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Benno wrote
To whoever leaked this.

Re: PALGN really slow? (2 years ago)
Discosis wrote
Otherwise, some of you could show a BIT of respect for the fact that someone's actually paying real money for this virtual playground.
Wow... I mean really, wow.

The same could be said for you Jason, show some respect by not coming across as a complete and utter twat. This respect thing works both ways. And if you expect anyone here to give you (or that clown Roland) so much as a cent, then you're greatly mistaken.

You have no idea what's been going on here so don't lecture us, answer us. Or at least attempt to instead of blatantly ignoring fair questions. Only then will you earn some respect. So far, I have more time for that psycopath spacepony and if you knew anything about PALGN, then you'd know exactly how little the community thinks of you right now.

An apology wouldn't do any harm either. #justsayin
Re: PALGN really slow? (2 years ago)
Discosis wrote
LeonJ wrote
I really have no idea what's going on.
We're working on it. icon_smile.gif
You might want to let the staff know about that. Surprisingly, they do like to be informed. A crazy thought, eh?

And whaddaya know, my question was ignored. Congratulations on completely missing the point of this whole argument. I hope you and Roland live happily ever after, you two make a great couple. Idiots.
Re: PALGN really slow? (2 years ago)
Jason, we meet at last.

I felt the need to jump back in for a moment because believe it or not, I do care about this place. I wouldn't have spent endless hours writing content for PALGN if I didn't. And while I am well and truly finished and over all the BS, I hate seeing questions unanswered and the community deserves better.

To back up what James said, unless anything extraordinary happened since my departure, none of the staff have any idea who Jason is and have no control over the technical issues. That's all in the hands of Roland and this new jerk who thinks it's ok to get smart with a well respected forum member. Not cool.

Trust me, I've been through the frustration, the unanswered questions, all of it. That's why I left. So when you guys and girls ask a question and the staff don't respond, it's not because they don't want to, it's because the only person with answers is Roland and he can barely pronounce my name, let alone turn on a computer.

Jason, while you do seem to have the capacity to fix PALGN, nobody cares about your resumé, all the members care about is getting feedback and real answers. What I would like to know, is how exactly do you plan on fixing this mountain of a problem without admin access? Let's see if you can find a smart arse answer for that one. Personally, I'd love to get a response from you. But you seem to have a lot in common with Roland, i.e. constantly feeling the need to ignore me.

It's not me that you need to be worried about, it's everyone else. And if you can't provide answers, then I have no idea why you reignited this thread. Either help out the people who made this place so great throughout the years, or fuck off.

To everyone else, hang in there and keep spamming Roland with messages. He has to wake up sooner or later.

Goodbye again.

*sprints back to Skyrim*
Batman: Arkham City Review by Cian
PALGN Review: Batgasm.
[View Article]

Hello lovely peoples of PALGN town.

I have a bit of bad news (or maybe some of you will see it as good news, y'all racist!). The local Irish resident is leaving this here website forever. That means no more news, no more reviews, no more posts (they've been few and far between anyway). Nothing. No more. It's the end for Cian, a member whose name that most of you are probably still pronouncing incorrectly... but anyhoo, we move on.

You might be wondering why and that's a fair question but I'm not going into the details behind my departure. It's... complicated and it's irrelevant now. Before I go, I'm going to leave on a high note by explaining why I love this website. It's partly because of the members here, but it's mainly because of the staff who I've gotten to know throughout the past 18 months (time flies, eh?). Without further ado, these are some of the coolest people I know...

Jeremy: Or as I've frequently called him - The Kaizer. One of only a few staff members that I had the pleasure of meeting and an all-round great guy who knows his stuff and knows how to get shit done. He also knows that the original Assassin's Creed was, in fact, a terrible game, but remains in denial to save face.

Adam Ghiggino: The film dude, second in command to The Kaizer and unbelievably anal when it comes to giving out high scores. But I suppose that's a good thing, unlike the relentless penis jokes that he keeps thrusting at me... yeah, that was awkward. In all seriousness though, another great guy. Himself and Jeremy get a special Irish thank you for allowing me to write here. Unfortunately, I completely forget how to say it in my native language. I'm such a disgrace.

Jarrod: In my eyes, he is more than human. Some sort of mechanical hybrid maybe. Although I've often questioned his Nintendo fetish, Jarrod has kept me up to date on gaming news more so than anyone else. His passion and knowledge for this stuff is incredible, and he's also hilarious which helps. Forget Yahtzee, this guy provides better humour.

Bev: Apparently, this lovely lady had a dream about me reviewing The Lion King: 3D Edition... or something very random like that. Naturally, the thought of any woman (whether she's single or married) dreaming about Cian makes me feel undeservedly smug. I hope you didn't tell your boyfriend about that... did you? Anyway, a top tier lady of PALGN.

Cody: Hairy and friendly - at least that's the impression I get without having met the fine young gentleman. Again, the Nintendo lovin' baffles me, but I'm sure the same is said about me and Rockstar, so why do I keep mentioning it? I honestly don't know. Cody struck me as the quiet one of the group, but vocal enough when it came to critique. So jealous of the facial hair, why must my cheeks be so patchy?

Adam Guetti: The latest addition to the crew... and... and... I've got nothing. Damn. What I will say, is that his avatar is from the greatest puzzle game of all time. Much respect.

Anthony: I met Anthony very briefly at an event for THQ. What I remember most clearly is his stature. For some reason, I expected Anthony to be somewhere close to the six foot mark. I have no idea why, it's just one of those things. My brain works in mysterious ways. But we spent some time kicking arse on Homefront that night, good times.

Denny: Oh Mr. D, how you've angered me with yo' trollin' and whatnot. You've pissed me off like no other staff member, but then I began to read your reviews and suddenly that wasn't important anymore. You know your stuff, you know your pixels and your polywhats, and damn son you know your computer bit and bobs. And you're not a fan of CoD, that means you get instant bonus points.

Jahanzeb: It took me a while to get the spelling right, and it took me even longer to pronounce it properly. We have VERY different tastes in games. You're into all that weird Japanese fighting stuff, I'm into all that overpriced and overrated Western stuff. But we do share one thing in common - the metal. Keep on rockin' without me Jay.

James V: The grammar nazi in me wants to point out every mistake, but James (despite not writing all that much), is another cool guy. I suppose I'll always remember you for that review of Alan Wake. It took me so long to get into that game and fully understand it, but you got it spot on in the end. You also know your internets and kept PALGN running smoothly while you could, danke schon.

Kim: I had very little contact with you during my time here, so I'm not exactly sure what to say and I'm getting tired. It's midnight... uggh. It's a shame I didn't get to meet you in person, and I hope you're back to full health. You're an opinionated and well spoken female gamer, and god knows we could do with a few more.

Michael K: You're the most gifted writer that PALGN has. I remember starting off here and hoping that one day that I would reach your quality of work, which will probably never happen, but you're naturally gifted with words. As far as I'm concerned, any writer who makes me look up a word in the dictionary has some serious skills. And the fact that you've stayed with PALGN is a testament to your loyalty. Two thumbs up from me.

And that about sums up the awesome staff here. All I really want to say is that it's been a pleasure working and writing with all of you and I wish it could have lasted longer, but sometimes we just have to look upwards and onwards. Best of luck with whatever lies ahead in the future. Apologies if I pissed anyone off, it's sort of a bad habit of mine. I'm trying to work on it... I swear.

It's going to be terribly unfair if I start listing regular forum members in this unnecessarily long farewell so I'm going to avoid getting into that particular hole. But if I had to pick one... fetidchimp, you're a bit of legend.

