Kimberley Ellis
21 Jun, 2010

Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC on indefinite hold

PS3 Rumour | Developer urged to move it, move it.
According to a Game Informer report it looks like The Taxidermist may be the only downloadable content to see release for the mystery thriller Heavy Rain, with developer insiders suggesting that ongoing downloadable content may be put in doubt thanks to PlayStation Move.

Game Informer cites that the information was revealed in a chat with Quantic Dream's Guillame de Fondaumière, who advised that Sony has encouraged Quantic Dream to ditch future downloadable content plans, instead focusing its efforts on getting a Move version of Heavy Rain.

The article goes on to state that while the downloadable content project could potentially be revived once the Move edition of the title has launched, de Fondaumière indicated that it is more likely that the studio will forgo its plans to release further content for the title, instead choosing to move forward with its next project.

Currently, Quantic Dream has not provided any further comment on the story.

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3 years ago
God Damn it. I want more Heavy Rain, not Heavy Rain Wii Edition. More Stories damn it!
I'd probably through Heavy Rain again though if i bought Move.
3 years ago

I want more DLC not this. This is one of the few games I truly love and now they are just focusing on Move gameplay. Not impressed.
3 years ago
<3 can't wait for next gen towel waggling with MOVE.

and the bra reMOVEal.
3 years ago
I'm fine with this. Of course Sony want them to focus on making the game Move compatible, they need as many games working with the Move as they can by September. I can see why Quantic would want to follow the idea, people who buy the Move are going to be looking to buy games that are compatible with it - if your game is compatible then there's hopefully some good sales right there. Plus, Heavy Rain is perfect for the Move. Bring it on, I say.
3 years ago
Personally I think it's a better choice to implement MOVE for HR and then work on a new title.
3 years ago
I thought this was going to have MOVE patched in.
Purchased it but haven't had time to play, was waiting for MOVE now.
Will be disappointed if I have to purchase again...
3 years ago
It is being patched in. That's what they're working on right now.
3 years ago
I very rarely buy DLC anyway so I'm not too fazed, another Quantic title sooner has to be a good thing though right?
3 years ago
i'm happy to wait for a goty edition to get all the dlc in one go
3 years ago
At first this seemed like terrible news, but a lot of impressions from the E3 show floor were that Heavy Rain has one of the best implementations of Move control. If it means another great "hardcore" game at the Move launch, I'm keen. I'm sure the DLC will be picked up again if the Move release sales of Heavy Rain are decent.
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