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I never really hated Atkinson, I just thought he had it wrong. I'm glad he left for strictly family reasons, since if he left as a reaction to the infrequent but unacceptable abuse he's received from gamers, that would only look bad on us.
Atkinson has been an interesting opponent, and I think we've all learnt a lot through these events.
If you look at the previous article and understand the meaning of the "r" and correlation, you'll find that Anderson's study proves that the relation between video games and real-world violence is markedly small, while still having significance (as in, it's not negligible). What this means in general is that it has a miniscule effect on the majority, or a major effect on a very small minority.
The meaning of "r" is not defined accurately enough in this article, so that could cause some confusion. r is the symbol for correlation, which is the strength of the relation between the two variables. +1 means the two directly correlate, -1 means they inversely correlate and 0 means that there is no correlation. As the closer the value gets to one, positive or negative, the stronger the relation is. So, a value of 0.2 would mean that there is weak correlation (or interchange the word "weak" with one you find more suiting).

So, with this in mind, we can deduce from these studies that video games have a small effect on aggression, large enough so it isn't negligible, but not large enough to pose as big a problem as the media may make it out to be.
Jeremy wrote
Peveus wrote
Perhaps they shall announce that negging shall be abolished. It never made sense to have it anyway. Positive reinforcement people. Negging promotes bullying and idiots.

Also: there is no way PALGN would announce that an R18+ rating will be introduced, because they simply would not be the first to know. We'd read about it on Kotaku and then it would show up on PALGN two or three days later in less detail, and poorly written, and everyone would act like it was still news, just like everything else that this site posts icon_biggrin.gif.
The irony in your post here is priceless. You call for positive reinforcement then **** all over the people that work on the site. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to be here. As Jellyfish said, we don't earn a cent for what we do here, so you might want to keep your expectations in check. If you have some genuine greivances, I'm more than happy to listen to them in private. Otherwise, keep your **** in the paddock.

As for the rest of you, don't worry, we haven't forgotten. It's just being finalised as we speak icon_wink.gif
It's just critisism buddy. No need to get all offended by it.
Timmaaah wrote
Eyce wrote
From what I read through in the article, Jason simply wrote in a more humorous perspective about a weekly article that (from any Australian Games site, really) rarely changes in content on a week-to-week basis.
mind you the joke doesn't change on a week-to-week basis either
The joke's worn out because it's used on a week-to-week basis.
Edit (28/2/2011): This was a bad, whiny post I shouldn't have written.
Edit (28/2/2011): Low-content post removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): Stupid argumentative post removed.
Chill guys. Graphics aren't everything. While it'd certainly be awesome for the next Zelda to output HD graphics, it's not going to, thanks to Wii's limitations. However, it will not be less of a game because of it.

Nintendo missed out on HD, but it's not that big a deal.

EatChildren, I like how you've actually dedicated thought to these issues. I never really thought about Twilight Princess' structure and the changes it makes to the formula.

LeonJ wrote
Nintendo ... are almost not even trying now with the technology side (New Super Mario Wii is a perfect example).
Not true. Miyamoto clearly stated that the Wii was already using all of its power. Here's the source. Go to 7:22pm. Online multiplayer was probably omitted for the same reason.
Also, can someone tell me what's wrong with NSMB Wii's graphics? I've had no problem with them.

Fact of the matter is, the graphics are going to be fine. Expecting anything less, especially after Super Mario Galaxy, is just silly.
They said they're changing the structure. Not the setting and not the story, but the structure. That has more to do with how you progress in the game and how you play the game, though those ideas are very open ideas.
In all fairness, Miyamoto said that Wii wasn't powerful enough to handle online for multiplayer. And I presume the visuals were modest because of the power multiplayer took up too.

The game is best thought of as playing catch-up for the nineteen years 2D Mario has been absent from home consoles. It establishes all the old features in new ways, even if it's only the graphics, which means for the next NSMB, the only way to go is forwards with that desired innovation.

This game really shows what gaming is about: fun. I see it as the bridge game that will encourage casual gamers to gain skill, maybe turning some of the into hardcore gamers. The multiplayer will get the players talking and the Wii back out in the living room (mine's still used constantly in my room. No dust here). The Super Guide will ensure that newcomers will be able to keep progressing, and since the game has a much greater focus on progression, casual gamers will get a more hardcore experience. They'll realise that video games are fun, can be played in moderation and last a long time, are worth the money they pay and aren't always a solitary experience. This game will certainly do its part in bringing gaming forward.

As for the motion controls, I don't even mind the waggle. It's kinda like Super Mario Galaxy's spin, it's effective, isn't annoying and feels better than simply pressing a button. There's a Star Coin in 2-4 where you have to have the Propellor Suit and do a run-jump into the wind as it's blowing over an unending chasm and shake the Wii remote at just the right time to get enough height to grab the Star Coin and only just make it up on the ledge above. Exhilarating! icon_biggrin.gif Without the shake, it just wouldn't feel as awesome.
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Edit (28/2/2011): Piracy discussion is stupid. This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): Piracy discussion is stupid. This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): Piracy discussion is stupid. This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): Piracy discussion is stupid. This post was well-liked, but was too wordy. It is now removed.
waz79 wrote
Well there you go. I reckon about 90% of that 40% are Nintendo customers.
Thus disproving the argument that Wii and DS are forgotten about after purchase. icon_wink.gif
Edit (28/2/2011): Piracy discussion is stupid. This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Funny that. I just waltzed into EB yesterday and got a date upfront.
This is, no doubt, a must buy for me. I've only briefly played 1 and 3, so this should be awesome!
Re: Sound Test #2 (4 years ago)
One thing I found about Twilight Princess' soundtrack was that very few tracks are good to just listen to out of the game. While the soundtrack works fine ingame, being all atmospheric and such, take it outside and you'll realise that the dark music is hard to listen to. There are some good and, no doubt, hummable tracks, but, as a whole, they're outweighed.

Nintendo has proved that they can do orchestrals. There's not a single track I don't like from Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack. Nemesis King Koopa, or the music for the battles against Bowser, does a very good job at trumping even Zelda's most epic tracks! It gets even more epic at 1:40.

I'd be interested to see what Nintendo comes up with for the next TLoZ, and I'm not even a fan of the series.
kartanym wrote
Having said that, there's still a ton of other franchises yet to make it to Wii in some form. Starfox, Kirby, Pikmin (as mentioned), Donkey Kong (the real Donkey Kong I mean), 1080, Wave Race, F-Zero ... those three alone would sell strongly with the new control system in use ... not to mention the possibility of Pilotwings and the long rumoured Kid Icarus.
Having that said, how 'bout we list every single successful franchise that Nintendo have rights to and hope they read our posts, make them all and show them all off next E3, and quick too! Someone on IGN or GameSpot might beat us to it!
Edit (28/2/2011): This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Edit (28/2/2011): This post was stupid. It is now removed.
Yoshi's there!
Yeah, GameSpot's feed is more live.
Wii Sports Resort looks really fun too. icon_biggrin.gif
For anyone who wants feeds, have these.

And Microsoft's share price rose...

All I can say is that this'll be interesting, like On Live was when it was announced.

Also, A13x, nice render. icon_biggrin.gif Did you use Blender or something for that?
It can't be Mario & Luigi 3, because M&L3 has already been released in Japan, and the proposed game would be released by the year's end.

New Super Mario Bros. 2? I hope so. I love that game so much I beat it on four seperate occasions! It was just too short, too easy and not enough secrets.

Luigi's Mansion 2 would be nice too.

Pointless speculation.