*wipes away tears*

Now we've reached the end. My only aim was to try and write to the best of my ability, and hopefully I've done that most of the time. If you've ever glanced through a review of mine, thank you. If you've ever bought a game because of me, thank you. If you've ever thought that guy is pretty cool, thank you. For all of its flaws and all of its trolls, PALGN has an awesome community and it's nice to think that you guys and girls might have enjoyed my outspoken ways. I made mistakes while I was here, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Such is life.

This is going to be my last post, and my swansong will be a review of Arkham City tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed being here. It's an experience I'll never forget.

Slán go fóill,

- Cian
Xbox Live Update - 19/10/2011 by Cian
360 News: Reach for the map packs.
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Re: Dark Souls (2 years ago)
Get that up ya Denny

Re: FIFA 12 Review (2 years ago)
The problem with Arsenal is Arsene, and that's coming from one of his biggest supporters.
FIFA 12 Review (2 years ago)
FIFA 12 Review by Cian
PALGN Review: What a hit son, what a hit!
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Re: Funny Links (2 years ago)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review by Cian
PALGN Review: Where to go from here?
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Re: F1 2011 Review (2 years ago)
With all due respect, you're an idiot.
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 'Desert Village' gameplay footage by Cian
PS3 Media: Dear...god...
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New trailers for The Darkness II by Cian
PALGN Media: Brutal and just how we like it.
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Hitman: Absolution 'Run For Your Life' gameplay footage by Cian
PALGN Media: Please be good, please be good, please be good...
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Xbox Live Update - 12/10/2011 by Cian
360 News: A bargain awaits in the shadows.
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Benza wrote
This isn't meant to be a personal attack on you Cian
Oh I know, don't worry about it you don't need to apologise. And I 100% agree that all the art stuff shouldn't overshadow the gameplay. I'm trying to think of a good example, oh yeah, Brink!

Amazing character design, probably the best I've ever seen. But the game itself was a steaming pile of shit. So you're right.

And I also agree with you fetid, I am a cunt.
Benza wrote
Huh? Games is the wrong medium to be playing if I'm going to complain about game mechanics?

I really don't understand this mind set. If an art film had crappy chromatography and bad acting people wouldn't excuse it cause 'it's art' So why do games get a pass?
I thought I made that sentence quite clear but I'll rephrase it, just for you Benza. You babe.

My point is that you need to look at the bigger picture and see what these two games have achieved instead of complaining about something that's very minor and doesn't affect the experience. I never said that the controls were horrible, if I did, there was no way in hell that 9.5 would be at the end.

So yeah, look at the big picture bro. The games are amazing and I absolutely believe that it's an art form... when done properly. Most games aren't, but ICO and Shadow are rare exceptions.

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD Review by Cian
PS3 Review: Beauty personified.
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Re: F1 2011 Review (2 years ago)
No I didn't use a steering wheel, I'm too much of a tight arse to fork out on one. Seems well suited for it though.
F1 2011 Review (2 years ago)
F1 2011 Review by Cian
PALGN Review: Another pole position for Codemasters.
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Cian wrote
RIP Steve, a legend and a role model despite all of the ****.

I swear if I find the person who censored me...
Interesting how theory linked my response to a post that I have no issue with. I was talking about the gobshite up top.
I think it would be good, for a change, if people weren't complete idiots for a day. Really, that's not asking for much, yet people are still going to post dumb, disrespectful jokes in here because somebody told them that being a moron was cool. Grow up, please.

RIP Steve, a legend and a role model despite all of the bullshit. You'll be missed, don't listen to the haters.
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD launch trailer by Cian
PALGN Media: A trip down memory lane.
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X-Men: Destiny launch trailer by Cian
PALGN Media: The choice is yours.
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Xbox Live Update - 28/09/2011 by Cian
360 News: Living in a fantasy world.
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Batman: Arkham City 'Joker' trailer by Cian
PALGN Media: It just keeps looking better...and better...
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Battlefield 3 '99 Problems' teaser by Cian
PALGN Media: Bejaysus!
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