26 Oct, 2007

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo coming November 8th

PS3 News | Naughty Dog reveals to PALGN.
Speaking in an Australian exclusive interview to be published next week on PALGN, Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells has confirmed that a demo for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be released "12 days" before the Blu Ray release of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in America.

When asked by PALGN whether a demo would be released for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Evan Wells stated "There will be a demo. It's.... being tested by Sony right now and I think it will be available probably about twelve days before the Blu Ray disc is available in stores. So, it will give people a chance to try it out and hopefully they will go out to the store and buy it.".

So Americans can look out for the demo on November 8th - here's hoping PAL gamers get the demo on the same day.

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6 years ago
This game is going to rock!

Uncharted looks to be better than Ratchet although that looks like an awesome game too.

There are some behind the scenes videos at IGN and Gamespot.

Check out the trailer here!

6 years ago
Yep, totally pumped for Drake's Fortune. Hopefully it plays as good as it looks. We'll soon find out, no?
6 years ago
Yes it is just as good as you think.

I've played through a preview version of the game and will have an updated preview next week as well as an indepth question.

It's seriously one of my most anticipated titles.
6 years ago
Awesome, Luke. November is going to be a good month for gaming. So many titles. I've been trying to keep up to date with DF and the tech videos are excellent.

Now all I want is for Assassin's Creed to live up to its hype and its going to be a good month for me.

Looking forward to that preview Luke.
6 years ago
wow, nice scoop guys.

And yeah, chuck me down as another Uncharted wanter/ND lover.
6 years ago
add me to that ever growing list. Can't wait to get my hands on the demo, hopefully it'll leave me wanting more!

so many games to look forward to.

gh3, assassin's creed, ratchet and clank, maybe the eye of judgement man, i'm going to be a busy little camper.
6 years ago
Would that be the same 'exclusive' interview that IGN au, ScreenPlay etc. are also doing ?
6 years ago
This is a different interview, I went up to QLD and met with Evan, others were shorter, phone interviews, I spoke with him for a lot longer. Our interview with be twice as long (if not longer there are over 35 questions) and then was the first Aussie to play Uncharted with a Dual Shock 3.
6 years ago
you touched a dualshock 3? *zombie touch*
6 years ago
Cannot wait for this, hope it rises expectation and hype ^^
6 years ago
Nice! Oh wait, I don't own a PS3 yet...

6 years ago
^ Haha!

I'm not even going to be touching the demo. Judging by all impressions I've read, plus videos, I know I'm going to love it.
6 years ago
already got it Pre-ordered!
6 years ago
^^ look forward to reading it - the other interviews i've read thus far do go over stuff I've heard before. Did you get to play the jet ski level ? - that looks nice.
6 years ago
Can't wait until the game gets released, looks like the demo will tide me over until then. icon_smile.gif Looks like there's a fair few fans of the game around here, looks like we all agree that it's looking great, another good title for the PS3.
6 years ago
From the video footage i have seen this is clearly the best looking game this generation thus far. Period. The jungle settings look phenominal and their water effects are spectacular. Pre-ordered some time ago. Cannot wait.

Edit: - Thus Far. (My bad.)
6 years ago
the doag wrote
From the video footage i have seen this is clearly the best looking game this generation. Period. The jungle settings look phenominal and their water effects are spectacular. Pre-ordered some time ago. Cannot wait.
Jumping the gun, hey?

This generation does not end with Drake's Fortune.
6 years ago
The graphics look hot but there is an awful lot of screen tearing in the latest PSN video. Still, the game simply looks to ooze of class and magic.

I hope this turns out to be a AAA+ title with skeleton fights (my personal fave).

Although I'm not too keen on the side kick lady. She looks like a dork icon_smile.gif
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