Jeremy Jastrzab
29 Oct, 2008

Win one of four copies of Golden Axe: Beast Rider

PS3 Competition | Let's ride.
PALGN has teamed up with Sega to give away four copies of Golden Axe: Beast Rider, two on the Xbox 360 and two on the PS3, as well as four artbooks. The game is now available in Australia for $99.95.

Golden Axe delivers action-RPG thrills as a small band of Riders embark on an epic adventure to recruit allies, expose the enemy and prevent the annihilation of their breed. Delivering an intense and unique combat experience, players charge into battle on the backs of ferocious beasts or take their chances with the enemy while on foot. Fighting skill, wits and even magic are all called into action as players immerse themselves in the struggle to defeat an evil intent on enslaving the remains of civilization.

Entry in the competition is simple - all you have to do is email your name and address and your preferred version to goldenaxe@palgn.com.au. We will pick four random winners and all of them will win a copy of Golden Axe: Beast Rider and an artbook. Remember, you must state your preferred version in order to be eligible.

Terms and Conditions:
This competition is open to Australian residents only. The competition commences immediately and will end on the 17th November 2008. Four (4) winners will win a copy of Golden Axe: Beast Rider, with two (2) Xbox 360 versions and two (2) PS3 versions available, as well as a Golden Axe: Beast Rider artbook. The judge's decision is final. PALGN staff members and their immediate family are ineligible to win. PALGN is not responsible for lost or damaged mail and the prizes are not redeemable for cash. We reserve the right to substitute any of the prizes but will always do so for a prize of equal value. If you have any queries regarding the competition please email them to luke@palgn.com.au or jeremy@palgn.com.au. PALGN reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this competition at any time

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5 years ago

as a game i'm interested in, but not enough to buy myself, good competition!
5 years ago
Oh. heck. yes. (Same boat as Obs)

Awesome comps y'all!
5 years ago
This would be great!
(if i owned either of the consoles)
Like Obs i'm interested but not enough to pay $100 straight up for it

awesome comp though!
5 years ago
I used to love the original Golden Axe, so this sounds good =)
5 years ago
This is the sort of comp I like - not having to come up with 25 or less witty words icon_biggrin.gif
5 years ago
im gonna go out on a limb here and say that i think this game will be nothing like or bring back any memories of golden which is a bit of a shame but a good idea for a competition.
5 years ago
Dying to get this game, but there are soo many to choose from at the moment, and not enough money to buy them all.
5 years ago
Nice, so many games coming out this time of year and would be nice to save myself a few bucks.
5 years ago
I remeber the old skool version of Golden Axe..it rocked!
5 years ago
The reviews for this game have been terrible but the art looks great, I'd love to try the game for myself to decide. Saw a great screen shot yesterday showing the character in the original Golden Axe costume too.
5 years ago
Everybody please avoid this pain in the ass game, the most ennoying frustration game so far that make you play 1 whole level with no checkpoint or saving,u die please restart from beginning, i make a big mistake buying it!
5 years ago
I love easy entry! hmm that didn't sound good.

But I do enjoy coming up with 25 words sometimes, I just never win icon_smile.gif

Anyway, good luck fellas.
5 years ago
And let you win the prize au_gamer?
i think not good sir! icon_razz.gif

so what if its hard.. hard games are awesome

the original golden axe was awesome

im garunteed to be crushed when it turns out to be nothing like the original icon_biggrin.gif
5 years ago
I dont mean to rain on anyone's parade, but the general concensus is that this game fails miserably. Hence, it would be perfect to win a copy for free rather than pay for it and face a high likelihood of disappointment.

Great work on the contests PALGN!
5 years ago
Yeah the "general consensus" is that Mega Man 9 is a good game, and that's a lie...

Wonderfully snarky rebuttal to Golden Axe reviews here.
Regarding many of the “reviews” on Sega’s Golden Axe: Beast Rider: Be wary. The majority of these people (can’t call them critics) either didn’t complete a fraction of the game, don’t understand game design, or just plain suck at games. The words “Hack ‘n’ Slash” are an instant red flag. Beast Rider is anything but. Mindlessly flailing in frustration because you can’t get the game's simple controls/timing down is no way to play the game. Most gamers out there who would buy Beast Rider are far better players than the people rushing through a level or two to write these sad reviews; a sad but ever pervasive sign of the times.
5 years ago
Well a review is an opinion, and i've seen nothing but negative opinions about it which would certainly lead me to try before I buy.

Don't get me wrong - I thoroughy enjoy Transformers: The Game (based from last year's movie) quite highly for Wii which was almost universally panned. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as is fun icon_wink.gif
5 years ago
Too late, I bought it.
It's too early to call, but my first hour was good fun and I'm getting used to the parry/counter system. No way is this a 4.5/10 game, unless it goes really downhill later on...

Also, au_gamer is either trolling or a tremendous noob, I passed through about 6 savepoints in the first hour, and I only died once.
5 years ago
Gizmocreative wrote
im gonna go out on a limb here and say that i think this game will be nothing like or bring back any memories of golden which is a bit of a shame but a good idea for a competition.
Agreed.... In fact, I think I might go play Golden now icon_smile.gif
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