Denny Markovic
03 May, 2009

Fat Princess Preview

PS3 Preview | We go hands on with the chunky PSN title.
Sony's PlayStation Network has over the past two years delivered some pretty high quality exclusives. Ranging from the frenetic Super Stardust HD to the mellowed out and harmonic Fl0wer, there's a pretty decent amount of variety to be had. Developer Titan Studios seem adamant to be continuing this trend, with their humorously named title, Fat Princess. We recently got our hungry hands on the beta build and came out with a fat smile.

To clarify first and foremost, Fat Princess does indeed feature fat princesses, though they're not exactly fat at first, you make them fat yourself. The gameplay of Fat Princess is based around a slightly altered form of Capture the Flag, except this time it's Capture the Princess. Two opposing bases must duke it out and rescue their fair ladies from the enemy and return them home. This is done by grabbing the princess and dragging her back home, then keeping her safe at the throne for a few seconds to win the match. The twist is that the opposing team can slow you down significantly by feeding the captive princess cake, which in turn makes her...well, fat. This makes her a lot more difficult to carry, and the only way to quickly carry the fatty back to your base is with a group of people. It makes for an interesting and highly amusing experience, and never seems to get old, particularily due to the different classes you can be.

Fights turn into hilarious blood baths in seconds.

Fights turn into hilarious blood baths in seconds.
Fat Princess has five classes to pick from, and you can switch between them on the fly by just picking up the hat of each respective class. There's the warrior, who runs in and melee's down opponents with his sword, the mage, who can set people on fire and freeze them, the priest, who can heal team mates and also sap health from enemies, the archer, who can rapidly mow down enemies with a flurry of arrows, and finally the worker, arguably the most important of classes.

The worker collects resources from trees and mineral ores and uses these to upgrade your castle. Resources are put into outposts scattered around the map, which must be captured and held, giving you an advantage if it's near a whole bunch of tasty trees. The upgrades range from a human catapult in your base, which can propel you all the way over into the enemy base, and class upgrades, which give extra weapons and abilities for all classes. There's even a nifty upgrade which lets you use a potion to turn people into chickens! There's a surprising amount of depth found in Fat Princess, but it's not too deep to give headaches, and it's awfully addictive.

The worker: the little man that can.

The worker: the little man that can.
Visually Fat Princess is quite the looker, spanning a huge amount of colour variety with its cel-shaded graphics. The game has a striking comical feel to it, which we feel is entirely the point as the game itself is super tongue-in-cheek. Character models look quite cool too, with the Princess in particular bound to give some good laughs when she puts on the pounds. There's a lot going on too, and we suffered no slow down at all, even with the full 32 players on screen duking it out. The only minor niggle we have is that sometimes with so many people in one area, it can be a little hard distinguishing where you are in the midst of it all. It rarely happens but it's something that can be a little annoying. It's another lovely looking game from the PSN pile, and we won't complain.

On the audio side, the music is quirky and catchy, and the sound effects are over the top and amusing. Voices of players yelling and fighting are all high pitched like a chipmunk, and make things really amusing and fun as you play. There are some cool taunts you can do too, where your player will yell something insulting to the opponents, possibly about their mother. It's all ridiculous and over the top but we love every second of it and can't get enough.


Fat Princess even in beta stages feels very much complete. Though we only had access to one map, we were assured that several more will make it into the full game. The game rarely lets up in its pace, and there's no room for frustration, as the whole space is filled with enjoyment. It's a game that doesn't take itself seriously enough to be played seriously, and half the time you'll just be having a good laugh. Due sometime this May, Fat Princess seems to be chock full of content and is shaping up to be another solid PSN title. Check back for our review upon full release.
Fat Princess has filled our stomach's with a piece of cake and we can't wait to get more.

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4 years ago
I thought it said review and I was like woot! Then I saw the P icon_sad.gif. I am really looking forward to this.

It's coming out this month? I can't wait.
4 years ago
Denny, can you tell us if you can have more than one person play locally?

Online/offline, competitive/co-op, split-screen/shared I'm not fussed, just if a friend can just in while sitting next to me.
4 years ago
Because I am just such a cool guy, I went and checked just now for you and looks like there is no split-screen. There is full bot support however.
4 years ago
No split screen? This game just got a bit worse.
4 years ago
great news that FP is turning out well, I can't wait to pick it up. Another unique solid game to add to the PSN list icon_smile.gif
4 years ago
Great preview Denny, this is a definate purchase for me looks like great fun.
4 years ago
Denny wrote
Because I am just such a cool guy, I went and checked just now for you and looks like there is no split-screen. There is full bot support however.
Thanks Denny and yes, you are a cool guy icon_wink.gif
4 years ago
PALGN wrote
Fat Princess even in beta stages feels very much complete
Oh for the love of your favourite deity, stop making comments like that games media as a whole. Beta means it is a complete game, and the only thing required before gold master is thorough testing.
4 years ago
Am i sad becasue this game may be the first PS3 exclusive that may actually convince to the pont up the cash and buy one? Please tell me their is a PC alternative. (For the record I've considered the 360 /ps3 to be little more then HD upgrades of the previous generation with very little innovation to create new experiences - and thus have not considered them worthwhile investments)
4 years ago
Palgn wrote
Due sometime this May
Just wondering, where did you get this from? I haven't seen a release date mentioned on any other site.
4 years ago
^From Sony themselves, though it's just the date that's up in the air.
4 years ago
If it came out tomorrow that would be so awesome. But somehow I doubt it.
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