Kimberley Ellis
09 Dec, 2009

Yakuza 3 to see release outside Japan

PS3 News | Yakuza 3 steps into roundhouse kick range of Western gamers.
Sega has announced (via the PlayStation.Blog) that the Japanese gangster title,Yakuza 3, will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 consoles of Western gamers.

Sega of America's Assistant Community Manager, Aaron Webber, confirmed the news stating that the title will arrive in March 2010. It was also confirmed that the title would feature "the original all-star Japanese voice cast" and be subtitled in English "to create an authentic and immersive experience".

Yakuza 3 will see the return of series star Kiryu Kazuma - the man once known as the Dragon of Dojima - who is again dragged out of his new life and back into the Yakuza lifestyle after the death of a close friend.

While it won't be in stores until March next year, you can check out Yakuza 3 images in our media panel below.

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4 years ago
As a fan of the original games on the PS2, I have to say that I'm excited for this game :D

Thank you for finally listening, Sega.
4 years ago
I love you Sega, really I do
4 years ago
only halfway through the first... but huge fan here.

March release date is shocking though - why sega why? - put it in May or June.

I quite liked the dubbed voices in the first one - but understand there's little money for the translation...
4 years ago
SUBS! YAY! I'm actually pretty keen on this but couldn't be bothered learning a new language back when I had money to import.
4 years ago
I loved the first 2 games, this will make me buy a PS3 afterall icon_smile.gif

Unless...Sega announce a 360 port later icon_razz.gif
4 years ago
Definitely been looking forward to this one. I guess this means that it's pretty unlikely we'll get the spinoff Yakuza: Kenzan though, since that came out before Yakuza 3 in Japan.
4 years ago
Probably get refused classification in Australia. Oh snap! icon_wink.gif
4 years ago
Import US version for PS3! XD
4 years ago
Well, better three years late than never. I really hope this does well enough for Sega to justify a western release of 4, that isn't years after the initial Japanese date.

Also, I don't get the people who constantly bagged the graphics of this game. Seriously, it's pretty swank even for 2009 and those idiots must have been looking at screenshots of Yakuza 2.

Now, somebody convince 'em to drop a subtitled Kenzan on the shelves.
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