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ebay as well, cant wait icon_biggrin.gif
and US store is DEFIANTLY the way to go
Ciel you are a champion!!
thanks so much icon_biggrin.gif
more help here:
if i get a psp go and so does my brother, can we share the account?
so if i buy monster hunter can we both download but only pay for it once?

also thanks for the help guys, i had a ps2 for a bit but didnt use it much so im really new to the sony scene
just to clarifie,
when you say "if you download from the US PSN with your US account and then delete your US account (you have to deleted the account and re-enter all your details again if you want to switch - the PSP Go doesn't allow you to have multiple accounts at the same time)"
i can access this account again cant i? i mean, all my games wont be deleted?
(i do understand that i can only have one account on the psp at any one time)
right, so as long as i only use a US account all will be fine?
and yeah ive looked into getting prepaid cards or the prepaid credit cards,
also found a site that lets you create a virtual credit card.
ive already made a US PSN account because i wanted to see what the games were and how much etc.

thanks for the info icon_smile.gif
PAL PSP Go/US account (4 years ago)
hey all,
just wondering if i can get an australian psp go and dl games from the US PS store?
probably only use the US store since the aus one is terrible
cheers icon_smile.gif
is left4dead on 360 cheap ANYWHERE?!
left4dead on 360 going cheap somewhere?
thanks for the PoP info, ive got about $130 credit to blow at game so next week ill be cashing it in icon_biggrin.gif
any one know where you can get prince of persia for 360 fair cheap?