubt if I will get much replay out of it.

It has a checkpoint system so that at certain points during the level they look at your score to determine which set of pieces you will receive next. I guess I could explore this branching game structure to look for new pieces. (one example: when I was playing level one would always end with a burger meal (burger, fries, drink) then the boss, when my cousin was playing she was scoring a bit lower so they only gave her a burger and Level Clear.) Though that kind of trial and error might feel like work, I do want to see more of the fish.

They're both good games and I recommend both to fans of their genres.
Re: Flower Review (5 years ago)
mipac wrote
Everyone with a PS3 needs to buy this game. One of the best downloadable games ever made, it is so simple but so perfect.
OK, will do.
Monster Land wrote
Hey brave man listen carefully. The country's fate depends on you. Your mission is to destroy the vicious dragon and restore peace. Take the sword and potion with you. I will see you again.
There is quite a bit of depth to this title. At the time a close friend and I used to arrange extended loans when we swapped game carts. This was one of his games that spent close to half the time at my house.
The challenge of finding / looting enough money spend in town was until that time unique to my experience. Carefully searching to find the hidden cash so you could buy a pair of shoes was a thrill.
Then you would need to spend that money wisely or it would be Game Over before long. When I did screw it up I would consider the lessons learnt, consider my next strategy and start again. (Now every other game lets you dress your character, and it sh*ts me to *ears that they rarely seem to have any effect other than changing your appeal with certain types of NPC).

I think that the game is probably as large and as complex as a game of the genre should be without providing a save system.
In retrospect having the game built so that you able to play it through in a single play session is a blessing compared to some of the long campaigns in modern games.
It’s difficulty is balanced such that unless you make stupid mistakes you will get a little bit further each time, without ever making you think that you should be learning the attack patterns or trap layout (well maybe one section icon_wink.gif ).
unlachs wrote
what's the difference between a 8.5 and an 8.7?
IGN has given mirrors edge 7.3 and 7.4 overall for 360 and PS3 respectively.

The differences cited are (unspecified) slight graphical discrepancies and a preference for the R1/L1 over RB/LB. Neither were enough to alter the component scores, just the overall. However they thought we might be interested enough to pay money for more detailed comparison. icon_rolleyes.gif
I've lost nine discs to this issue.

With multiplatform titles I would opt for the graphically (or otherwise) superior version as a matter of course.

Since I scratched three GTA4 discs over six weeks I have started to buy the PS3 versions without even checking a comparative review.

I have a 120Gb Harddrive on the way that will enable me to use the new Copy to HDD feature. Hopefully this will mitigate this flaw to an extent.

The official line from Microsoft seems to be "We warned you good, use at your own risk". To be honest I knew about this problem before the Aussie launch for the console, and bought into the platform anyway. So I guess the market is willing to accept this shonky product.

When people ask me to recommend which console they should buy I say:

Wii: pretty cheap, underpowered, small library, a few unmissable games

PS3: pretty expensive, physically huge, small but expanding library, few downloadable games, a few unmissable games

X360: mid range price, loud console, prone to failure (I’ve broken three), largest library both on and offline but access to games is not guaranteed (I must be online to play the arcade games I bought with the previous consoles, and the disc scratching issue), a few unmissable games

So far everybody I've given this advice to as decided to wait for price drops, hardware revisions, or the next gen as the case may be. Still despite this brutal analysis I find room in my heart for all three consoles. It’s a shame about the dead discs though, it would have been easy to fix during the R&D stage.
For the first time, the game has online multiplayer, as well as the usual split screen options.
Spilt screen???

When it comes to fighting games I've only seen that done in Dragon Ball Z games.
"This time-bomb has already exploded and the situation could get worse," Ladda Thangsupachai, director of the ministry's Cultural Surveillance Centre, told Reuters. "Today it is a cab driver, but tomorrow it could be a video game shop owner."
This quote implies a prejudice against cab drivers.... It shouldn't matter what the profession of the victim is, murder is murder.
Fetidchimp wrote
and this game, i loved this damn game........played it till my fingers bled.....godamn now i have to find it as i haven't thought about that since about 1994, well after a quick ebay search, it seems to be in its 4th edition now, excellent...
I bought Talisman as a birthday present for myself this year. I was going to get the 2nd edition (the one from my youth) but didn't like the idea of spending $70+ per expansion pack and getting worn pieces, missing cards etc.

The 4th edition is quiet well balanced as is. Just be aware the company has since gone broke so I don't think any expansions will be made for it at all. I've played a few fun games of it and I don’t really miss the extra boards and oversized decks of the past.

