Jahanzeb Khan
15 Sep, 2010

The Shoot Preview

PS3 Preview | Oh shoot! Another Move game preview.
Last week we had a go at several Move games and yesterday we shared our hands on experience with The Fight. Today we will be sharing our hands-on impressions with The Shoot. While the The Fight involved well…fighting, The Shoot is as the name suggests, involves shooting.The Shoot is a light gun shooter that is set to release in October, roughly a month after the launch of the Move itself (which is happening this week).

The Shoot makes use of a special light gun device, in which you lock in the Move controller. Once that is done, you simply use the trigger on the light gun device and shoot away, with the Move controller used for the pointing/aiming. The Shoot will be the first major light gun title to showcase the use of this feature. The Shoot is an over the top arcade style shooter, aiming to capture the spirit of classic light gun games that were so common during the early 90s.

Shoot his hat off, you know you want to.

Shoot his hat off, you know you want to.
The game takes place in various movie sets, where you basically shoot set pieces and your enemies are just cardboard cut outs with fancy robotics. It explores generic and classic movie themes including the Wild West, Haunted House, Robots (sci-fi), Deep Peril (deep sea adventure) and the Mob (gangster themed movie). These set pieces are filled with enemies, innocent bystanders (you lose points if you shoot them) and heaps of destructible/interactive objects and exploding barrels.

The build we played allowed us to play the Wild West level, and the action was as straightforward and entertaining as a classic arcade light gun shooter. The Move controller, combined with the light gun device, worked like a charm and the shooting and aiming was precise and responsive. Like any light gun game, The Shoot runs on rails, and you have to shoot wave after wave of enemies, while avoiding innocent bystanders and blowing up the environment. One thing worth noting is that the build we played did not require us to reload our gun, as all we had to focus on was the shooting.

Expect plenty of explosive and arcadey action.

Expect plenty of explosive and arcadey action.
The best comparison we can make is with Namco-Bandai’s Point Blank series, it also featured a similar style with cardboard cut out style enemies as well explosive over-the-top action. The game will feature unique power ups and special moves that will cause more destruction than your normal shots. The levels will also feature multiple routes and secrets.

The Shoot is a nice game to get grips with the Move controller's light gun capabilities, and a nice showcase too. We certainly had fun with it and with its arcade style gameplay and setting, The Shoot looks to be a solid way for Move users to kick start their shooting experience, with more solid shooting games to follow soon that will hopefully justify the Move and the light gun add-on.
The Shoot is shaping up to be a fun arcade style shooter that looks to serve as a nice throwback to the classic light gun games of the 90s.

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3 years ago
Originally thought this would be terrible. Still might be waiting for Time Crisis.
3 years ago
Wow, Sony really did copy the Wii, right down to the visuals.
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