Jeremy Jastrzab
25 Mar, 2010

God of War Collection gets an Australian release

PS3 News | Twice the anger, half the price.
Up until recently, there was no planned release for the God of War Collection in Australia, with the only ways of acquiring it being to import or get the Ultimate Edition. Some online store listings had sent the rumour mill into overdrive, and now the worst kept secret of the month has been confirmed.

At a recent press event focused around last week's launch of God of War III, Sony Australia has confirmed that the God of War Collection will be released in Australia on 29 April 2010, at a recommended retail price of AU$59.95. While Kratos made a surprising appearance at this event, there were no ritual sacrifices or dead goats this time around. However, Lead Level Designer, Jonathan Hawkins, did indeed confirm that God of War III definitely marks the end of this trilogy.

Since we thought that the collection would never get released here, we took the liberty of reviewing it anyway. And once you get through that, why not check out what we thought about Kratos' final revenge. It's not too bad...

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4 years ago
But are we getting the 'Trilogy' set with the collection and god of war 3 in a slipcase?
4 years ago
Meh.. I got the Collection from Play Asia months ago for cheaper than $59.95 and actually got to play 1 & 2 (again) BEFORE GoW3..

Honestly, releasing them after the third game is just stupid..
4 years ago
Camerooni wrote
But are we getting the 'Trilogy' set with the collection and god of war 3 in a slipcase?
yes we are , go and have a look in the thread on the sony forum the date is set.
4 years ago
60 is a pretty damn good price for Australia for this
4 years ago
Very nice price, but I already imported via Play-Asia
4 years ago
Makes it a little hard for me, i could import the lot right now - without the fancy box (ie GOW III + the 1 & 2 collection seperately) under $60 compared to what EB were charging for the trilogy box set.

I'd like to keep it "all Australian" as such, right now i could get a copy of III for under $90. But having to wait a month for the GOW collection would be annoying, though i likely wouldn't be paying RRP when it is released (more likely to pay $40 - $49 with the introductory price being cheaper than rrp).
4 years ago
60 is an amazing price - and will probably be about 50 bucks in the first week...

but how much is the trilogy set?
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