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(or at least was)

Yep dead website.... see ya
BigBoss wrote
i hate that blinding bloom effect now days.
Why is that?
Benza = troll mode?

Jarrod wrote
For me personally? Yes, absolutely. I'll respect the rating system when it goes from broken to fixed. Until then, power to the people.
Thumbs up!!!!!
Kaiden wrote
EB still sucks
Holy ignorance batman!!
Im puttin GOTY on BATMAN AC. BF3 is My favourite game, but it cant win GOTY.
cool, now we wait until we can pre-order from overseas. So we get the aCTUAL uncensored game.
ahh, the beginning of the rest of my life icon_razz.gif
Single Player looking as good as ever. Cant wait to see how this all turns out.
Im not picking, but this info was released on monday
Its the 27th OCT here in AUS icon_sad.gif
Jarrod wrote
The beta, or at least the alpha, has been running for some time now.
Alpha eneded a month ago.

BigBoss wrote
got a friend whose been playing beta for like months.... just happened to be online at the right time.
Cian wrote
Your friend is full of s**t.
What street? most of the top official fan pages:


Hav'nt reported anything?

Where did you hear this mik?
"Time to upgrade those pre-orders"


Grats to him, these arts are effin amazing !!
If this ISNT free, then no thanks.
Actually, come to think of it, your obviously a UFC fan, so it doesnt matter whay the "add" to the game your going to buy it anyways.

Im no different with the battlefield series
So you see a new kick and a new grapple as everything being brand new huh?

I see no improvement to the engine at all, nor do i see any MAJOR changes to the core gameplay.
Keep talking, your not going to change my opinion - and im sure the sales will reflect peoples caution towards samey mcsame same.

BTW, fifa is no different, this year they are adding a new animation system (the same as the one used in BF3) - but adding new rosters really isnt worth 100 bucks
lol, if thats what you can see, then sure thing
Samey mcsame same
Love the Ace combat games.

Hate the camera placement during the apache missions
must almost be time to announce the REAL BROTHERS IN ARMS GAME ??!!?!?
Nioce, This is gunna be game of the year in my opinion
DX9, and still looks bad ass
VERY excited about this, i L O V E the MoW series.

They always go under the radar, if you havnt tried these babies, i heavily recommend.
mikezilla2 wrote
need to get me a beta code
Maybe your more sneaky than me icon_wink.gif But i tried last night and was told its not available in "my region"

I call racism lol

Meh, im in the closed beta coz i bougth that terrible MoH game, and that cant be too far away now
Michael Kontoudis wrote
Finally, steps toward common sense.
themashedavenger wrote
so i can blow the whole front facia off the building but i cant shoot the lights out like i could in goldeneye... wateva still looks cool...
DICE have stated the lights are able to be taken out, thats the whole reason for the flashlight attachments... maybe its not working correctly? this is alpha gamplay.
Cian wrote
Four letters...


Copy it, problem solved.
I vote 1 CIAN
Newland wrote
horrendous team stacking
Thats prolly the WORST thing about Dice's games, they NEVER autobalance the teams.