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Victorian Floods (3 years ago)
I don't wish to distract from the Queensland and my heart goes out to all
those involved. I hope all those involved are safe and that we can begin the long journey back to the way things were.
I wanted to raise the Victorian floods and especially the small
country Town/District I grew up in. North central Victoria is experiencing a
never before recorded flood, areas received in excess of 200mm in 3 days an
entire years rain.
Charlton my home town where I grew up is 80% under water with all but a few houses not inundated.
This is the 3rd time since September that the Avoca river which snakes through the middle of Charlton
has burst it's banks and this is by far the worst.
The power substation at Charlton has been flooded and power is out to the entire town.
The phones are out and mobile phone coverage is unavailable it's estimated that it will be up to 3 to 5
days before these services can be returned.
The latest update I had from my parents who still live in Charlton is that they
were waiting for a boat to ferry them out of town and would catch a lift to Bendigo. It's been really difficult to get
many updates from that area as it
is remote and currently completely isolated Helicopters are having to
drop off essential items such as food and medicine.
This is only one story from these devastating Australia wide floods if
anyone else has any stories or info they'd like to share that would be great.
ABC local radio will have an update of emergency information for flood affected areas if anyone is in need and has access.
link to abc radio

Good luck to everyone and stay safe.
Waiting on exam results

Waiting on the call that never comes

Crashing my car into a van that has a rear bumper and suffering all the damage

That Alan Wake is never going to be released

Having to clean out the washing machine filter it's like putrified lint slop puke.

Chiko rolls with ends dipped in batter they'd be made that way if they were supposed to be like that
Re: Advice: caught DUI (4 years ago)
Jeez man sorry for the bad luck.

I did a similar thing at a young age so I know what it feels like.

Firstly fess up to your parents they'll be angry but then they'll come around the longer you keep it from them the worse it will get.

Your not in danger of receiving a criminal record I think though you may be looking at a suspended licence probably have to restart the period of your P's maybe even be retested and a hefty fine.

Enrol in some sort of volunteer program which is designed to increase your awareness into risks of drink driving like volunteering at a hospital with a rehab centre for road accident victims this will show the judge your proactive, remorseful, willing to learn from your mistakes and have a social conscience.

See if you can join a counselling program for alcohol through your local council again for the above reasons.

Don't bother with lawyers get legal aid to help you they are really good your local council should be able to put you in touch with them. They provide free legal advice and can represent you in proceedings.

Write a letter to the judge explain the circumstances but you need to take responsibility and show that your remorseful. Make sure you are respectful to the law and show that you have learned from your mistakes.

Teachers, bosses and anyone else in official capacities you should all hit up for character references the more the merrier.

Good luck keep us updated
Re: Palgn AFL Supercoach (5 years ago)
This week starts the official head to head matches on supercoach. Make sure you make your final selections in before the final cut off which is 6hrs from now.

Good luck PALGNERS.
Any word yet if Hamilton and Mclaren are in the clear apparently they faced potential suspension as a follow up to the fiasco in Melbourne.

I hope the FAI doesn't deal too harshly alot of reputations have already suffered.
Thief one of my all time favourite games. Dead shadows was amazing when it was released I still play it today on PC.
It was my perfect game I am over the moon that the franchise could get another kick start.
Probably a must buy game this year for me. The trailer looks sweet new weapons and new plasmids are cool. Looks very similar to first Bioshock hopefully it offers something unique and not just a clone of the first game.

Hopefully they have rectified the writing of the first game and ensure they have a strong final 3rd of a game for this one.
Re: Palgn AFL Supercoach (5 years ago)
Hopefully you have Jolly and Goodes this round 190 and 183 respectively. Jolly had a record breaking game for hitouts to advantage. Hawthorn's ruck division was non-existent.
Here's the current Supercoach scores from the herald sun.

Come this Wednesday I'm 90% sure I'll be sacked.

I have worked in the same place for 9.5 years. 3 years ago new middle management was introduced with which I have had philosophical and personality clashes with over this time.
Because they're senior to me they have systematically attempted to make it impossible to do my work and force me to quit.
Also they are trying to get rid of me before they have to pay my long service leave.
I'm ticked off that they will win.
It will however be a relief to leave a toxic enviornment and set out on a new journey. I am excited and nervous this has been my only job since leaving school.
However I went back to uni last year to upgrade my skill and come the end of this year I will be qualified and able to work anywhere.

Edit: Thanks very much for the support. It means a lot.
Spanca wrote
Jenson Button winning the Australian Grand Prix. After a long long time in a crappy car, he got what he deserved. Brilliant drive and great work from the Brawn team. He almost had this chance in 2006 but his engine blew up on the last turn and left him stranded halfway down the home straight.

