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I'm currently right at the end of the game and the final series of quests is really taxing my patience. It's back to the same areas for the 4th or 5th time. There's just not enough new to make it entertaining and there's so much friction everywhere. This is the 1,000th item I've picked up, you do not need to pause the game, explain what it is then take me to the inventory screen. Just let me play the damn thing. Fi is useless, says what you only what know and gives you no additional help when you actually need it. The controls are frustrating and the graphics are making my eyes water!

At the start of the game I had mixed feelings, after a few hours I began to really love it, but now I just wish it was over.
1. When did you join PALGN and why did you join?
I "joined" the day I started PALGN in early 2002. I wanted to build a better Australian gaming site, so I did along with help from a bunch of IGN forum goers.

2. What were your initial gaming interests when you joined PALGN, and have they changed at all since? If so, how?
I looooved video games. They were basically my entire life icon_smile.gif After a while I "grew up" got a "real" life and realised that actually video games were pretty awesome after all, so came back to playing them icon_smile.gif I don't play as much as I used to, but I try to pick up all the highest rated games each year. Considering I have around 30 PS3 games on my shelf, I guess I do actually play quite a bit. I guess the difference now is I much more rarely finish games unless I love them. I'm happy to only play a game for a couple of hours if I realise it isn't for me.

3. Do you feel like you've contributed anything to the community, and if so, name a few things you think are worth mentioning (e.g. Popular threads, site suggestions, competitions, staff involvement)
Aside from the obvious, I think the points system was a pretty awesome addition. I definitely noticed a huge long term improvement in the quality of the posts (and hence the communit at large) after adding that to the site.

4. Has PALGN increased your knowledge of the gaming industry in general?
Sure. The industry is nothing like it looks like from the outside. Lots of back room deals and politics at all levels. The amount of "advertorial" content out there astounded me.

Other than that, going to E3 and going to all these press events the industry has was certainly an experience. I swear these things taught me how to drink. The amount of free stuff you get at these things is crazy. I got burnt out from going to them after a few years, but lots of fun while I could stand it.

5. Has PALGN given you any inspirations towards your career path?
Well I learnt to program while building PALGN, so yeah icon_smile.gif I now build web startups like PALGN for a living.

6. Have you made any friendships since joining PALGN that you feel you could only have made through a site like this; one that brings people of similar interests together?
I really like the admin team. I still chat to a few ex-admins and occasionally see them socially. It's a bit hard with the current admins as politics restrict what I can talk about.

7. Have you met anyone from PALGN, and if so, do you still meet up with [any of] them often?
Tons of times. eGames, staff, admins. Lots of fun!

8. Overall, do you think PALGN has made any major influences on your life?
I'd say that's a pretty safe bet! PALGN made me a much better person. I'd like to think I've continued growing after becoming less involved with the site, but I definitely think it was PALGN that made me realise that you can do whatever you want if you just put your mind (and time) to it.
Happy birthday!

I'm actually in Melb this Fri, Sat & Sun. While I've got stuff on all nights, if this meet happens I'll show up for a bit.
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Re: VIP changes (3 years ago)
Re: Gigs 2010 (3 years ago)
^ Did you see Boris on Sat?

Saw them Fri - frikken incredible. Probably my favourite gig this year. The Opera House Studio has such great sound too. Makes a massive difference.
Augmentation wrote
I'm having formatting errors exclusively on articles. I was wondering if that's a problem with me or is it you guys? I'm using Opera (10.53) which is standards compliant and has always displayed the site properly until now. Has anything changed on the site recently that would cause this?

Strangely enough the page loads fine at first then when the loading is getting nearer to completion. The cut off is just around the end of the Everybody Plays square banner or, more conveniently, at the end of the Red Dead Redemption background advertisement. Is there any chance that the advertising code is causing this, would you say?
Can you send me a screenshot?
Mullet87 wrote
You know the 60,000 public submissions they received to their discussion paper? Carries a fair bit more weight than 90,000 signatures I think..
My understanding is that the 46,000 our of the 55,000 "public submissions" are just signatures from the EB/Grow Up campaign. http://www.itwire.com/it-policy-news/regulation/37364-govt-receives-55000-r18-game-rating-submissions

I'm still not convinced that the issue is on the agenda for SCAG. The Age was reporting its confirmed, but whenever we've spoken to them they haven't confirmed it. Either way putting public pressure on them to address the issue properly is important. Making sure there's a press spotlight on the issue will ensure that it is addressed.

