24 May, 2007

EndWar to feature voice controls

PS3 News | First images revealed too.
Ubisoft has announced at its Ubiday event that in Tom Clancy's EndWar you will be able to control your army using only voice commands. The option to use a controller will be there as well, so if you don't like the sound of your own voice you won't be forced to hear it.

EndWar is a real time strategy title set on the battlefields of World War III. The game will include online play and is set to be released on "next generation" consoles. EndWar is Ubisoft's first new Tom Clancy IP since Splinter Cell so we're rather excited about how impressive it looks. Head over to our media panel for a look at the first images of the game in action.

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6 years ago
Looks nice, apart from the typical Clancy/Ubi overuse of bloom lighting.
6 years ago
Spanca wrote
Looks nice, apart from the typical Clancy/Ubi overuse of bloom lighting.
What are you talking about?? Doesn't clothing and rusted, blown up cars reflect light that doesn't exist in your side of town??

6 years ago
My wife is really going to hate this game, although she thought Rainbow Six on Xbox was hilarious. "Team, breach bang and clear... No, breach, bang and clear! <in an American accent> breach, band and clear. Oh FFS, I hope you all die! Take this Eddie Price, you half deaf old prick! Useless bloody headset!"
6 years ago
Bleh, that looks quite nasty IMO - as said above, too much bloom and related effects trying to hide bland assets and sub-par lighting.
6 years ago
Wow, that game looks hideous, and not just because of the lighting everything looks rather subpar for a 360 title. From the poly numbers to texture work to characters.
6 years ago
RTS games generally look average zommed-in compared to first / third person action games and the like. I do see your point, I do wonder about the scale though - how many units in a battle, how many effects, and how large are the battlefields?
I love the Tom Clancy games and I expect this to be good, I hope it does create a new sub-genre of RTS.
6 years ago
Company of Heroes looks insanely good, even up close. Definitely looks better than this title. Of course, Company of Heroes also requires that you sell off your first born in order to acquire a system capable of showing it in all it's glory. So I guess it's understandable.
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