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Left 4 Dead 3?
Re: BOSSTALGIA! (3 years ago)
Great article, but was it really necessary to include who was the voice of each boss?
Well, at least we have Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West.
Re: F.E.A.R 3 Announced (4 years ago)
I hope that Alma makes a comeback. She is the nastiest enemy that I have ever seen in a video game.
cosmoh wrote
hmm has this passed classification yet? if not an 18+ rating can't come soon enough.

definetely going to keep this one on my radar.
The Wikipedia game on the game states that it is rated MA15+, but it appears to be an error; it is not listed in the OFLC database.
I just went down to a GAME store and signed my name on the petition.
Well, Kim, I think I will go into a Steam-free room.
They are bringing Sonic back, and with the old-style logo. Does this mean that SEGA is going back to the 90's?
Sega said that they would stop making consoles after the Dreamcast.
This is just getting ridiculous. They approve Fallout 3 regardless of the fictional representation of drugs, yet they ban this game because of this?
Sambo110 wrote
It won't get banned. It's too big and 70% of the people who want it will already have it anyway. No big loss even if it did, multiplayer is too laggy to enjoy.
Oh no? Left 4 Dead 2 was also a high-profile game and it was rejected on the grounds that it was child-unfriendly.
The SA election is in the same year. If you want to see Splatterhouse released in Australia, you need to remove Ratkinson from office, as he is the real reason why we still do not have an R18+ rating for games. It is likely that the game will be banned sometime at the end of the year, but if the rating is implemented next year as he would no longer be in office, the distributor can go ahead with releasing this game in the country.

PALGN wrote
Namco Bandai today officially announced that the 1998 arcade game, Splatterhouse, will be “re-imaged” for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year.
But shouldn't it say 1988?
Part of the problem is Australia's apathetic "She'll be right, mate" attitude. This is evident by South Australians continually re-electing Michael Atkinson in every one of their state elections. Those that do are completely retarded.
The decision to ban this game is the latest in a long line of ridiculous decisions made by the Classification Board. What makes L4D2 any different to <i>House of the Dead: Overkill</i> - rated MA15+ here - that also has excessive violence.

If I was Valve, then I would appeal the decision.
The OFLC gives us another reason to import.
PALGN wrote
What's wrong, Joseph?
Well then, Kim, maybe he can put a little sauce on you so that you don't taste raw.
Kim, since I don't have an Xbox 360, I won't be going gaga for this.
Re: NHL 2K10 screenshots (4 years ago)
I see that Kim is a Vanilla Ice fan.
Now, Kimmy, that is a nice subtitle rather than that "Anno we love a bargin", which does not seem to make sense.
Sin Ogaris wrote
I'm sure she's doing it to impress me, given how much I adored the last "Anno..." subtitle.
Looks like someone is taking an interest in you.
Sorry, Kim, but that subtitle doesn't make any sense to me.
I see.
I noticed this heading many times in the "Upcoming Content" section, but it never gets listed as a news item. What is the "R18+ Classification Roundtable" and what is the point of having it as Upcoming Content if it never makes a news item?
Re: Risen banned in Aus (4 years ago)
Message to South Australians: In 2006, there was a state election where you had the chance to vote out Michael Ratkinson. This was your chance and you blew it.
Re: Risen banned in Aus (4 years ago)
Jason Picker wrote
I've said this before, but don't hate the OFLC for banning games that don't fit under the MA rating. Blame the fact that there is no R rating.
Agree. It is not the CB's fault for banning the game. It all comes down to Ratkinson and his total disrespect for adult gamers.
Great review.

PALGN wrote
Look behind you, a three-headed review!
No, it is "Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!"
No, Adam, it is "How appropriate. You fight like a cow."

I think I will be one of the first ones to get it.
Sin Ogaris wrote
Why can't SE news be about something that isn't Final Fantasy?
I already said this in other forums. Before you know it, there will be a Final Fantasy L. (L = 50 for anyone who does not understand roman numerals.)