Mark Marrow
25 Mar, 2005

First Soul Calibur III Media and Details

PS2 News | First screenshots revealed, as well as confirmation of PS2 exclusiveness.
Yesterday, we reported that the upcoming issue of the US magazine GamePro claimed that a third instalment in the Soul Calibur series was revealed, and was also being exclusively launched to the PS2. Although PALGN was slightly sceptical of the report, it's been revealed today that Namco has confirmed Soul Calibur 3 will be released exclusively on the PS2 in 2005. No specific date was revealed. To which we say: Bah.

In addition to this, we can also reveal the currently confirmed modes that are expected to be featured in the game. Like previously mentioned, there will be a Character Creation Mode, which allows players to customise appearance, weapons and roles of a character, as well as the Museum Mode, which allows players to check items obtained in the game and view the history of the Soul Calibur series. In addition to this, the following modes were also confirmed:

    - Story Mode: Offers stories of 'great depth', unique to each character. Though if the previous games in the franchise are an indication, 'great depth' is probably being kind.
    - Lost Chronicle Mode: Offers the hybrid combination of combat strategy simulation and fighting game elements.
    - Soul Arena Mode: Offers rich variations of battles in special situations.
    - World Competition Mode: Offers world championship battles against virtual tough contestants, all aiming for the top.
    - VS Standard Mode: 2-Player fighting mode which offers a quick battle.
    - VS Special Mode: 2-Player fighting mode with rich variations of battles features and special situations.
    - VS Competition Mode: Single to multi-player mode, offering knockout tournaments and league competitions.
    - Practice Mode: Offers training facilities where players can sharpen their skills.

Not only that, but three new characters have also been revealed. Descriptions Namco's own, by the way:

- Zasalamel
This mysterious man desires to raise the evil sword. Drags those who witness the sharp light from his giant scythe to the abyss of death.

- Tira
An angel of death from the darkness with a bird-like grace, she plays with lives using her Ring Blade.

- Setsuka
The wandering beauty on a lonely journey. She lives for her revenge with a sword hidden in her umbrella.

Alas, Namco have yet to comment on their decision to bring the game exclusively to the PS2 console, and not the Gamecube and Xbox consoles. In the meantime, be sure to checkout the latest screenshots via our media panel, and be sure to watch this space as new information becomes available.

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9 years ago
Nintendo Charges lower licening fees then Sony, and based on the sales of SC2 (GC version sold way more then other versions), some people consider it a 'GC' series now (and I'm sure some XB owners consider it an XB series now since it's the best fighter on that system too.)

Also, hardcore SC fans will have to take a graphical downgrade (from XB or GC to PS2) in a series that has always been graphically superiour!

Well F^#$ Namco, I'm not buying Tekken 5 OR Starfox now.
9 years ago
SC2 was may favourite 3D fighter of all time and was the best the Xbox offered. (par from DOA series)

I can only hope this game will come out for the Xbox with Live support or it looks like I'm going to go pick up DOA:U.

Namco please release more details!
9 years ago
They had better have something like GTA...temporary exclusiveness...
9 years ago
D.Lo wrote
Some people consider it a 'GC' series now (and I'm sure some XB owners consider it an XB series now since it's the best fighter on that system too.)
Considering it's the only SC game on the GC, you can hardly call it s GC series. it's more of a console hopper.
Soul Edge - PSX
Soul Calibur - DC
Sould Calubir 2 - PS2, XBX, GCN

D.Lo wrote
Well F^#$ Namco, I'm not buying Tekken 5 OR Starfox now.
Sif you'd buy Starfox anyway. Namco really dropped the ball with that one. icon_neutral.gif
9 years ago
Yay, another fighting game to kick Cer's arse at. icon_wink.gif
9 years ago
Kick my ass? Dude, we drew one game each! icon_surprised.gif
9 years ago
I don't see the logic behind this. In the interview that's on Gamespot, some Namco producer said they wanted to broaden the appeal of the game by introducing the 3 new characters, and that's all well and good, but how are they going to broaden the game's appeal on just the PS2? It's like they said, "Let's introduce 3 more characters to excite players, but we won't publish the game on GCN or Xbox to maximise our sales. It's genious!"
9 years ago
Good job it looks shite then.

*fires up SC2 for some Talim pwning* icon_razz.gif
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