I'm pretty damn impressed that we managed to break Australian records with this campaign. Resolving this issue is certainly long overdue.
EveryonePlays: R18+ petition breaks Australian records by James
PALGN News: More than 89,000 signatures recorded.
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Re: VIP changes (4 years ago)
5k is a lot - if you post 5 times a day, it's going to take nearly 3 years to get there. To see who's achieved it, take a look at the member list and filter by Total posts, Descending. There's only 21 and half of those are staff members and mods.

I considered adding post score into consideration, but after looking at that list, I decided it was unnecessary. Let's face it, if someone sticks around for 5k posts, they've earned that position icon_smile.gif
Re: VIP changes (4 years ago)
No matter what option we choose there will be complaints - it's inevitable with only a small number of people benefiting.

This move is more of a reduction of the system - coloured names are now just a reward for reaching 5k posts. As others have said, if someone tries to spam their way to 5k our enthusiastic mods will be there to step in their way.
VIP changes (4 years ago)
After consideration, we've decided to change the way VIP status is rewarded. As opposed to voting, or decisions by moderators or staff, there are now two concrete criteria that will give you VIP status;
1) Being a PALGN ex-staff members
2) Having over 5000 posts on the forum

We hope that this new system will be fairer all round. Congratulations to the new VIPs!
No egg hunt this year, sorry folks. I didn't have enough spare time to sort it out icon_sad.gif
Michael Atkinson steps down from his Attorney-General position by James
PALGN News: Will no longer be able to veto R18+ rating.
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^ He will no longer be the Attorney-General, so will no longer have the power to veto the R18+ rating.
Makes me want to move to Brisbane.

We'll be likely having a PALGN night there in a couple of months. Thinking about heading up there for it. Any PALGNers interested in attending?
Thanks guys. Glad you all enjoy PALGN, but it's really thanks to Jeremy and all the writers & mods that the site keeps running these days.

But, yeah good times. Around this time 8 years ago I was almost getting sued thanks to PALGN icon_smile.gif
Vote for Australia's Biggest Final Fantasy Fan by James
PALGN News: Fulfilling fantasy.
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RooRage wrote
Have you got your full submission anywhere that's viewable??
I made two versions - one which matched their 250 word template and one larger one that's essentially this article. Here's a link anyway http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dnvxkvw_25cgjqjcfw
Glad you like it.

It's actually an edited version of my submission to the classification review. Feel free to repost it in full elsewhere.
EveryonePlays: Why EveryonePlays has a different message by James
PALGN Feature: ...and why it matters.
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christicehurst wrote
It has to be more than the standard petition rubbish that you hear on every topic. You need to offer a case that is better than the other side. Why would R Rated games be good for Australia? You need to answer that one, sure 50k names looks nice but Minsters have a paper shredder in each office.
It's all about making those people understand how not having an R18+ rating is detrimental to Australia. It actually hurts their cause by providing children with more mature games.
Furianshi wrote
So are PALGN, Everyoneplays and GAME just uniting on the R18+ issue, or is PALGN now a subsidiary of GAME?
Just uniting.
christicehurst wrote
Palgn is hoping on for the ride of promotion with the game businesses.
Yes, it makes us look good doing this, but trust me, if that was the only reason, it's not worth the effort. We're not doing this half-arsed... physical petitions, strong message, mainstream media - it will make a huge difference.

Also GAME are taking a risk in doing this... there were a LOT of companies who chickened out... getting involved with a political campaign isn't at the top of most people's marketing lists.
Hey folks,

We've been working on this campaign for well over 12 months now. It all started when a few of the PALGN writers decided to start a petition in our booth at eGames 08. It was a hit and from there we've been pushing to do this on the much larger scale speaking to a much more mainstream audience.

A LOT of work has gone into getting all the parties involved in this one! I'm really excited to see it coming together. We've had a lot of battles along the way (hence Jeremy's delete post), but I'm glad it's all coming together. It's fantastic that GAME have decided to put so much into this. Really, their commitment has blown me away.

This is big. We're putting a lot into making a message that the people who's minds we need to change can understand. BUT we need your help as well. We need help getting this viral. It launches on the day the submission papers close for a reason. We need to keep putting pressure on the government to get something done. We don't want to wait another year while the submissions sit in a dark closet.

Make sure you get into a GAME store and sign the petition. Make sure you let people know about the campaign. This is seriously important. It will make a difference.

Follow EveryonePlays on twitter to keep updated -> http://twitter.com/EveryonePlaysAU

Puddingfork wrote
Just thought I should bring it to the attention of the almighty PALGN staff (which for all I know am working on fixing it already) that the forums now look terrible in expanded view now (and collapsed was terrible to begin with icon_razz.gif)
Fixed, somewhat.
I can do Friday after 5:30, but will need to leave after a couple of hours. Busy Thursday & Sat.