Kimberley Ellis
15 Mar, 2008

GTA IV multiplayer information revealed

PS3 Rumour | 16 player support? Hell yeah!
Thanks to the latest edition of the Spanish version of PSM3 magazine, the cat has now been well and truly let out of the bag in regards to the multiplayer goodness within the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV.

While the whopping fifteen modes of multiplayer gaming themselves are nothing to sneeze at, the larger aspect of this exciting news is that the GTAIV multiplayer component will support up to sixteen players in a free-for-all of no-holds-barred action that the GTA series is renowned for.

The game's online multiplayer components are said to be accessed via Niko's mobile phone from within the single-player game. From here, players are able to customise every aspect of their character before they jump into a round with a bunch of players in a variety of modes which includes a variety of deathmatch, racing and co-operative team modes of multiplayer action.

The full list of known game modes is as follows:

  • Hangman's Noose
  • Car Jack City
  • Bomb da Base
  • Bomb da Base II
  • Mafia Work
  • Team Mafia Work
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Turf War
  • Cops N Crooks
  • Race
  • GTA Race
  • Deal Breaker
  • Free Roam

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6 years ago
Holy shit! This is going to be insane, could not be any more pumped for this game right now.
6 years ago
will there be NPCs, like civilians, in multiplayer.
It would'nt be as fun if there was only 16 people in the entire city, i would like some other characters like police and normal people. etc.

the online modes sound fantastic, can't wait to try it out.
2008, what a year for games
6 years ago
Awesome! This is what ive been waiting to hear about, they hadnt released any info until now so i was worried it was going to be some half assed attempt at multiplayer, great to finally see details!
6 years ago
Cross-platform multiplayer?
6 years ago
doofus wrote
Cross-platform multiplayer?
Cross platform with Microsoft and Sony is like asking for cats to play nice with dogs.
6 years ago
Do we know what the actual game modes are yet? Or is it just the names so far (some seem obvious, some not so much)?
6 years ago
Very nice but you have to give thanks to the MTA crew and the people who created the different game modes for that mod, for showing Rockstar how fun and awesome Mutliplayer in GTA can be.

Can't wait for some Cops n Crooks action!
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