Kimberley Ellis
22 Jan, 2010

First look at Resident Evil 5 DLC

PS3 News | See Excella in action.
Gearing up for release in the next two months, Capcom has lifted the lid on the upcoming DLC packs for Resident Evil 5.

Alongside the gamut of costumes and two new episodic campaigns, the DLC will also pack in new playable characters and weapons in the updated version of the title's Mercenaries Mode. Once such character will be the deceptive Excella Gione - who can be seen in action in the screenshots below.

The downloadable content is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 across February and March. The first wave of DLC will arrive on 17 February, while the second will be made available from 3 March. Each date will consist of two downloads - a costume pack (which will set you back approximately AUD $2.30 / 160 Microsoft Points and a new campaign priced at approximately AUD $5.60 / 400 Microsoft Points.

Those interested in the new Resident Evil 5 content can check out the latest batch of screens in the media panel below.

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4 years ago
Finally, Jill is back in action!!! Can't wait to get my hands on these DLC packs!
4 years ago
I want to be excited but RE5 is the biggest disaster of a sequel imo. I loved all the RE games 0-4 but 5 didn' gel. I blame shevaAI/inventory/mechanics.
4 years ago
I loved the graphics but only barely liked the game, location and style.

I didn't buy into the whole racist thing, but still think the location and types of (non) zombies were a stupid idea.

The way they forced an AI player on you the whole game was wrong too.

But worst of all was the control. Or lack of control really. Felt as slow and painful as good old Residents 1...
4 years ago
THEMAN wrote
I want to be excited but RE5 is the biggest disaster of a sequel imo. I loved all the RE games 0-4 but 5 didn' gel. I blame shevaAI/inventory/mechanics.
I pretty much agree but this DLC looks very different to the hugely disappointing RE5.I saw the trailer and just completely forgot about the abismall RE5.This looks to be what RE5 should have been.

Honetly it looks like in atmnosphere at least it will even be better than RE4 which is one of my favourite games of all time.
4 years ago
tbh i thoroughly enjoyed playing through re5. i played it co-op all the way with a friend so that made the lack of ai intelligence a non-issue. no i dont think it was scary, certainly no dead space/avp 1/2. it WASNT claustrophobic,dark, nightmarish or spooky, but it as a solid 3rd person over-powered dual character shooter.

And ive always though the controls of resident evil 1-3/ and that dinosaur Resi Evil-ish game series were lacking controls, at least resident evil 4 and 5 had access to moveable camera. the only shocks from the other games were when zombies or dinosaurs appeared from off screen while ur examing the granfather clock and suddenly a blood raptors crept up on u :S
4 years ago
Agreed, the co-op aspect of the game made RE5 much better, and the only gripes with AI I had was when I started the hardest difficulty. I do admit though that it isn't the most polished of the series, with RE:Make, 2 and 4 holding that award. RE5 seemed to really steer in a different direction from it's predecessors, and felt the least like an RE title.

Back to the DLC, I'm hoping it will revive the co-op crowds, as I've still been looking ages for someone to play the original Hard mode with on the PS3.
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