Denny Markovic
21 Nov, 2010

The Shoot Review

PS3 Review | It misses just about every target.
The PlayStation Move has had a little bit of a shaky start - as all motion controllers have at the beginning of their life cycle. While on the technical side of things the device is quite excellent, its software line up has been a big bag of hit and miss. There are some pretty decent albeit very casual offerings available, then there are the downright terrible. The Shoot is one of the latest titles to come around and utilise the Move’s capabilities, and though it’s even offered at a budget price it still might not even be worth that.

The Shoot is pretty much as on-rails of a shooter as you can get. The concept bases itself around you being in a ‘movie’, and the objective is to shoot down cardboard cut-outs of enemies popping up all over the place and remaining consistent, lest the director loses his satisfaction levels and quits filming the action. It’s a simple concept with some interesting additions that can sometimes work decently and other times flat out fail.

One of the primary reasons for this is because of how The Shoot tends to calibrate itself which feels almost broken. Going through the calibration setup for the first time was an awkward and somewhat frustrating experience as we could never quite get the accuracy we wanted out of the game. Eventually after numerous tries we managed to get it ‘close’ to feeling right, but it still remained somewhat awkward throughout and gave us a bad first impression. We even tested it on two different PS3’s and TV’s with different conditions and distances, and regardless of all that there was never a sense of comfort in the calibration or aiming. It does beg the question as to why the developer went ahead and used such an awful calibration system when instead a system like what Start the Party or Sports Champions used could have been implemented. But alas, beggars can’t be choosers.

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing..

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing..
Once you’ve progressed past the horrible calibration process, you finally get to play the game itself which begins to become fun when you finally get the hang of the aiming, then quickly dips back down into boring town. Remaining consistent in the game with multiple on-target shots in a row lands you one of three different types of special abilities, which all require gestures or certain aimed shots to pull off. The first ability you gain access to allows you to slow down time temporarily, giving you an easier time in killing off multiple enemies in an area and with precision. The second ability is a shockwave, which when activated blasts any enemies in the surrounding area instantly and spares the hostages. The third and final is essentially a rampage mode where your pistol is basically turned into a machine gun, allowing you to vanquish foes left right and centre in quick succession and with little effort in actually aiming. There are also moments where you can melee opponents by flicking your Move controller at them, and also dodging mechanics where tilting the controller left or right allows you to swivel and get out of the way of incoming tomahawks and knives.

The Rocketeer has accepted some pretty bad jobs recently.

The Rocketeer has accepted some pretty bad jobs recently.
While all these features certainly add life to the game, it’s not enough to save The Shoot from eventually becoming repetitive and a total yawn-fest. Gameplay is usually very slow paced and rarely picks up, and while the art style itself is charming it also is somewhat of a curse as the game ultimately feels lifeless. When facing enemies, you are literally facing cardboard cut outs that barely move and are on strings. It’s humorous and quite charming but also drains the game of any kind of flair very quickly as there is nothing really interesting to look at. It’s a decent game on a technical note albeit extremely simple, with a solid frame rate throughout and pleasant use of colour. Sound as well has nothing particularly wrong with it, with sound effects sounding as they should and music attempting to intensify the already intense mood when facing cardboard, but its issue lies in the fact that it lacks flair or inspiration in any way, so you’re left with a very dull after taste.

I HATE Squid.

I HATE Squid.
So it goes to say then that The Shoot definitely misses most of the right notes that could’ve made it a much more compelling game compared to what it is in its present form. It’s a charming and decently presented game that has the concepts down pat, but fails to execute it in any interesting way whatsoever. It’s also rather short with only 5 stages to go through and with little incentive to return to any of them again. Perhaps for the casual audience and kids, The Shoot may be a decent addition to the small library of Move-specific games especially considering it’s at a budget price, however it’s definitely a hard-sell when it comes down to it as you’ll most likely be over it within minutes of playing. That or the calibration system will frustrate you enough to ask for a refund.
The Score
The Shoot is an uninspired on-rails shooter that fails to capture the imagination it desires to make real and simply remains below average. 4
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3 years ago
Would agree on all of those points myself. After playing a few stages in, I found that calibration could be a nightmare plus registration of the first special move was never solid, had to do the motion a few times to even get it to trigger.

Literally, almost no point? The only thing that makes this better than a standard light fun title is that you can turn around and that doesn't even work properly.

Pass. Time Crisis costs the same and is much more engaging.
3 years ago
give it a lick...it tastes just like raisins!
3 years ago
It's because of these games trying to lure the casual player in with quirky, slightly cute-sy style games that I have stayed away from Move so far. Once it starts being integrated into real games (and I mean integrated well, not just as an after thought), then I might consider it. But does everyone remember that the sixaxis controller can be used to wildly flap your arms around? The only game I played that featured anything to do with that was Heavy Rain. So I think we still have a while before every game is being played with motion sensors.....
3 years ago
All Sony is tring to do is sell things that cost them very little to make for large profit and copy other companies (wii) items expecting to do as well which wont happen saddly.
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