Adam Guetti
10 Nov, 2011

Uncharted 3: An Interview with Keith Guerrette - Part 2

PS3 Feature | We close off our chat by finding out just what the Naughty Dog employee thinks of the Uncharted movie.
For all of you who didn't see it, yesterday we posted Part 1 of our interview with esteemed Naughty Dog Employee and Lead FX Artist Keith Guerrette. Today we close up our one on one as we get the brutal truth on all things Uncharted....

And what better way to kick things off then with bringing up the elephant in the increasingly crowded room. All the news about the Uncharted film has been firing on all cylinders in the past couple of months. So what did an actual member of naughty Dog think about it?

“There’s always curiosity right, but it’s definitely one of those situations where curiosity… no. I don’t want to speak badly of it, but truth is that they're not really keeping us involved at all and it’s a situation where we’re getting news, but we’re also getting news from the same press releases you guys are. They're not telling us what’s going on with it and so we are kinda scared because it is our world and especially a lot of the interviews I was reading before in the past with the director were of concern to me, because it made me wonder if he’d actually even played the game. But at the same time we have to have a little bit of faith that they are actually going to do something worthwhile with it. I mean Sony loves the franchise and it’d kinda suck if they killed it, so I don’t actually know what I think about the entire concept. It’s so out of my hands I try not to have an opinion because it’s just angry because we’re not involved in it, but there’s definitely some moments where I've been scared, and there’s been some where I think ok you know what maybe they might actually be able to finally make a movie based on a videogame.

How can you say no to that face?

How can you say no to that face?
With the PlayStation buttons branded on his wrist, we have no doubt that the tech wizard cares about Naughty Dog’s pride and joy. He laughs as he continues to enlighten us on his opinion. “What I find funny about it though is that we’re making a videogame that’s based off the concept of storytelling in movies and trying to merge that into a videogame and now they're gonna take the videogame and make it into a move. It’s kind of going full circle on us, but there’s a lot of charm. I mean we definitely picked a genre that has a lot of successes in the past. I mean obviously the Indiana Jones , that series is sharing the genre with us and there’s a lot of charm an wit to it and there’s a lot of huge fans out there and I think it’s one of those things where they do it really well it could be kinda awesome. It’d be really nice to go watch a movie based on something that I did. But at the same time if they do it really poorly I’m gonna go to that movie and just be ashamed.”

Eventually, we brought the topic around to casting and what exactly he thought of the infamous Mark Wahlberg decision. “Um like everyone i was very very very surprised at first and when i started to hear what else they wanted to do with it at a certain point i started to accept that they weren't trying to make our game. They were trying to make something worthwhile out of the world that we created and once i sort of thought of it that way and then sort of looked at the other movies they worked on, i mean his a great actor and it was greater director, they work really well together so maybe it had some potential. But it was wouldn't have been quite the Uncharted world we’ve made, so i dunno. I just hope at the very least they let Amy Hennig get involved with the process of it. I know they've consulted her a few times but I'm not actually sure of her level of involvement

"This is why we can't have new things!"

"This is why we can't have new things!"
With a vast amount of 3D setups scattered around the Opera House room, we had to bring up the increasing trend and whether transforming the amazing game into the three dimensional world would in turn sacrifice the game’s fidelity. “Well one of the things we absolutely didn't want to do is sacrifice what we were doing in 2D. That was actually probably the hardest part of 3D for us was that we knew we had to build a world that could work in 3D. So we spent a lot of time sort of taking the world we created already for 2D and finding out how the hell to actually make it run at frame-rate in 3D, so the question for us was always will be absence of this be noticed and if the answer is yes we absolutely kept it in. But if the answer was no we would sort of rub that out and try to change it. So it was almost as though we had to double our energies to make it work in 2D and then make a slightly different game to function in 3D.”

Eventually, the stage was rearing to go and the time arrived for our final question so we made it a reflective one. Why did Keith think that Uncharted is as successful a franchise as it currently is in today’s gamers market.

Uncharted - Bold and the Beautiful edition.

Uncharted - Bold and the Beautiful edition.
“I think it really does come back to the fact that we decided early on when we started the Uncharted franchise to do something different. We went down our own path and I think it separated us first of all. When I go see someone or see a performance that’s doing something unique and different and kind of going against the grain I automatically have a little more respect for it. We sort of developed, entirely accidentally developed this storytelling genre of videogames and of game design and we’ve evolved a language and we’re still evolving it – there’s still a lot of problems with it we want to solve but I think we are doing something completely different with a very strong narrative expose running through the entire game that keeps you going. So as opposed to having a moment where you are just grinding along trying to do the same thing over and over again to progress through the gameplay, we wanted to keep it so it’s just a really well paced narrative experience. “

If you check out our review for Uncharted 3 here, it’s clear that we think Keith, his team, and Naughty Dog as a whole succeeded in that task and have presented one of the best games of the year. But do you?

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2 years ago
Really nice interview Adam, Keith was surprisingly frank about his take on the movie! Oh and I gotta love the caption on the last pic, it's exactly what I thought when I saw it too!
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