22 Jul, 2005

Spartan: Total Warrior Preview

PS2 Preview | PALGN has an exclusive hands on report of this title.
Creative Assembly, the team behind the development of the highly successful Rome: Total War, was recently acquired by Sega. Whilst this was a huge surprise when it was announced in March, the attention has quickly turned to the game that Creative Assembly are developing, Spartan: Total Warrior. Releasing for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube in September, the game allows players to lead epic and cinematic battles.

In the game, players take control of a player known only as "The Spartan" who is a soldier who goes through many different epic battles from the roman times. In fact, the game will spread over 14 different levels, and whilst this sounds like a low number, the level size is just as expansive as the game itself.

The game presents itself as a "hack and slash" combat title, and whilst the smooth controls would make it seem like this is the case, it couldn't be further from the truth. The Spartan has a wide range of moves, ranging from melee and missile attacks to combos, blocks and shield charges. Even in the early build, the controls are extremely intuitive.

V is for victory!

V is for victory!
Creative Assembly have created a game engine that can house up to 160 characters, whilst the demo we played didn't have this many characters on screen, there was still a lot happening at once stage, we anticipate some of the later levels will have this many characters at once.

The environments themselves are just as epic as the game itself, which gives the game a very cinematic feel, very similar in vein to God of War. Players also have the option of upgrading their weapons as they are granted new powers from the Gods.

The playable code we had wasn't as long as we had hoped so there is still plenty of the game to be unveiled. The graphics were a little disappointing, however with such a huge amount happening at once it is reason to expect a little bit of a sacrifice. We hope Creative Assembly can hone the graphics a little more, with more than two months of development to go, we're confident that the next time we play the game it will look a little better.

This armour makes the ladies go crazy

As a side note, the game will also feature an arena mode, which will allow players to test their skill against a endless supply of enemies, which will gradually increase in difficulty. We're hoping more mini-games like this will be added to the final build.

After the huge success of God of War, Creative Assembly are going to have a bit of a challenge to top Sony's hit. Mediterranean-based games have been extremely popular lately and we anticipate that there will be epic fanboy battles on the forums between the fans of these two games. With still a few months development to go, the only complaint we have at the moment is the graphics, which aren't as good as we had hoped. But then we could be celebrating our second great Roman game of 2005, and that's something to look forward to.
For a development team with such little experience on a console we are mightily impressed with the engine build that has been developed. The final product seems like it is going to be something truly special.

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8 years ago
Spartan: Total Warrior?
or Spartan: Total War?

you've got both in the article, and while i think Warrior makes more sense given the scope of the Total War series, i still wondered...
8 years ago
Fixed now - I'd started drinking early today icon_redface.gif
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