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Username: Glen McLeod-Thorpe
Joined: 09 Aug 2008
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Location: Bristol, UK
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It's all for you J, it's all for you!
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Excellent Joe, kudos to you!

And a very well put-together post to bring it up too.

awaits plus...[shakes fist]
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Hahah, I like how each week you become just a little more bitter Brendan.
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Re: The Wheelman Review (5 years ago)
Nice review Luke, like the captions!

Luke wrote
Being able to jump from your own speeding vehicle through the window of another speeding vehicle in front of you and then taking control of the car for example is absolutely ridiculous, but did manage to give us a bit of a giggle.
Haha, sounds awesome!
Re: The Wrap #26 (5 years ago)
Good read Jeremy!

Jeremy wrote
Said Mr Thornhill, "I have two children and my son plays Xbox all the time. He could easily have opened the box and found them."
What sort of dumb 12 Y.O. would just gobble up some 'strange pills' he found in a videogame box anyways?
Guitar Hero Greatest Hits poll results by Glen
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Ubisoft officially confirms Assassin's Creed II by Glen
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Good review! I really liked the Wii version so was keen to see how this turned out...might wait a few months perhaps!
Saints Row 2 DLC delayed by one week by Glen
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I'm sorry Benza, I know it's serious but I had to laugh,

Benza wrote
A game based on Al Bundy for example would do a far better job of putting you in his shoes and examining why he did what he did then any of the movies they make about him.
Haha, good one!

Agent 042 wrote
wasn't it retitled guitar hero: smash hits a couple weeks back?
As noted,

article wrote
Just to confuse matters, it should be noted that Guitar Hero Greatest Hits is being released in the US as Guitar Hero Smash Hits.
Activision are still saying it will be Greatest Hits here (and elsewhere).
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Guitar Hero Greatest Hits set list being announced by Glen
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curses! well done to the winners and to those who found everything though!
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