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Dear interwebs, do you want to know *why* this game was delayed in the first place?

Because of people who comment on websites, about whether the graphics in Game X are "up to date" or not.

So what happenned? 3D Realms kept changing engines, to get to that mythical status of "up to date graphics". And we got no game.

Well, there's the thing. I want to play DNF... with whatever engine it has now.

  • The choice of engine doesn't make it more/less fun.
  • The number of triangles rendered per second doesn't make it more/less fun.
  • The size of the texture on the stripper's g-string doesn't make it more/less fun.

C'mon guys, putting pixels above gameplay is soooo 1997.
Just a tip: From what I've read, these things *do not* have original 'megadrive' chips in them. It's an emulation, and I've read reports that the sound in some games is pretty poor.

Maybe* some Kmart will have a demo unit somewhere?

*What am I saying? Stores haven't let you 'test' games for yeeaarrss.

Must have been all those C64's back in the 80's that did it...
10 print "Kmart Sux"
20 goto 10
...not that I'd do that, of course.
Dear Mr Kulen,

I refer to your letter to the Attorney General, on the subject of the classification of computer games.

The Attourney General has asked me to advise you that computer games are games that are played on a computer. He is also of the opinion that they can be played on things called "consoles".

Rest assured, the Attorney General is committed to a public consultation process regarding the precise definition of 'computer games' and to the outcome of such an agreement amongst all Attorneys-general.

Thankyou for your letter,
Mr Telling. U. Whatchano
If Shigeru Miyamoto is gaming's equivalent of Walt Disney,
then Yu Suzuki is surely gaming's Jerry Bruckheimer.

He was responsible for those big, loud fun Sega hits in the arcade in the 1980s, like AfterBurner II and Out Run.
In the following decades, he continued his run of hit games, including the Virtua Fighter series.

Earlier this week, Yu Suzuki stepped down from his R&D role at Sega.
Let's raise a toast to a bloke who has given us much gaming goodness...

Here's my tribute to him. Here's the original Gamespot story.
And here's his Wikipedia page.

I think at lunchtime today... I'll grab my CD of "game music" and go for a drive
with Out Run's Magical Sound Shower playing at full volume... icon_biggrin.gif
Re: Aussie Games in 2009 (5 years ago)
Mmm, missed this thread (& the Cnet article) when it came out.

It's inspiring to read of so much gaming goodness being made in Oz.
Pity Cnet doesn't mention any Aussie game devs "on the left hand side of the map".
(ie Western Australia)

I discovered a few... in my recent interview with the co-ordinator of Perth's Global Game Jam.
eg Interzone Games (currently working on a Soccer MMO!)
& Subversive Games (Who’ve released a number of web/casual games including Road to Riches)

Oh, if you want to read more about the Perth gaming scene,
here's a link to my interview.
Some nice work so far guys! icon_cool.gif
Doesn't it seem like those funny creative net trends (memes) like "The Hoff", "LOLcats" etc always start overseas?
Well, this one didn't.

3 days ago, I started a little meme on the net, and it's kinda taken off!
(Started getting serious traffic from Offworld, BluesNews & Gamespy! icon_smile.gif )

Rather than explaining it, here's 3 examples I wrote:

A spaceship tends a galactic garden, growing tiny rocks into huge boulders.

Deus Ex:
JC Denton overthrows one of 3 new world orders, travels the globe, then waits for terrorists to rebuild the statue of liberty.

Katamari Damacy:
A prince must hide the stars, by rolling them across the earth’s surface, until they break into small everyday objects.

NOTE: Keep 'em UNDER 25 words. Any longer, and they lose the "funny".

Rather than duplicate what's already been done,
have a quick look at my original 15 BackGames,
plus pages of user contributions on the original BackGames page.

If you're on Twitter, there's tonnes of entries coming in - just search for #backgames,
or Tweet your own contribution; just include #backgames on your tweet.

So... what's your BackGame? icon_cool.gif
Mmmm thanks for the heart attack guys! (not)

For those of us without a console, you can relax.
Despite what it says above, there WILL be a PC version, according to: