24 Apr, 2008

Time Crisis 4 Review

PS3 Review | Like a supersession at Timezone.
Ever since the Time Crisis series debuted back in the arcades in 1995, it has been a tradition for the arcade shooter to be ported to Sony's latest console hardware. The original Time Crisis appeared on the PlayStation One in 1997 and Time Crisis 2 and 3 made their way to the PlayStation 2. A few years after Time Crisis 4's arcade debut the game has finally landed in PAL territories on the PlayStation 3, but is the game worth picking up or a complete disaster?

Careful, if you stay out for ten minutes you may get shot... maybe.. but probably not

Careful, if you stay out for ten minutes you may get shot... maybe.. but probably not
Time Crisis 4 is the first light gun title on the PlayStation 3 and comes bundled with one gun for a higher than normal RRP. The orange Guncon 3 (G-Con) is quite different from the previous Guncons. First up, there are more buttons, as well as two analog directional sticks and a handle to the left of the gun. The G-Con isn't wireless and instead plugs in via USB on the PlayStation 3. Also included with the game are two sensors, which also connect via USB and go near the television to help calibrate the gun. Even before getting fully into Time Crisis 4 we did have a few qualms. First up, the gun is quite simply ugly, the orange colour makes the gun look like a Fisher Price toy and with such a large RRP it is disappointing that the gun isn't wireless. Setting the gun up is also a bit of a hassle, because there are two things to plug in and set up. If you're a left hander you're also immediately at a disadvantage, with the second analog directional stick catered towards right handers.

There are two main options in Time Crisis 4: arcade and complete mission. The storyline for the game is less than realistic. A terrorist organisation has gotten ahold of a biological weapon called "terror bite", your tasked with the mission to try and eliminate the terrorist and stop these "terror bites". The game is a direct port of the arcade version of Time Crisis 4 and plays out similarly to many other light gun titles we've played in recent years. The game is on rails, so all you have to worry about is shooting and reloading. Reloading is done by simply pointing the gun off screen and there are a few weapons at your disposal, such as a pistol, machine gun and a shotgun. Changing weapons is a case of simply ducking and pulling the trigger. There are also parts of the game where players have to shoot towards the edge of the screen to move left or right, but we found this to be rather clumsy. Most players will probably stick to just using the analog stick. Overall the arcade mode of Time Crisis 4 is simply average, most players will finish the arcade mode, but there is very little reason to return to the arcade mode again.

Oh no, a helicopter, why are they always a bad sign?

Oh no, a helicopter, why are they always a bad sign?
The complete mission mode tries to add something a little bit different to the Time Crisis experience. The complete mission mode isn't just a typical point and shoot game, but actually adds first person shooter levels, in between the on rails gameplay. The complete mission mode is, quite frankly, clumsy. The two analog sticks are used to move around and while we do appreciate the change of pace, the complete mission mode just ends up feeling like a tacked on inclusion. The gameplay is essentially the same, point and shoot; except this time you have to worry about moving around. The environments are bare and we ended up looking forward to the light gun sections. We don't exactly know how the light gun genre can advance at this point, but it's clear that the complete mission mode isn't a direction we'd like to see the franchise go in.

Outside of the arcade and complete mission modes there are also mini games and Crisis missions which become unlocked after playing through the arcade and complete mission modes. Both of these extras are barely worth mentioning. There are several mini games, but they all take place in a bland training area and most of the mini games simply require players to hit the correct movin target while avoiding the incorrect moving target. The Crisis missions fare a little better and more Crisis missions are unlocked along the way, but we doubt either of these modes will hold the attention of most people for more than ten to fifteen minutes of play.

Don't worry, this will miss you, it always does.

Don't worry, this will miss you, it always does.
Had you paid a couple of dollars or so for a game of Time Crisis 4 at the local arcades you would probably walk away relatively satisfied, the arcade game is okay and really quite perfect for that quick pick up and play experience. Time Crisis 4 on the PlayStation 3 however, is not quite perfect. Setting the game up is a pain, the arcade game just isn't all that special and the PlayStation 3 additions just aren't all that substantial. So, had you paid a couple of hundred dollars for Time Crisis 4 you would probably walk away quite disappointed, just like we were.
The Score
Time Crisis 4 feels like a 10 year old game, the franchise needs to advance and Time Crisis 4 is easily the worst title yet in the series. 5
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5 years ago
Mmmm... totally passing on this. =/

Besides it only cost me about $5 to finish this in the arcades anyway. icon_lol.gif

And why does the gun have to be so shoddy? The fact that its orange only adds worse to the retardedness. If any developers can release a good light gun game to the PS3, hopefully innovative, I'd surely buy it, tbh had fine with Time Crisis 2 and the G-Con2 despite playing it many times in the arcades.
5 years ago
I finished most of this game at the arcades the other day, its not bad for one play through but like you say its easily the worst in the series. I wouldn't pay for the title personally but I can see why others would get the game, arcade games are alot of fun and it seems to be a popular option on the PS3 at the moment.
5 years ago
Played this at PAUSE and laughed at it. Ridiculously bad on PS3 and I felt sorry for the excited customers today at GAME purchasing it. They're in for a nasty shock unfortunately.
5 years ago
I think I'm going to vomit BLOOOOOOOOOD.

Does anybody know if the light guns work with the PSN game Judge Dredd?
5 years ago
il get it when its cheaper.
5 years ago
I am not sure what the reviewers problem was with "setting up the controller" was. I did not have any issues. Apart from the fact the controller is an ugly plastic orange, it works well and is very easy to calibrate. The controls in story mode work great in FPS mode with the two analog sticks. If you play FP shooters then the controls are quite natural. The controls are a little tiring on the hands, but thats because you are holding it in the air. The two different modes of aiming using the [C2] button is good.
Yes the game is very arcade like, but it would make a good party game, especially in Arcade mode.
What's this talk about "a couple hundred dollars", I paid $109 on sale with the RRP ~ $130. Where did they get it for that price?
5 years ago
I guess we differ, I found the controls to be clumsy, it also doesn't help that i'm left handed, which immediately puts me at a disadvantage. The title has an RRP of $139.95, if you walk into EB this is what you will pay for the game. I had problems setting up the gun with my LCD TV and I suspect many people will.

I also doubt it's a good party game considering you get the one gun.
5 years ago
The game sucks donkey balls, i'd rather go to the cinema and feed dollar coins into the old time crisis 2 cabinet they have there.How could they take such a simple game and make it complete ass?The story is flat out ridiculous, the hero(ins) look like a couple of rejects from a gay pride float, the bosses are just as bad and generic, ooh watch out laser eye man is going to get you'.

It really is terrible.I was so pumped when my friend told me he bought it back from hong kong and bitched for weeks trying to get him to buy a second gun but when i actually sat down and played it i could understand why he didn't want to waste anymore money then he already had.
5 years ago
To be honest i think this game lost something when it introduced muliple weapons, although it can seem 'cool' at first, it makes a game that is meant to be easy kinda complicated, and with time crisis 4 it seems they felt they needed to add more and more, that is probably why alot of you guys like time crisis two more, it was just a really simple and awesomely fun game, i rmemebered spending ages playing at my local bowling alley were it was 1 play every dollar (but you had to put in $2 first) and i could finish the whole game for like 2-3 icon_biggrin.gif
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