Edit: it looks like Fantasy Flight are taking over the brand and may expand on the 4th edition after all icon_biggrin.gif
teknohead wrote
I often wonder if I went back to my old video store if they'd sell me their old PS1 games....They had hundreds.

I bought all of the N64 carts from my local for $4 dollars each icon_wink.gif
I'm surprised to see JB have 43 Wii games on the exclusion list.

I feel that they should say "FREE when you trade-in 2 select Wii games".

Of course their marketing people think otherwise...
Re: Play-Asia Coupons (5 years ago)
It's been a while since I used playasia and my last code expired. icon_sad.gif

Can I ask somebody to PM me a $5 code, I want to place an order tonight and strikebang will make we wait 3 days+


Edit: Rambo 1-3 is on its way.
^Do those UK sales stats include online stores?

A fair few GTA4 on 360 disks would have been exported rather than played domesticly.

No so much GTA4 on PS3 as asian online retailers could offer better prices.
Re: EB $5 Game Guarantee (5 years ago)
^ Well yes that would work.

I did that trick when my bioshock disc was scratched about 2 weeks after launch and the prices were back at RRP.

I didn't feel guilty either because the sales rep refused a price match on the replacement copy (after I had received telephone confirmation) and then after I had renegotiated the price and returned to the store they told me they had one left in a crushed case for no further discount. This case was the most broken I've ever seen a case that still has at ability to hold a disk, all 6 sides had cracks with chips missing and he charged greater than ninety dollars. Anyway I claimed the scratch protection at another outlet that night and returned a pristine factory sealed bioshock for the refund the next day. All up it took four trips to the store and cost $5, so it's not an experience I plan on repeating.

In general I don't buy disc insurence becouse:
a) that money could go towards the next game
b) they only offer 12 months coverage
Re: I wanna be the guy (5 years ago)
Well I'd never seen the game before.

It looks like a compilation of comically cheap tricks.

I think I enjoyed watching this movie more than I would playing the game and having to restart after each trick.
Re: GTA IV Thread (5 years ago)
Sweet, my box from HMV arrived today.

Now its just a matter of waiting for the weekend icon_biggrin.gif
Re: GTA IV Thread (5 years ago)
Has anyone here had their order from the UK shipped yet?

The status of my standard edition order with game.co.uk progressed to "Your order is currently being picked and packed." 3 hours ago, the SE order with Zavvi.co.uk is "In Progress" and the SE order with HMV.co.uk is "back ordered".

This thread indicates (on page 5) that Zavvi and HMV have shipped already, so its likely I won't be getting the SE.

If game ships in time for tomorrow's mail it won't really matter that much, as I was only trying to hedge my bets, attempting to ensure one would have stock to ship for delivery next week.
Capoeira wrote
Puddingfork wrote
I suddenly stopped too, I think I got stuck... not difficulty suck, just no idea where to go next stuck
I haven't managed to do that yet. You could always check your journal. Objectives are always listed in there aren't they?
I lost my objective too! I loaded he game one day after a couple of weeks break had no idea what to do. Checked the journal and found they named a location I couldn't find/recognise. Didn't stop me looking though icon_doh.gif (imo using the subway system as a hub made for an very incoherent city.)

Mind you losing the goal is not an uncommon a scenario for me, I just felt like telling Puddingfork (and easily lost lurkers) they are not alone.

I think the most frustrating time was with Starfox Adventures. I finished a goal and one of the NPCs told me to "go through such and such door" just before I saved. When I loaded the next week I thought "Its a relatively small world why not just try the doors" So I do a loop of the of AFAIK the entire gameworld trying every door and talking to every character. No good, five or six hours later and I'm back where I started without finding a single new door, area, item or line of dialog. icon_wall.gif
Re: GTA IV Thread (6 years ago)
@Karai Pantsu. I placed another order for the SE with Game UK before I received the explanatory email (for the canceled overweight order) I posted the other day. This second order hasn't been canceled. My assumption is that they had second thoughts and decided to bend the rules rather than strictly follow policy and deny all the new customers.

As for HMV their response to my queries was that they are willing to ship SE to Australia but are unable to confirm stock for orders after 9th April.

So far I have received notice that they will be billing soon from Game and Zavvi but not HMV.

My strategy is to let the orders stand until one of them actually charges me. At that point I know they have stock for me and I will cancel the unneeded orders.

Update: Game canceled the special edition but will proceed with processing the standard edition.