20 Apr, 2009

SingStar: Queen Review

PS3 Review | Should you go (radio) ga ga over this release?
At the end of last year Sony released the first 'artist specific' Singstar title, Singstar ABBA, and for fans of ABBA and Singstar it was the perfect party starter. The game wasn't just a lot of fun, but it was a huge hit for Sony. With Queen songs already on the PlayStation 3 SingStore. the next logical step was a Singstar Queen compilation. So is the game worth picking up if you're a Queen fan or should you go out and purchase the Greatest Hits CDs?

For those who aren't familiar with the Singstar franchise, let's provide you with a quick recap. Each Singstar game comes bundled with two microphones, as well as a USB converter, or if you already own the gear you can purchase the disks individually. The objective of the game is to sing into the USB microphones, and for each song the game will give you a score out of 10,000. The player who scores the highest amount of points wins. It's a very simple formula and one that has remained fun ever since the first Singstar game came out nearly five years ago.

Instantly recognisable.

Instantly recognisable.
Even though there have now been dozens of different Singstar games, the franchise hasn't really changed. There is a battle mode in the game, as well as a duet option. The PlayStation 3 version of Singstar Queen comes with 25 songs, which is five less than a standard Singstar release. The PlayStation 2 version of Singstar Queen only features 20 songs, which is disappointing. The full tracklist for Singstar Queen is as follows;

  • A Kind of Magic (PlayStation 3 exclusive)
  • Hammer to Fall (PlayStation 3 exclusive)
  • Killer Queen (PlayStation 3 exclusive)
  • Radio Ga Ga (PlayStation 3 exclusive)
  • The Show Must Go On (PlayStation 3 exclusive)
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Bicycle Race
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Breakthru
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Don't Stop Me Now
  • Fat Bottom Girls
  • I Want it All
  • I Want to Break Free
  • Innuendo
  • One Vision
  • Play the Game
  • Somebody to Love
  • These are the Days of Our Lives
  • Tie Your Mother Down
  • Under Pressure
  • We are the Champions
  • We Will Rock You
  • Who Wants to Live Forever
  • You're My Best Friend

Much like ABBA, Queen's songs are iconic and singing them is a lot of fun. Some of the songs on the collection, such as Innuendo and One Vision aren't quite as memorable or as enjoyable to sing, but a Queen song is still a Queen song. The five PlayStation 3 exclusives are brilliant and we cannot help but feel that Sony purposely chose these songs as a way of persuading Singstar fans to upgrade, but with a premium price, PlayStation 3 owners are expected to pay for the privilege.

The songs are a lot of fun to sing.

The songs are a lot of fun to sing.
Singstar Queen also has full access to My Singstar Online, which means you can jump online and download more songs (there are more than 1000 available now). You can also hook up a PlayStation Eye camera and record your performances and then upload them online. There are hundreds of online clips to be viewed for those who are looking for a laugh or to have a look at those who are quite daring.

Our complaints about Singstar Queen are identical to the issues we've mentioned in previous Singstar reviews. Even though songs downloaded from My Singstar Online are added to your hard-drive library, if you want to change to songs on other disks, you still need to manually swap them which is archaic. There needs to be the ability to load all your songs from all of your Singstar disks on the hard-drive, giving you the ability to just load the game once with any disk inserted and be done with it. The whole point of My Singstar Online was to minimise disk swapping and with so many Singstar games already available on the PlayStation 3, the disk swapping is becoming tedious. It's also still remarkably simple to cheat on Singstar as all you have to do is hum along to the music, but most of the time the people you are playing with will put a stop to this anyway.

Singstar Queen is an easy game to recommend to anyone who is a fan of both Singstar and Queen. Songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Radio Ga Ga will continue to get play time, and if you have the choice between the PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 version, we recommend the PlayStation 3 version. With both Singstar ABBA and Singstar Queen impressing, we only hope that Sony continues with these single artist Singstar releases.
The Score
If you're a Singstar fan and a Queen fan then precious minutes shouldn't be spent on reading this review, but on picking up the game. 7
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4 years ago
Agree about One Vision, but I rather like Innuendo.

Also agree about the need to download to your hard-drive, you can do it in Rock Band with the AC/DC tracks, and I believe in the US you can also download nearly all the Rock Band 1 tracks to your hard-drive to play them on Rock Band 2.
4 years ago
Yeah - but got burned by being a ps2 launch week purchaser. Paid $45 for it to be $30 EVERYWHERE just 10 days later. Way to ensure i will not pre-order anything in future. OK so thats a bit of a strech, there is always going to be the limited release items to pre-order, but you get my point.......
4 years ago
Queen is awesome, however I hate karaoke. And why does Killer Queen have to be one of the PS3 exclusives? This makes me sad.
4 years ago
Sorry for the bump! The reason for the PS3 exclusives, I think, is that they were already released on previous SingStar PS2 games, and they didn't want people complaining about paying $50 for a disc that was made up of 1/5 of songs they'd bought on other discs.

...Then again, that didn't stop them releasing "Bohemian Rhapsody" for SingStar Vol. 3...
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  Sony Computer Entertainment
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