Great to see Rubens alongside him, and old man Trulli. On the other hand, it was terrible seeing Kubica and Vettel (two of my favourite drivers with Webber and Jenson) wreck themselves when they were both in a great position for podium finishes. Similarly it sucks to see Mark Webber's run of bad luck continue, given it was essentially Rubens' fault that he was put at the back of the field.

Great race and a great sign of things to come for F1 in 2009.

edit: almost forgot, 2 DNFs for Ferrari icon_biggrin.gif
Post race conference Rubens was saying kovalainen rear ended him forcing him into Webber. Still it just goes to show that Webber is the most unlucky driver ever to be in formula 1.

I still get my hopes up late march that Webber is going to recapture what he did in the minardi in 2002.

Vetel showed some inexperience clearly his tires were wearing worse than Kubica's who was on the harder tires. Horner should of been on the radio telling Vetel to yield, 3rd is better than nothing but still they're both gun drivers. They'll be up there for the rest of the year.

Brawn racing what an amazing effort from Button and Rubens well deserved these guys didn't have a job 3-6 months ago. They're team are miracle workers and seriously does everything Branson touch turn to gold or what.

A Lot of the credit goes to Ross Brawn he is the master of F1 and has never got the credit he deserved for making ferrari invincible well done guys.
It's official Karai is splendid.

Karai even your lookalike has a hat

scource http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/entertainment/how-splendid-splendours-back-20090326-9bew.html

I smiled at the sheer awesomeness of this picture.
Re: Palgn AFL Supercoach (5 years ago)
175 points for Brad Ottens last night 162 for G Ablett.
They're both guns I knew i should have had Ottens in the ruck.

At the end of each week I'll post the top 20 supercoach scores for the week rather than scores for every game.

Anyone got a zero yet I think I might get one or two.
Re: Palgn AFL Supercoach (5 years ago)
Judd got me ~270 which is awesome.
I was a bit disappointed with Fev that heel really seemed to hamper him last night. Only kicked 2 goals and he never got going. He did lay some great tackles though.

What's the word with Raines has he done his knee?

Here's the first games supercoach scores from the herald sun:

Marc Murphy 150
Chris Judd 136
Simon Wiggins 134
Eddie Betts 118
Jarrad Waite 116
Richard Hadley 113
Mitch Morton 110
Mitch Robinson 109
Chris Newman 105
Matthew Richardson 100
Bryce Gibbs 100
Ryan Houlihan 99
Heath Scotland 98
Troy Simmonds 94
Matthew Kreuzer 91
Matt White 89
Nathan Foley 82
Bret Thornton 82
Jay Schulz 81
Chris Johnson 76
Ben Cousins 70
Aaron Joseph 69
Kelvin Moore 69
Shane Tuck 65
Kade Simpson 65
Brendan Fevola 64
Jack Riewoldt 62
Brett Deledio 60
Luke McGuane 58
Cameron Cloke 56
Nathan G. Brown 56
Andrew Raines 54
Joel Bowden 53
Richard Tambling 53
Shane Edwards 52
Jordan Russell 51
Jefferey Garlett 45
Paul Bower 43
Jordan McMahon 42
Daniel Jackson 40
Sam Jacobs 38
Michael Jamison 27
Andrew L. Browne 15
Will Thursfield 10
It's a good cast which is a tick

But how many remakes of Alice in Wonderland does their have to be it's been done to death.

Get some original material please.

Bonham Carter has featured in every movie he's made since they got together. Talk about being pussy whipped.
You can only exercise choice by knowing all the facts.
Without R18 we are consistently misinformed and make enforced ingnorant decisions.
This is the case of the OFLC as well as the public.
Let's hope that constructed argument and evidence prevails and conservative misinformed opinions are changed through education.
Congratulations guys must be good to see all the hard work come to fruition.
This is currently the most important issue facing australian gaming industry. Hopefully this helps real reform take place.

good work site works great.

Any chance that you might design a avatar or signature that can link through to the site so you can increase the profile of the site many people here probably visit other forums just a thought.
Re: Palgn AFL Supercoach (5 years ago)
By any chance you guys haven't joined up to the AFL one as well.

I'm on both

two birds one stone and all that icon_wink.gif
Re: Funny Links (5 years ago)

Olympic games are so unreliable in the sense of sports games. Most other sport games do an okay job recreating the action and providing immersion but olympic games are far off the pace.
As long as it's not a button masher and includes some quantafiable skill in it's execution i might just might have a look at it.
If your South Australian and think this guy is a justifiable representative of the mainstream views in his electorate and adequately reflects the community sentiment on law in South Australia then I'm in alternate reality.

This guy is the most out of touch , most ill informed, the worst form of fear monger i have come across. Another Australian politician that belongs in the same refuse dump as Pauline Hanson.

Either he was born in Maralinga which accounts for his reduced thought capacity or he wasn't breast fed and wants to make everyone's life less enjoyable.








