Luke Mitchell
21 Dec, 2010

John Daly's Prostroke Golf Review

PS3 Review | PlayStation Move can't save this double bogey.
Let's face it; the golf gaming market is essentially taken care of with a new Tiger Woods title being released every year. EA have done a great job in creating a franchise that has lasted with a recognisable icon, so it's not completely illogical for another developer to try the same tactic with a different golfing star. Now we're not 100% sure of who John Daly is, but we're told by some golf fans out there that he's pretty good at his craft. That's good enough for us, because ultimately, a game such as this shouldn't be based around the face on the cover, but rather the gameplay within and how it stands as a golfing game experience.

The best reason to buy John Daly over Tiger at this point is due to the support from Playstation Move. The peripheral functions well with the title, legitimately creating a pretty good feel in terms of the movements of swinging a golf club. If you rotate your wrist or adjust the way you're holding the controller, the game will adjust accordingly, giving you a surprising amount of control over which type of shot you're going to use. It's a fairly realistic experience and doesn't require a lot of golfing knowledge to be able to figure out where the best angles are and what type of shot to use, which is useful for the casual gamer.

It doesn't matter how good this shot is; look at those pants!

It doesn't matter how good this shot is; look at those pants!
Putting is also reasonable; it doesn't feel inaccurate or forced like in other golfing titles to have appeared with motion sensing controls (we're looking at you, Wii Sports), and genuinely does show off that the Move controller can be sensitive at times and really gives you the feeling that you've refined your skills when making a difficult shot on the green. The game is a little bit clumsy when trying to reposition where you're aiming your shot, by and large because the use of the Move controller as a way to navigate the variety of different options in-game such as changing clubs, shot type and direction. Sometimes it can be tough to coordinate, but ultimately doesn't detract too much from the experience.

What's perhaps a bit too casual with John Daly is that the options the game presents are limited, to say the least. It's limited to a Quick Game, Career mode or Online mode. Now, like every sports simulation title, you'd expect to spend the majority of your time progressing your character in a deep and interesting career mode. Here, you're relegated to a set level of increasingly difficult challenges which is then followed up by a 'tournament' which climaxes in...another tournament. It doesn't give you much of an opportunity to really take your character anywhere other than to the next very similar and bland set of stipulations.

Certainly not the prettiest Move game on the market...

Certainly not the prettiest Move game on the market...
Speaking of bland (see that segueway?), the game doesn't look good. Character models are lifeless at best, the courses themselves are boring and repetitive, and honestly, the menus aren't that easy to navigate and don't look very impressive either. There's also several bugs with the game such as the camera going haywire and being unable to locate the ball after you've hit it, making it difficult to track where your shot landed. Nothing about the game really looks appealing, and while the focus may be on the fact that it incorporates Sony's brand new piece of hardware, it doesn't excuse lazy graphics design and monotonous locations. The commentary is there as well and honestly isn't too bad, but it's certainly not enough to overcome the rest of the game which sounds a bit like golf does in real life - just a little bit boring.

If this was a game intended entirely for the use of the Move, we could understand - to a degree - the lack of features and the not-so-fancy presentation. The bottom line however is that John Daly's Prostroke Golf is playable without the move also, and just doesn't offer a golfing (or gaming) experience that is anywhere close to that of the great Tiger Woods. While the use of Move is good, even at times impressive, ultimately it's probably not enough to warrant a full price purchase. We're going to assume by now that you've already got a few games that make the most out of the Move hardware in terms of showing your family and friends, and while the mechanics may be reasonably solid, the rest of the game is off-putting enough that this one is probably better left in the rough.
The Score
John Daly's Prostroke Golf works as an example of the PlayStation Move, but ultimately fails in every other aspect. The core gameplay is good, but overall isn't enough to sell a package that is put up against other far more successful golf franchises. 5
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3 years ago
*looks at graphics*

You sure this isn't a Wii game? icon_razz.gif
3 years ago
Tiger Woods 11 has a Move patch, so is there really any reason to play this at all?
3 years ago
im not one to comment on the review and the articles here, but i wonder how you got a job in writing/journalism. By in large? its by and large and segway? its spelt segue. seriously man.
3 years ago
Perhaps he saw a poorly painted personal transportation device and was telling us all to look at it.....did you think of that.

Bland segway is for illustrative purposes only:

3 years ago
SLeAKeR wrote
im not one to comment on the review and the articles here, but i wonder how you got a job in writing/journalism. By in large? its by and large and segway? its spelt segue. seriously man.
If all you can do is pick at a few basic typos then the content of the review must be pretty solid, which would be why Luke is writing 'em. Unintentional compliment!
3 years ago
perhaps this game is so simple to encourage drinking games around it - Jack Daniels only, of course. It'd make Daly proud...
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