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yeah i found that and tried it but for some reason my file still couldn't be deleted. i tried the 'restore file system' option but i might give it another go or try some of the other options.
Re: Mdubbya3 (2 years ago)
one of the good points in black ops was that your killstreak kills didn't count towards your next killstreak reward, so it wasn't as common to have one player completely obliterate everyone unless they had actually earned it. sadly after spending 30 minutes with MW3 MP it's clear that nobody saw the value in that feature of black ops and i've found that players just get their chopper and then go prone and hope that it racks up enough kills to get them their pave low or ac130.

makes for a completely unbalanced game and ends up meaning that half the games you play you end up running for cover as the skies are overrun with choppers.
Corrupt PS3 game data (2 years ago)
This morning I decided to do a cleanup of game data on my ps3 but when i tried to delete the resistance 3 game data it just hung and said deleting. I couldn't cancel it so i left it for about half an hour because i didn't want to turn the console off while it was accessing the hdd but eventually i had no other choice.
Anyway, when i turned it back on i've got the ugly corrupted data symbol where the resistance 3 data was and i still can't delete it.
I don't know whether the corrupt data is still taking up the 2gb of space but the main thing is i hate having that dodgy symbol sitting there.

Does anyone know of a way to get rid of the corrupt data other than reformatting to factory setttings?
Re: Headset Help (2 years ago)
has anyone bought the new Official Wireless Stereo 7.1 Headset yet?
i'm interested to hear some opinions on them as i'm looking to get a surround sound headset and these dont seem to be out in australia yet but i've seen some online stores advertising them. they seem like good value compared with some other brands.
Re: PS3 Firmware: 3.70 (2 years ago)
i don't have the TV/Video Service area either but I'm fucked if i'm gonna waste time going into home and doing 12 updates. that's ridiculous. is it work experience week at sony headquarters?
Re: PSN down? (2 years ago)
Awesome. Free access to a service I have no interest in.
Wow!! Thanks Sony. At least now if someone does steal my identity and max out my credit card it'll all be worthwhile hey?
Time to pay for XBL gold again i think.
Fucking jokers!!
Re: PSN down? (2 years ago)
not to mention that a lot of games are purchased purely for the online component and the easter break is one of the few times in the year that some people get to have a decent gaming session.

personally, i think they need to start making serious examples of the hackers. there needs to be serious penalties for attacks that damage a company's brand this badly.
Re: PS3 Hacked For Good (3 years ago)
fatpizza wrote
eckymosis wrote
PS3 hackers make MW2 unplayble

I think what's most alarming is if you're placed in a hacked server, you may lose all your stats and that there's no fix in sight.

Things are looking very grim for the online multiplayer component of PSN. Sony better work their arses off to find a fix otherwise gamers who value online multiplayer may jump ship to PC or Xbox.
Those hacks were happening before the PS3's security was compromised. You can't compensate for **** game design.
the MW2 hack are far worse than before the security was compromised. i was just on multiplayer for the first time in about 4 months and the first game i went in it popped up with a message saying "DRUGS FTW" and then i died without being shot, then the kill feed on the bottom right was displaying multiple headshots. i quit out and joined another game and all my custom classes were reset to the square symbol and the weapons were replaced with large smoke grenade images. i was able to reset my custom classes and save them and all my stats were still intact but i tried to join about 10 more games and every one had been hacked as i could see dudes jumping over buildings. anyway, the MW2 community is completely fucked on PSN right now and if sony have this problem on other games and aren't able to fix it, they're in some serious shit.

i'm not sure if i was just unlucky to end up on a hacked server or if the hackers are just running completely rampant.

hopefully i haven't had a modd dropped onto my console to make it only point to hacked MW2 servers. not really sure how all that side of things works.
^ thanks for the heads up. that had crossed my mind. guess i should check the game guides. man, that would've hurt!
Sin Ogaris wrote
I think his point is that what's offered in that list really doesn't equate to 600MB's of stuff.
i happened to be online as it ticked over to midnight last night and i noticed the menu music changed to christmas songs. wonder if this was part of the update. icon_smile.gif

i don't really mind the large updates as long as it doesn't happen too often.
only took 20 minutes to download.

the money you can make from those seasonal events is crazy. I went on a spending spree and only had 90K left but after doing the seasonals i'm up to 1.7 million and I still haven't got gold in the last event. there's another 300k right there and I'll be buying the veyron.

really great update but I'm dissappointed that you still can't check out friends time trial results.
skyline_boy001 wrote
O hai Guys!



anyone had success with this? i can't seem to get it to accept my grudge matches so i haven't even got as far as the code yet.

