James Peter
22 Sep, 2006

Assassin's Creed: developer video

PS3 Feature | Brand new Creed info. Australian exclusive.
Ubisoft Australia has just sent over a brand new video and screens of its upcoming flagship title Assassin's Creed. It is set to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC some time next year.

Presented by Jade Raymond (the game's producer), the video details some new aspects of the storyline. Assassin's Creed takes place in year 1191 during the third Crusade. Players control a master assassin named Altair, a member of the original clan of assassins (the Hashshashin). His mission is to find and assassinate nine key figures who are enforcing the Crusades.

Jade reveals, "there is a conspiracy that you’ll uncover and it has implications all the way to the modern day." She then continues; "I can't reveal more otherwise I’d ruin the surprise." Bugger. However, the video does reveal some interesting details on the story behind Altar’s main weapon, the hidden dagger. Right click on the link below to download:

Assassin's Creed Development Diary 1 (40.7MB - Windows Media – 3 min 55 sec)

We also received three brand new screens. You can see the first below, and find the others in the Media Panel.

You can find part 2 of this feature here.

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7 years ago
Downloading the vid now. Sounds good.
7 years ago
Yes. Looks awesome. This and Dark Messiah are shaping up nicely
7 years ago
that looks really cool. really interesting how they actually modeled them almost exactly as how they were in 1191
7 years ago
The Vid, better be on 720p, 40mb for a 4min vid is just crazy ><
7 years ago
So glad this game isn't PS3 exclusive! It sounds better each time I hear new info.
7 years ago
EvilHayama wrote
So glad this game isn't PS3 exclusive! It sounds better each time I hear new info.
Agreed, on both fronts.

Whilst there hasn't been any real gameplay footage though in this trailer sadly icon_sad.gif
7 years ago
Did you guys hear about the recent Ubisoft leak?

From Digital Battle:
A recent leak from Ubisoft showed artwork and screenshots of a number of upcoming games, some not even announced yet. According to GamesIndustry.biz, a 2 GB file was available for public download containing screenshots, logos, artwork, and a working tech demo of Far Cry 2. A representative from Ubisoft said

“We are clearly displeased that confidential information from Ubisoft has been distributed on the internet”

I’m sure they are. A few months ago Ubisoft made another bummer by leaking a release list, firmly adding to the rumors that Assassin’s Creed wasn’t a PS3 exclusive.
I downloaded a file of all the artwork from the leak. Heaps of Assassin's Creed artwork as well as Far Cry 2 and Naruto 360 stuff and art from an upcoming Prince of Persia game.

Anyway, video was great. Thanks a lot for that. I think I know a bit about what was going on in those times with particular groups of people such as the Templar Knights and why the producer said these things are still relevant today.

AD 1186 Certain prophecies, during the time of the Third Crusade, began circulating in 1184, telling of a "new world order." These were believed to have been written by astrologers in Spain, and one of them, the "Letter of Toledo," appearing in 1186, urged everyone to flee to caves and other remote places, because the world was soon to be devastated by terrible storms, famine, earthquakes, and more. Only a few true believers would be spared.
Also here's some info on the particular group of assassins that the game focuses on and their leader Hassan-i-Sabbah.

Really interested in this game now...
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