Public Baths

Safe To walk The streets


Palgn is extremely accessible it provides well updated information on everything I want to know about gaming with a proper Australian feel to it.
It regularly punches above it's weight it has extremely well written articles. It encourages and facilitates debate and engagement about gaming.
It's broadened my horizons in a gaming and asks for nothing return. With a level and normal perspective the forums embellish these foundation aspects of palgn.
I like to lurk, i like to contribute and i like to laugh palgn is great.
Ha what a tosser bet he gets kicked squarley in the nuts.

A for a Fable 3 when they think they've finished do 6 months of professional beta testing and iron out all the stupid bugs. Have a real co-op not some piece of crap fixed camera view wank.

Then lock Molyneaux in a box so he can't continue to make any more stupid promises and continue to shatter my delicate sense of expectation.
The Unborn - should of stayed that way very average movie Gary Oldman should ask to have this wiped from the record of movies he's featured in 2/10

The Internationalist - solid spy drama Clive Owen does a good job there's an awesome shootout. However it fails to go all the way and go from good to great. 6.5/10

Max Payne - Started out very slow gained pace then ended. Another average attempt at a video game remake. 4/10

The Mummy: Dragon Emperor A good movie the plot holds together well however the series is getting old and should end here on a good note 6/10

The Forbidden Kingdom Really good action movie there was plenty of awesome fight scenes the best between Jackie Chan and Jet Li which is worth watching the movie on this point alone. This really reminded me of the TV series Monkey. 8/10

Body Of lies DiCaprio and Crowe do a really good job in this spy/ antiterrorism thriller there's plenty of action. The characters are well formed and real the movie has chops. 7.5/10
Obviously the writing strike in Hollywood last year has flow on effects with so many remakes being spawned. Clearly studios couldn't come with any of they're own original material.

Movie remakes have always been dicey for me. There's not much difference between a movie remake which is a blockbuster or which goes straight to DVD. I am Legend comes to mind as a better remake than Omega Man but they're few and far between.

Conan - Shouldn't be remade. Never again will a feature film be made where the lead character speaks under 100 words half of which are "Krom" add James Earl Jones and you have the ultimate girth film. It's sh*t but that's what's good about it.

Goonies - should Never be touched. Who can do the crazy ear movements of 'Sloth' and scene he does with 'Chunk' tied to the chair is comedy gold. Throw in Sean Astin and Corey Feldman no remake has a chance.

Logan's Run - needs a remake Michael York was boring. They better keep the revealing female clothes though.

Tron - boo doesn't need a remake the computer nostalgia is great Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5) and David Warner are great.

Short circuit - needs a remake Better/more realistic robot better actor than Steve Guttenberg

Dune - Has already had many remakes stupid children of the dune and unless it's going to be a 3hr+ which is unlikely these days it will fail.

Ferris Buellar remake - fail

Lost Boys remake - fail

Flight of Navigator - Needs remake

The rest I'm willing to wait and see as to whether they offer something new or they simply kill some much loved movies.
There's been alot of recent changes to some regular Palgn forum members who must have succesfully obtained the vacated or new writing/staff positions at PALGN.
have I missed introductions.
Congratulations by the way.
I got a few questions for them to test them out

Why do you want to write for PALGN

What are you going to bring to PALGN

Does PALGN HQ have a shrubbery
Re: The gaming doldrums (5 years ago)
I am in the major gaming doldrems at the moment. Been totally switched off playing any games ever since I moved my xbox from the study into the lounge majorly bad idea i should move it back.

I kept my release copies of GTA IV, Fallout 3 and Fable 2 for the DLC. However I haven't even been a little bit interested in it so far.

Last Games i was playing were GH:WT and Rockband I'm even over these.

I've bought no games for 3 months so hopefully something comes along soon and gets me interested.
Re: Caption This! (5 years ago)
He tripped and fell That's how he got those bullet wounds in the back swear.
Re: Funny Links (5 years ago)

One Of the Most amazing Palindrome Poem's I've ever read

David After Visiting the Dentist

Darth Veda After Visiting the Dentist

Funny Commercials
Re: Funny Links (5 years ago)
Rodney Stanger dangerous convisted criminal

Three red Lights Bill Board

Irony now comes in a Package
It's not mine but when i saw Nigella make this it was awesome.

It tastes like donuts too.

2 eggs
1/2 cup full fat milk
4 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 slices from a small white loaf or 2 slices from a large white loaf, each large slice cut in half
1-ounce butter, plus a drop flavourless oil, for frying
1/4 cup sugar
Beat the eggs with the milk and vanilla in a wide shallow bowl.

Soak the bread halves in the eggy mixture for 5 minutes a side.

Heat the butter and oil in a frying pan/skillet, fry the egg-soaked bread until golden and scorched in parts on both sides.

Put the sugar onto a plate and then dredge the cooked bread until coated like a sugared doughnut.