EDIT: thanks john_solids, that did the trick.
wow, that bad.
couldn't they at least just give us the US version until they release the AUS update and we can all do our best american accents. i remember doing that on SOCOM a few years back. wouldn't recognize my commands so i just layed on a real thick american accent and it worked like a charm.
Re: Funny Links (3 years ago)
this is great. apologies if this has already been posted.

edit: embed failed so i'll try this instead.
Re: Funny Links (3 years ago)
straight from wrong town!

Edit: Way too wrong for the forum!
i've read at another site that arkham city is a maximum security prison city in the heart of gotham city. hopefully you still get to cruise the streets and you're not isolated to the prison but either way if AA is anything to go by it's sure to be an awesome game.
$298 for the collectors edition?? they won't sell any. the $298 has gotta be for the signature edition right? even so, it's still a ridiculous price whatever the case is.
i'll just be getting the standard edition. and i won't be buying from those muppets at EB.
this was lunch yesterday.
at the brandy creek winery in drouin east victoria.
all you can eat paella (well until it runs out anyway).
price includes one free drink, entree, all paella and dessert.
strongly recommend it if you're up for a feast with friends in the fresh country air while drinking beers.
official website

^the 5 paella's.

^that mound in the middle is crackling.

^seafood paella

^this one has chorizo sausage .... and IT WAS AWESOME!!
Uncharted 2 - the first section and several others throughout the game.

God of War 3 - opening sequence / boss fight.
Cro wrote
This is pathetic and hopefully now the blind lovers can see why LeBron is not the best player in the NBA and never has been. This confirms that he knows it. He's taken the help option..
Why wouldn't he take the help option? KG did it. Charles did it. Clyde did it. I'm sure there's plenty more that have done it. Kobe was about to do it until Bynum emerged. He has never won a championship without a superstar supporting cast. He got his first 3 with possibly the most dominant player ever in his absolute prime.

On the flip side, for LeBron to get the 07 Cavs to the finals was an achievement in itself with that roster.

If he stayed in Cleveland it would have ended the same as KG in Minnasota. It was either move to a team with quality guys or wait for Cleveland to make some big trades which was unlikely to happen given their past form.
i'm sure they'll fill out their roster with role players. throw in a top line defender and a good scrapper and the championships almost a lock. these are three of the best players in the league. i wouldn't be surprised if they win 70 (maybe in their second year together anyway).

on a side note, that Charly Rosen article is utter rubbish.
lebron james making his teammates worse. gold charly, gold!! icon_biggrin.gif

and then there's this from the cavs owner, dan gilbert.
Bitter owner rant!

as long as the don't try to link the zombies to the RDR storyline i don't see a problem with it.
how the hell did they even think those puzzles up... i can't wait for this game now.
el_supraman wrote
can someone explain to me what the big deal is about this game? is it just because vavle make it and they make half life so omg its amazing or was the first one really that good? I mean its winning best game of e3 etc? To me that's a joke cause its a short puzzle game and its up against zelda, gears, killzone, fable, halo, dk, kirby, infamous, rage etc.

Should i play portal one? is it going to change my mind or am i going to be confused about why anyone would look twice at this?
portal was minimalist gameplay perfection. it has very few mechanics to master but what it does have is done perfectly. you should definitely play it. it's doesn't have all the flashing lights like some of the games you've mentioned but it's not trying to. it's kind of like comparing a movie like ' the shining' to 'scream'. well at least that's my take on it.
Re: Funny Links (3 years ago)
Tanya wrote

Cry, Chris Brown, cry. Best performance ever? I think so.
that's the second time chris brown has shown the world what a big man he is? icon_smile.gif
^ hell yeah you should!!
two of the best games i've ever played. i own both and will never sell (or even lend out) either. i'll pick these up if it's true.
we always played games as a family growing up.
it started with the 2600 and progressed to the commodore 64 and to this day when my folks come over we still chuck on the latest games. my mum is currently addicted to LBP. it's about time the rest of the world caught up icon_smile.gif
to be honest i think it's always been the case but with the emergence of the whole casual gaming market it's probably more socially accepted.
Re: Modern Warfare 2 (3 years ago)
Derail never comes up in the free for all rotation (i haven't played MW2 in months so that may have changed). it's in TDM but not sure about other modes. Not sure why they did it that way. And yeah, shipment on COD4 never came up for me either. I only saw that one when i played a private match with friends.
i really hope this reinvigorates the brand. as much as i love basketball i've yet to experience a great basketball sim on current gen consoles. the scars from playing NBA live 06 on the 360 are still healing.
ok.. so they clearly have the ability to remove content from your console given that you only have 48hrs to watch a rented movie once you start watching it. so why do they put a 14 day limit on you watching the movie. why not just make it indefinite and then start the 48 hours once you initiate the first viewing. scrap the 14 day shit!! it's not like they're losing out on revenue as a video store would with physical copies.

i won't be renting anything and i sure as hell won't buy any movies at those prices either.