24 Dec, 2008

Disney Sing It Review

PS3 Review | A worthy alternative to Singstar.
Disney Interactive Studios tried last year to cash in on the success of Sony's Singstar franchise with High School Musical: Sing It! but ultimately ended up failing pretty badly. This year they are giving it another shot, with two different Sing It titles. In this review we're taking a look at Disney Sing It, which features songs from several different Disney properties. With a huge selection of instantly recognisable tracks, Disney Sing It is a great alternative to Singstar and a game that any Singstar fan should seriously consider picking up.

The variety of the tracklist is very impressive.

The variety of the tracklist is very impressive.
Disney Sing It on the PlayStation 3 utilises the USB microphones that come bundled with Singstar and the game can be purchased with microphones or without. It is worth mentioning that the game is a little more expensive than the Singstar titles are on the PlayStation 3, which is a little bit disappointing. The game is played out similarly to Singstar in that players choose a song and then need to sing along and match their vocal pitch to the artists.

The game is a little bit different to Singstar in that the highest possible score isn't capped so low. In Singstar the highest score that a player can get is 10,000, whereas in Disney Sing It the scores will often run into the hundreds of thousands. The game also features a combo system, whereby if you manage to keep with the lyrics then you'll be able to score big. The combo system isn't just a gimmick, but it can often mean that even if a player is in the lead by 100,000 they can still lose.

What it all comes down to though is the tracklist and in this department Disney Sing It scores big. There are forty tracks in total, which is ten more than can be found on Singstar Vol 3 and fifteen more than on Singstar ABBA. The tracklist contains songs from Disney affiliated artists and from Disney films such as High School Musical and Camp Rock. The tracklist includes:

Aly and AJ:
"Like Whoa"
"Potential Breakup Song"
"Chemicals React"

Hannah Montana:
"Best of Both Worlds"
"Nobody's Perfect"
"Rock Star"
"Life's What You Make It"

Miley Cyrus:
"G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)"
"See You Again"
"Start All Over"

"Find Yourself in You"
"Real Wild Child"

Jordan Pruitt:
"Jump to the Rhythm"
"Outside Looking In"

Cheetah Girls:
"The Party's Just Begun"
"One World"
"Dance With Me"

Billy Ray Cyrus - "Ready, Set, Don't Go"
Jesse McCartney - "She's No You"
Corbin Bleu - "Push it to the Limit"
Vanessa Hudgens - "Say Ok"
Drew Seeley - "Dance With Me"

The game does include a few extra bonuses as well as a few omissions. It's possible to choose a 'theme' to replace the default theme, doing this will result in the whole game being skinned out with your chosen theme. The game also supports the Eyetoy and the PlayStation Eye, so you can watch yourself singing with your friends. The game doesn't have any audio or video playback options, nor does it connect online at all, which is a little bit disappointing. In terms of gameplay modes players can play by themselves or against their friends, there is also an option to turn the lyrics off, which is difficult.

A song most tweenie girls will know.

A song most tweenie girls will know.
Overall Disney Sing It isn't an evolution in gaming, but it's a lot of fun and that's what matters. Disney Sing It is a better option than Disney Sing It High School Musical 3, as it has far more tracks and a lot more variety. Anyone who is getting tired of the Singstar franchise and wants to try something different but still a lot of fun will enjoy Disney Sing It.
The Score
Even though it is geared more towards kids Disney Sing It is a worthy alternative to Sony's Singstar series. 8
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