Jahanzeb Khan
27 Jan, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Limited Collector's Edition

PS3 News | A generous package.
Square-Enix has announced that Australian gamers will be getting a limited collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIII. It will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 9 March 2010, alongside the standard edition.

The limited collector’s edition will include the original soundtrack, an art book titled ‘The World of Final Fantasy XIII’, Three art prints featuring Eidolons (the summon creatures), an I’cie decal and of course the game itself. The collector’s edition will be available in its own unique box.

Larry Sparks, Vice President Brands PAL Region of Square Enix Ltd. comments, “Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most anticipated entertainment releases of all time and we’re pleased to announce this Limited Collector’s edition for fans across PAL territories, the contents of which have been individually selected by the Final Fantasy XIII development team.”

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4 years ago
oomlot wrote
AWESOME WORD, stupid use.....
4 years ago
Final Fantasy is once every, what, at least four years or so? I personally couldn't care less about paying any extra for a collectors edition, I am just glad we got one. In fact, I am going to pay for it in full when I get my ME2 LE tomorrow.

For my absolute favorite games. $20 extra is nothing. I dont even care whats in the CE. I just need it and that is that. Might just have to have a quiet weekend to save the cash. Maybe make sangas for work lunch for a few days.

To hell with the consequences, reviews and complaints I say, its Final Fantasy and I got no kids to feed ^_^.
4 years ago
What is funny is that one laiunch day it will be under 99.95.

Preorders are always stupidly high.

Anyhow kinda disappointing for a LE. Considering waht LE from square used to have. (e.g millenium editions, platinum eiditons in japan etc)
4 years ago
GoldenEyeRa wrote
As far as I can tell its just the same concept as the MGS4 sampler CD - that was one disc, or about a third overall of the complete soundtrack which ran across the two CDs.
The MGS4 Soundtrack that came with the limited editon contained all the Harry Gregson Williams composed tracks, and ommitted everything else.
4 years ago
I know that when the game comes out I will be excited, but at the moment I'm more excited about other games due to the fact that FF12 was a disappointment for me on so many levels. We all know the story and characters had barely any screen time, and the gameplay was what made the game great fun to play, but I am so used to having a lot of dialogue and the emotional pull wasn't really there.

As a result, I'm a little wary of FF13 ... It seems more like the FF I remember, which I'm glad of, but I don't know if I will love it enough to justify a collector's edition.

Having said that, though, I bet you will see me buying a collector's edition just because. Like someone said, people are suckers sometimes and you sort of talk yourself into it and then probably regret it later.
4 years ago
hello123 wrote
Preorders are always stupidly high.
Gametraders Pre-orders for Std. copy is only $89.95
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